Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Circle of Hearts

I taught the Circle of Hearts Class today. It was fun to see the piece come to life with other people stitching it. I had finished the background last week using a heart pattern from Dede's chapter in Amy Bunger's Celebrity Chefs. I used Designer's Dream and 1/16 Kreinik ribbon.

The backgrouns really made the circle stand out. I promise I will take a picture.

I was lucky to have that canvas for the class without restitching the whole thing. About three weeks ago, I realized that I couldn't find the canvas. I searched the store and home. Finally, I drove out to Shelter Island to look again. I still couldn't find the canvas so I had to ask my husband to look again at home. He couldn't find it either but did find all my works in progress! Finally I found the canvas tucked in the back of another canvas on a frame.

Then on Saturday, one of our customers accidentally took the canvas home! Fortunately I had it back later that day so I could do prepare for class.

I definitely will teach this class again but might split it into two sessions.

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