Wednesday, April 18, 2007


An email customer inquired about what Nan Hempel canvases we have in stock. I then pulled out all her canvases. Nan is a wonderful designer. She has an identifiable style. Her colors are beautiful. Her #13 mesh designs are great for stitches.

One of my favorite canvases is her Renaissance Bunny who is playing an accordian. He is typical of a Nan because his colors are luminous. Marcia did the companion to the Renaissance Bunny at a David McCaskill embellishment class. It is just fantastic. I just wish I had done it.

I also love her Christmas stockings. The Santa and the Angel are both so grown-up and yet so evocative of Christmas. I also love her Boy in the Moon Christmas Stocking!

She also has a great series of flowers with borders. They would make a great grouping of pillows!

The customer asked if we had pictures. Since I had pulled out all her canvases, I decided to take photos. I missed two canvases and will take those tomorrow. Then I will either add them to the website or the blog.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

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