Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's Baseball Time

Actually, the season opened a little earlier this year. The first games were on March 31!  The Yankees opened on Thurdsay, March 31 while the Mets opened last night.

For the baseball enthusiasts (or to give to your baseball enthusiasts), there are great team brick covers.these brick covers.l. Karen's Met brickcover came back this month, ready to display during the season. She did a great job with the baseball play in addition to the ball and the bat.

There are a number of these for different teams. We try to keep the Mets and Yankees in stock but are able to order other teams.

In addition, think about stitching a stadium. A customer swears that baseball and needlepoint go perfectly together. She stitches while they watch the games.

We also just got in a Yankee and a Mets Santa.  These stand-ups come with a large felt baseball.  Too cute!