Friday, January 01, 2016

Finishing Friday

Happy New Year
Here is some great finishing throughout the year!

Stitched by Gretchen

 Hearts Canvas stitched by Eva
This is a great canvas for a beginner or someone looking to practice different stitches!
Tiger Stitched by Sherry

These beautifully elegant dog pillows were stitched by Adrienne!

Pumpkin Cart Stitched by Marilyn

 Clutch Stitched Mary Ellen
Stitch Guides and Custom Canvases Available 

Cathryn Stitched up this beautiful Bag with Poppy Flowers

This beautiful flower cart was stitched by Meredith
She did a great job using all the different ribbons
This canvas was part of a class and the stitch guide is still available 

Stitched by Linda

Helen Stitched up these Candy Canes

Nancy Stitched up this beautiful 3D Church for her collection!

This neat bird nest was stitched by Debra
The finishing is very original and
the Canvas is sold with the nest 

Hanukkah Santa Stand Up 
Stitched by Holly

The Coat Ladies Stitched by Adrienne
This was a class taught a while ago but the stitch guide is still available in our store

 Snowman Couple Stand Ups
Stitched by Bonnie

Good Night Moon Stitched by Sue

Bulldog Stitched by Joy

Stitched by Cynthia

 Pencil Holder stitched by Jennifer

 Stitched by Kathy from the Banner Class
Stitch Guide Available

Stitched by Rachel

Stitched by Nancy
 Skater Frame stitched by Nancy
This is a great frame becuase the hooks can come in handy!

Santa Box Stitched by Josephine