Sunday, October 05, 2008


Everyone once in a while, someone asks a question that I should know the answer to but can't remember which of the two choices is the better one. (Right now, I'm talking about stitching but it happens other times, too.)

As some of you know, I love owning books and I own a lot. But as a storeowner, I think it's my responsibility to suggest books that you will find really valuable. Thus, I often special order books but keep in inventory a relatively small selection. My recommendations also depend on what level stitcher you are. For example, I think established stitchers should have The Needlepoint Book, Stitches for Effect, More Stitches for Effect, and Even More Stitches for Effect and the Stitches To Go books. My favorite book is Amy Bunger's 3 volume Amy'sCookbook for Stitchers. But I do recognize that it is more of an investment.

I also discovered that what you like depends on where you are in your stitching. I really like Linda Corriosis Stitch Embellishment Books (two volumes) now and Susie Murphy'ss books but didn't depend upon them as much when I was new. The books mentioned are my daily tools but I also use other books regularly. And now I have found two more.

Recently, I purchased two small books on needlepoint, both by Susan Sturgeon Roberts.
The first one, The Thread, Canvas & Needle Handbook for Needlepoint is truly a Reference book. It suggests needle size and appropriate threads and number of strands for different size canvases. Of course, if you are a very tight or very loose stitcher, it may not be right for you. But it is a good starting point. And very easy to use.

The second book should be in everyone's library. Tips & Techniques for Needlepoint. I may not follow everything, but I should. And if I don't agree, there are just differences of technique.Susan Sturgeon Roberts answers many questions. I'm going to order more for the store so let me know if you are interested.

By the way, Susan Sturgeon Roberts is also the author of a very good stitch book called The Complete Needlepoint Guide. We are sold out of that book but I can certainly get more.