Sunday, June 05, 2011

Do You Have Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

This turkey is absolutely divine. I'm not sure you could get it stitched in time for this Thanksgiving but it should absolutely be sitting on your Thanksgiving table in 2012!

The turkey has four needlepoint canvas pieces. There are two side canvases plus the back of the turkey.  Then there is the curved front of the tail feathers. (I've only posted three of them since the side canvas is duplicated).When it's finished, it really makes an incredible statement. And think of the threads and stitches you could use to make him really incredible.

The finished turkey is Labor of Love's finished sample.  I think I would make the feathers etc. more 3 dimensional.  I would probably use pipe cleaners so that the feet stand out.  I would also have to use some bullion knots for the turkey's wattle.

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