Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betty's Labradoodle


Technically, the labradoodle belongs to Betty's Son as will the actual needlepoint. But Betty came in several months ago looking for a labradoodle. At the time, we had the wonderful Tapestry Tent trunk show in. Betty found a canvas of a Brindle Scottish Terrier that she thought looked like her son's dog except for the ears. The challenge was to make the canvas look like the photo of the dog. We basted an area for the hanging ears on the canvas and tried different threads. Vineyard Silk's Tone on Tone almost matched the dog's color perfectly. Betty stitched the dog using random short and long. Isn't it a stunning job!

This week, Betty came in for the background. We decided to do the tartan plaid in Vineyard's Merino wool. The colors were perfect and it seemed so appropriate. In addition, it is truly lovely to stitch with.
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