Wednesday, April 22, 2009

David McCaskill and preview of Carole Lake

I just wanted to share another picture from David's visit last weekend. As you can see, the group is obviously enthralled with something.

What David does is truly amazing. The customer brings the canvas to the shop that day. David doesn't know what is coming. Canvases range from the serious (the Sharon G landscape based on Denise's house in Italy) to a the whimsical (a pink cow with udders). He creates switches and pulls threads -- in a store he visits once a year. It's also exhausting. I know that I am exhausted and I'm not doing the creating.

Next year, we plan to have a gathering the night before the classes start so that customers can bring their finished works. David and I will be looking at potential dates for next year.

Of course, next April we will also have Carole Lake teaching her "How to Write a Stitch Guide" class. That is also a fabulous class. In addition to learning from Carole, you will also get a fabulous stitch book.
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