Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Kreink Colors and threads

Gretchen just fell in love with the new Kreinik Candy Colors when she was looking at the Associated TAlents Easter carrots. These colors seem made for these Easter Canvases!

The new Kreinik Candy colors add a great selection of colors to the line. They come in #12 and #16 braid (and possibly more). They are bright and spring like. The orange is wonderful and adds a much needed color to Kreinik's selection.

In addition, Kreinik has also created Hotwire threads. These threads are #16 braid threads with a wire going through them. (I was in a class where we tried to thread the 16 braid with wire. Let me tell you, I would much rather buy the thread with the wire already in it -- it leaves to much more time for stitching!

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