Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Penny the Hen and a Vermont Turkey

I really like images of chickens and turkeys. My kitchen has many pictures and ceramics of both. At one point, my husband came through the store and counted how many needlepoint canvases there were of chickens! For a while, I was not supposed to purchase any chicken needlepoint canvases.

But fortunately, the chickens and turkeys sold so I am now purchasing the canvases again. (This year, we will also be teaching  Larry the turkey again.)

I loved these two canvases by Cooper Oaks at the show. The first is called Penny and the second a Vermont Turkey. (Yesterday at class, Tony Minieri was admiring the hen.) When I look at these two canvases, I can imagine stitching them. A good way to start would be to review Jane of Chilly Hollow's recent blogs where she is talking about appropriate stitches.

There is enought time to do the turkey before Thanksgiving.
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