Monday, March 14, 2011

Needlepoint Designs with Color Choices

I do love classes where the project is done in different colors. Currently, I am doing Tony Minieri's Patterns of the Orient canvas. Today, it was so interesting to see how the different colorways change what takes prominence in the piece. For those of you who love red, the reds in colorway Gold 7 are just stunning!

I missed posting Peggy's and Nancy's canvases in my recent blog on the Coat Ladies . First, Peggy eliminated the tree on the left (you can see it in the canvas below.). Her colors are wonderful but the four central figures defintely demand your attention. I like the texture of ther trees -- and love the most forward one.

In a recent blog, Jane of Chilly Hollow  was discussing how to get definition when stitching with black ( Nancy has been challenged with maintaining stitch definition in the black areas. In the green lady (now painted black), she has combined black thread with different textures. This picture doesn't show the new results but it's coming outv very well.   There are different shades of  black and white; in addition, there are black and white threads of different weights, textures, shine etc. 

Of course, when changing colors on a needlepoint canvas, it's very important that you stay true to the color values. We often take a black and white xerox to help us identify the similar values. Another trick is to place the colors close together and squint. If the colors merge, they are of similar values.
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