Monday, November 13, 2006

Pixel Stitching

I took a course a couple of years ago at TNNA on pixel shading. I am going to be teaching it at EGA today. I'm very excited about the class since I made the big jump into technology. The presentation is in powerpoint and I'm able to project it onto a screen from my computer.

Yesterday was the first time I used this technology at the store. It was a little chaotic since the screen didn't fit where I thought it would. But it was well worth it. But it was so much easier to see the charts on a screen then on a flip chart.

It's not my Grandmother's needlepoint any more!

Beautiful Christmas Stocking

Jane's finished Christmas stocking came into the shop this week. Jane stitched the stocking all in basketweave using a variety of different threads. Jane stitches beautifully. This stocking is aa perfect example of how to use basketweave and specialized threads to do the job.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rockerfeller Center Christmas Stocking Class

The class met again last week and we worked on the sky and waterfall. Two people have started to work on the project on a cyber basis. It will be fun to see how this works out. It's so interesting to see how the different thread and stitches make each stocking different.

Pixel Stitching

Bergen County EGA has asked me to teach a class on shading. The class will be primarily about Pixel shading but we will also review other types of shading. I'm also finished with the kit project which is a pretty leaf by Beau Geste. It's so perfect for this time of year as most leaves are falling.

Laid Fillings Class

The first Laid Fillings class is finished. At least one participant has finished her project and another is one the last quadrant. The canvas is fun to do and is individualized because he member picks their colors. I'm looking forward to teaching it again in January.

Judaic Trunk Show

We finished putting up the Judaic Trunk Show this week. We had hoped to have it for October but S & S is now being distributed by Julia's. Actually, it worked out better for us since we have both designers Judaic canvases on the walls. One customer said she had never seen so many Judaic themed canvases! It's quite impressive. We have them until just before Thanksgiving.