Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worth the Wait

Both Marie and Maureen waited a longtime for their stand-ups to be finished. But the end product was certainly worth the wait.

Sometimes, it's hard to explain why finishing takes so long. The finisher has items coming from many different stores. Some items are much easier to finish. The finish may also do like items together to be more efficient. And some items require the master's touch herself.

Obviously these table tops were worth the wait!

School Snowman

Kappy had three graduations this year. So she did one snowman for each of the school's. These are the first ones we've gotten back finished. They can also be done as School Santas.

It's never too early to be planning for next Christmas!

Where had December gone?

Fortunately, we are only waiting for a few more finished items. We are still waiting for some toppers to come back (they've been shipped) and for one more pillow. I wish I was in as good shape at home! It's almost as if everyday is Christmas at the store when we open the finished ornaments.

The tree has its lights but no ornaments. We have the boxes of decorations ready to go up but haven't done that yet. And we still haven't taken a Christmas picture. I'm not sure that it really helps to have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It gave me a false sense of security!

At the store, I keep looking at the DJ Trunk Show. There are several that I just love. Having the trunk show there has inspired me to work on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Stocking. I've got two more buildings almost finished and I've stitched the Radio City lettering. I've been sticking with my theory that less is more.

I have promised to post some pictures of finished items so I will try to get that done today.