Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old World Stitching Santa

We finally had our class on the basket and scarf on Kelly Clark's Old World Stitching Santa. Several people wanted to have their canvas in before the finishing deadline of October 1. Hopefully, they will make it. (I know Judy will because she decided to just do a three-dimensional basket and isn't going to do the three-dimensional scarf).

I have finished most of mine except for a few colonial knots and the candy canes so I may be able to enjoy mine at Christmas too.

Actually, the weaving technique looks more complicated than it is. It's mostly in the set-up.

My New Bag

My finished Elizabeth Turner satchel came in just before I left for ANG seminar. I left it with the matching shoes for all to admire at the store but in case you haven't been in, here's a picture.

It's the perfect project when you just want to stitch without thinking.

I can't wait to start using it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Classes

Our Stars Class started on Sunday and we finished the City Snow/Coat Ladies Class. We are now taking sign-ups for the Potting Shed, The Background Sampler and City Snow. In addition, there are still openings for Deborah Wilson's Tussie Mussie and Jacobean Fruits and Flowers. Both classes should be lots of fun.

This Sunday, the Old World Santa class will be meeting to do the scarf and the basket.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ANG Auction

I forgot to write about the ANG live auction. As always, there were some beautifully stitched and finished items. I particularly loved an Easter egg finished like one of the old fashioned sugar eggs where you could peek inside the egg. Unfortunately, it was auctioned off before I arrived.

The Mr. and Mrs. Claus stitched by the Tucson chapter were fabulous.

I particularly loved a beautiful tote bag that was finished by Pat Mazu. The bag was just stunning.

Finally, there was an American Flag stitched by the Houston Chapter that generated the highest bid. I've ordered the book by Michelle Roberts for the store. It was lovely!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

American Needlepoint Guild

I had planned on reporting back frequently from the ANG seminar. But somehow the time slipped by me. Getting here was a nightmare - Cathryn and I arrived approximately 10 hours after we were originally scheduled to get here. Then our bags didn't arrived for another 24 hours!

But my classes have been great. I took two of three days of Lois Kershner's Stitching for Perspective. It's a notebook class and I learned a lot. I plan to finish the notebook so I can use it in the store; it's a great reference.

Then, I went on to a color class taught by Janet Mitchell Fishel. We've been tinting and shading colors for two days and creating a color book. Both Amy and I have enjoyed it a lot and also learned a lot.

Expo night was fun last night. I enjoyed seeing people from last year and other times, too.

The exhibit is wonderful. I am always amazed at how incredibly talented people are. I'm also excited about classes for next year. I'll be waiting for the sign up!

Some of our classmates are from Texas and are of course, concerned about their families and homes -- and how they will get home. I hope that the hurricane does as little damage as possible. It also means that getting out of here may be more difficult due to messed up airline schedules.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Stitch & Chat Thursday Night

It was a small group of stitchers on Thursday. But it gave me a chance to get to know Merry Sue and to catch up with Nancy and Helen. The latter has just returned from her sojourn at the beach and her 10 day hike of the Appalachian trail. While at the beach, she finished David McCaskill's Potting Shed. It looks great and she can't wait to teach it.

Helen and Nancy were admiring two new Asian Designs that just came in from Danji. Jill of Danji rewrote the stitch guides for these two beautiful pieces by Janice. They are line-drawn canvases of a fan and kimono. They will make absolutely stunning pieces!

They both also admired my new satchel purse that just came back from Elizabeth Turner. IT's a gorgeous needlepointed purse of a jungle scene. I'm taking it to ANG.

Going to ANG Seminar

I'm in a panic since I leave on Sunday for the ANG seminar in Palm Desert, California. I'm still not packed and also have to pack the items I'm bringing for EXPO night. Ridgewood Needlepoint has a table where we will be selling: scissors fobs, chatelaines, bags and other accessories for stitchers.

My assignment for NAN is overdue. I've finished the first draft of the Student Booklet but I still have several hours to go on the piece itself. I had hoped to finish it before I left but it's looking doubtful.

We are waiting for the next shipment of paper dolls. I'm hoping that we will be shipping them the week of September 14th.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dewey Beach

Nancy finished this piece in time for it to be enjoyed this summer. This fun piece was designed to be the base of a beach tag holder -- a very important item for Jersey beaches that require beach tags.

But this one is just a fabulous decoration for Nancy's sister.

Klimt Purse

Barbara has stitched and finished this beautiful purse. When it came in, a number of customers ooohed and ahhhh over it. I just wanted to share the finished product.

We will be placing an order for them in the next week. I know that Cathryn guided Barbara in her choice of threads so we can duplicate what she stitched.