Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jane of Chilly Hollow's Rabbit Geisha

Jane of Chilly Hollow has just posted pictures of her just finished Rabbit Geisha. She did an absolutely stunning job. If you haven't been following her progress, treat yourself by going to her blog:
Of course, if you absolutely have to have the Rabbit Geisha or the companion Cat Geisha, we would be glad to add it to our order with Brenda Stofft.

Brick Covers

We don't do brick covers all the time but two came back at the same time. Karen W picked up her Rutgers brick yesterday. At the same time, we had received another customer's bear and canoe brick.
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World Series -Game One

For those of you who aren't following the games, the Philadelphia Phillies won tonight. Since I have posted pictures of the Yankee brick and both the old and new Yankee Stadiums, I thought I should post two canvases relating to the Phillies. First, there is the wonderful brick cover featuring a catcher. Then there is the old Phillies stadium.

I will post the new Stadium when the series moves to Philadelphia.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We just got some great belts in. Belt canvases are great for traveling since they are so portable. And although I do everything on some type stretcher bar or scroll bar, lots of people do belt canvases in hand.

Above, I have pictures of three of the canvases. One is a Scrabble belt, perfect for the person who loves to play (and win) at scrabble. The second belt is a NYC subway belt, perfect for a commuter or former commuter. The last belt is a cigar belt -- do you know a cigar lover who would enjoy this one?
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sally's Purse

We've seen this purse done a couple of times. We just love it.

In the past, our customers have stitched the little squares in Scotch Stitch. But Sally V's canvas came with a stitch guide that had many of the circles done in spider stitches. So Sally followed the stitch guide, and her piece looks fantastic. It looks so great she's not even complaining about working on black canvas!
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Animal Crackers

I'm afraid this picture is a little small. It's an ornament we just got in based on the box of animal crackers. It's just adorable. It can be finished as a 3 D ornament.

It's fun to be in the store when I canvas comes in that Gail falls in love with. She loved this one and even had us buy animal crackers to put by it.

I can't wait to stitch it myself. I think the yellow background should have an effect like a screen -- perhaps a 4 way continental.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Yankee License Plate

Well, I thought the Yankees would definitely be in the World Series but there is still hope.

I promised to post a picture of the Yankee license plate. I didn't realize how appropriate it would be!

Of course, it can be done with different states and different teams. So if you want to stitch something for the fan in your lift (including yourself), why not stich a license plate. It's on #13 mesh so it will be easier to stitch while you are watchng the games.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

World Series Yankees?

Well, the Yankees were selling tickets for the World Series today on-line. Evidently, the fans snapped whatever was available in 7 minutes! If you are planning a cozier viewing of the World Series watching the Yankees (I hope), you can also do some stitching to demonstrate your support.

On the right, there are three canvases for Yankee fans. The top one is the new Yankee Stadium. Wouldn't it be great to be stitching this when they win their first series in the new stadium?

The middle photo is a Yankees brick cover. It also makes a great bookend. I happen to love the player.

Finally, there is a small Yankee jersey that becomes a Christmas ornament. A perfect gift for the fan in your life.

We also have the old Yankee Stadium for the sentimentalist and a license plate that says Yankees.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Laura B.'s Pillows

Laura B. is a new needlepointer but has done sewing for years. This fabulous Peter Rabbit is her first project - done for her first grandchild! It is just lovely. Laura added great stitches and threads for this lovely piece.

The sheep is also wonderful. Stitches and threads give the impression of a woolly lamp.
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We all know people fixiated on shoes. I happen to be more of a purse girl myself. But this canvas certainly reflects a shared love of shoes. It would be fun to stitch with an open darning background and lots of different threads for the shoes.
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Three Bunnies

Everybody in the store just went crazy over these sweet bunnies. They have such lovely faces. I also think you could have lots of fun with the packages and their outfits.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bird Ornaments

Although it'd too late to stitch an ornament for this year's finishing - unless you plan on finishing it yourself-it's the perfect time to start next year's ornaments. The air is brisk and some of the stores already have their Christmas displays up!

I loved these two bird ornaments from Ewe & Eye. The top one is A Partridge in a Pear Tree. I just thought it was charming. What a great gift for someone who will be celebrating a first Christmas.

And the cardinal is just irrestible. He's ready for the cold weather with his hat and scarf.

I was away doe a few days and the Ewe and Eye and Maggie canvases I ordered from last January arrived. It's always fun to see what I ordered. Obviously I was on a bird kick. Tomorrow or the next day, I'll share some of the delightful landscapes I ordered and a sweet cancas of three bunnies.

I cut my finger today so typing is more difficult than normal. Be careful with those stitch blades!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kreinik Ombre

I've been busily stitching my Rockefeller Center Christmas Stocking (Midtown Manhattan). Many of us in the class really wrestled with the angels and the skating rink.

Although I hate to rip out, I decided to rip out the rink and use white ombre by Kreinik. It has been great for the rink.

I had used it for the first time on the angels and I'm in love with it. It's very pliable and I love the way the colors change.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's a Fun Time of Year

At this point, we should have received your items for Christmas finishing. We enjoy seeing all the stitched items and then we get to see them when they get back.

MaryLynn has done a number of these Santas for various friends and relatives. This one is adorable.

MaryLynn always stitches her initals and the year. Then, we have the finisher put them on the back of the ornament. It's a great signature!
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Stitching and Birding

By now, you may have realized that in addition to needlepoint, I am also a birder. But I am very fussy about the birds that I choose because of my birding. I love the two canvases from Shorebird Studios on the right. The top one is of an egret and the bottom one in of a Great Blue Heron. Once again, I can see these fabulous canvases as a pair. I would probably use an open stitch for the green background.

Aren't they stunning.
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Bird Canvases

I have fallen in love with these two fabulous canvases of cranes. I love that they are round canvases and can see them sitting next to each other on a couch or perhaps occupying similar chairs in a room.

I don't know which one I would have to have first -- but I can see them both finished. I envision the top canvas done in a Kreinik gold and silve background with modified Scotch Stitches or some variation of it.

The second crane pillow I would be tempted to focus more on the cranes, particularly their heads.

Both are stunning.
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Playoff Season

The Yankees are in the playoffs again. For those Yankee fans who love to stitch and watch baseball, these are the perfect canvases. The brickcover and the New Yankee Stadium are both done on #13 mesh -- thus easier to stitch while watching the game.

It does seem as if the Yankees are going to have a good playoff season.

For those of you who are fans of other teams, there is also a Red Sox brickcover and a Mets brickcover. We have one of each in the store but can get more if you are desperate to have one -- or perhaps your favorite fan is desperate.

And there are lots of stadiums available.
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