Monday, February 28, 2011

Stitching on Sunday-PATTERNS OF THE ORIENT

Five of us met yesterday  morning to work on our Patterns of the Orient canvas. The push to meet came from the fact that we need to have three sections finished before the next class. (Actually, for two of the sections, we just need to have the silk stitching finished. We will do the gold couching in class.) There were four different colorways represented. We are actually at different stages on our canvases. Diane missed the last classes soshe is more behind. Gretchen is speeding along. Nancy, Rose and I all of lots to do but you can see our canvases coming together.

I always enjoy seeing a design stitched in different colorways.  Inevitably, the colors change the prominence of an area.  I know this time I found it disconcerting that my wave pattern isn't in blues -- although it does look wonderful in the folds and browns.

It was really a wonderful morning with great stichng and great conversation. At the end, we had all made significant progress!
My Colors
Nancy's Colors
Gretchen's Colors

Rose's Colors

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smaller Projects

I often work on larger canvases. Right now, if you have been following the blog, you know that I am in the midst of Tony Minieri's Footsteps of the Pharoahs and his Patterns of the Orient. I am about to start on St. Basil's. But sometimes when I come home from the store after teaching two classes or just after a busy day, I am too tired to have to count. (You may not know this but I really can't count. I should have one of those t-shirts that say "English Major -- You do the Math!)

I really enjoyed stitching the six inch rules. I did it in the new High Cotton and Kreinik. I used basketweave for all the yellow, backstitch for the lines and continental for the outlines and numbers. It was soothing and did not require me to concentrate. And I have the finished ruler in the store. I think this would make a great gift for a special teacher!
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Estelle's Turtle

Estelle did a great job stitching her turtle. She used decorative stitches for the surrounding areas but used tent stitches for the center of the needlepoint designs. By using brighter threads for the center and plain stitches, she helped to keep the focus on the face.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joice's Pillow

Joice finished her needlepoint several months ago. She wanted it to be fabulous but the finisher we suggested was already overbooked. Joice knew she wouldn't see the finished pillow until after Christmas but she was willing to wait. It did seem like a long time but the pillow arrived this week and it's fabulous. Joice loved the cording and the color. She can't decide where to put it but it will definitely have a place of honor in her home.

She did a great job on the stitching -- I think it's just her second piece.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

It Pays to Exercise!

Last Saturday Suzanne noticed that I was missing the sapphire on my ring.  I was heartbroken and have searched everywhere.  I vacuumed the car, looked through drawers, reported the loss to the YWCA  where I had been swimming.etc.  I got the appraisal to submit to the insurance company but hadn't called yet.

Today, I went back to the Y to swim.  I swim with goggles looking down.  I noticed a dark spot in the middle of the pool.  I passed it several times and then decided I should try to get it up.  I told the lifeguard what I was doing so she wouldn't think I was drowning.  I kept moving it to shallower water with my fins.  Finally, I was able to pick the item up.  It was sapphire!

Lorraine's Tallis Bags

Lorraine had to finish two tallis bags for this Spring. Cleverly, she extended tefillin bags so she wouldn't have to stitch as much. Since tefellin bags are smaller, she did extended the needlepoint border around the tefellin bag. The result is a tallis bag just a little smaller than the standard. Many of our customers would actually prefer a smaller tallis bag.

Each tallis bag is beautifully stitched and finished. The colors are just great.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011


This was one of my favorite new designs at the January TNNA show. I just loved the colors and the design. I took a picture of the finished canvas.

We have just received the kiwi canvas and the pea canvas.  Both are fantastic designs.  The finished canvas was great and we have an abbreviated stitch guide; we are anxiously waiting for the one with the diagrammed stitches..
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just couldn't resist this needlepoint at the show. It's just fun. Once again, I would pick a background stitch that would move quickly. You could bead the word Men and the exclamation mark to have it stand out even more.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Beautiful Geometric

We just love this geometric from HP. We have a customer who is stitching it. We had her unfinished canvas for several days while we put the canvas back on her Evertites. So many people commented on Fran's beautiful stitch job that we ordered it again.

Before we were able to post the design, we sold it again. But I wanted you to see the needlepoint since it is a great geometric. By using different weight threads, you can create dimension.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Snow Day

I went to bed last night expecting a "dusting of snow."  When I woke up this morning, the dusting had turned into 7 inches.  Fortunately, we are closed on Mondays so I didn't have to worry about sending out the notice that we were closed for snow, putting the notice on the website and  leaving a message on the machine.   So I was able to enjoy the snow day.  I did think of all the schoolkids who didn't get a snow day because school was already closed.

I had time to browse through other people's blogs.  I was highly complimented that Jane of Chilly Hollow mentioned last week about our St. Basil's class.  I also learned that Carole changed her finished piece from her original due to a change in threads.  I also hadn't realized that the piece is 10 years old.

Tonight I plan on stitching.  I am working on the small oval version of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.  I was supposed to have it finished ages ago.  I have discovered that it's good to have small projects to work on, particularly when working on much larger pieces.  Currently, I am taking two Tony Minieri classes - Footsteps of the Pharoahs and Patterns of the Orient.  Both require me to concentrate because they involved counting.  So it's good for me to have an alternative.

Edith's Cat Pillow

Right after Christmas, the finishers are exhausted so we don't receive as many items back in January and early February. (Of course, many stitchers have pushed to have their items in to us so we don't send out as much finishing from November through January.)

Edith's lovely pillow came back this week. It's beautifully stitched in a tent stitch.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

We have started to get our orders back from the show. I have loved this sign since I first saw it so I was delighted when it was available as a needlepoint. Of course, I would recommend a background stitch that goes faster. But it would be a great addition to a family room -- or a kitchen that is very busy.
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Nick's Pillow

Nick started to stitch the Colby seal while he deferred his freshman year at Colby to be treated for Ewing's Sarcoma. Sadly, he never made it to Colby. Nancy wanted to finish the needlepoint but it was just too sad for her. So, the people at the store stitched when it wasn't busy. But we don't get to stitch as much at the store as people think.

Gretchen decided that it would be her New Year's resolution to finish the needlepoint. Last week, she was able to finish the finished needlepoint to Nancy who is going to have it finished as a footstool for her husband.
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A Banner Year

This book is one of my favorite needlepoint books. In it, Brenda Hart provides stitch guides for the 12 monthly banners by Rebecca Woods. So of course, you could use it as just that.

But I prefer to think of it as a coffee table stitching book, like those fabulous recipe books I may never cook from but love to look at. The use of threads and stitches is just wonderful and will inspire you as you consider your own canvases. For example, for the Turkey in the November banner, Brenda uses Q-tips to pad the turkey's feet. When I did the November paper doll, I used Q-tips to pad the leg of the cooked turkey. Obviously, the turkeys look very different -- but the idea was certainly adaptable.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

St. Basil's Cathedral

Yesterday, we received the the canvases and directions for the pre-class kits for Carole Lake St. Basil's cathedral. The entire pre-class kit should be ready for  pick-up or shipment on Tuesday; we want to give participants as much time as possible to do the pre-work.

Of course, it's always fun to open a box filled with needlepoint canvases. But this box also contained Carole's absolutely stunning finished piece.  I have seen it before in person and thought it was magnificent. But I've just been look at the photo more recently; it just doesn't do the piece justice.

Each individual dome has such character.  Carole's use of threads and stitches is fabulous. If you've been thinking about signing up but have hesitated, you should come in to see the finished piece. We only have two openings left for each class. The piece will be on display until the class starts on March 25.

Instead of showing a picture of the entire piece, I thought these close-ups would give you a better sense of the artistry. Each building and dome is unique.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tallis Bag

Ruth was thrilled with her finished tallis bag. She did a beautiful job!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Almost Time for Baseball

I'm really looking forward to Spring! With Spring, comes the start of the baseball season. Karen just dropped off her New York Mets brickcover for finishing so it should be back before the season opens. She did a great job stitching it. If we don't have your team, we can probably get it. Baseball watching fits in so well with stitching.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Few Days of Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show

We will only have the Kathy Schenkel trunk show for a few more days. We will start to pack it up on SAturday and it ships out on Monday.

Kathy's designs are painted perfectly that they are easier to stitch. In addition, there are so many different themes. With so many small canvases, it is the perfect trunk show to choose a travel project from. Remember that all her canvases are 10% off during the show.

We will be open on Saturday, too in spite of the holiday weekend.
Eileen Aird
Ridgewood Needlepoint

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I was watching the Westminster Dog Show on Monday night. One of the judges was wearing a needlepointed cummerbund. Unfortunately, since the cameras were focused on the dogs not the judge's attire, I couldn't make out what kind of dog it was.

Several years ago we designed a custom cummerbund for a customer whose brother owned Standard Poodles being shown at Westminster. It was quite whimsical with the poodles in various poses.
Recently, we have finished three cummerbunds.  It just makes me think what a great gift it is for someone who wears a tuxedo.
The one pictures is a custom cummerbund based on the logo of an Adirondack club.It was done for a formal event of the club but can certainly be worn for many other occasions.

 We have finished a delightful cummerbund with penguins against a geometric background. (We've actually had it finished twice!) 

Gretchen modified the canvas so her penguins are drinking martinis!
It's such a great gift for someone who wears a tuxedo.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carrots to Stitch

I just wanted you to see some of the carrots we have in stock. Just think what you could do with them. I would use petite peluche for the rabbits, yellow fuzzy stuff for the chicks and ducklings. I would use Kreinik's new candy colors for the orange and pinks plus some silk lame. And I'm pretty sure Vineyard Silk has a perfect orange. I would also some of the new High Cotton so I could strand the thread and add dimension.

They won't last long so either call or come in to pick your carrot!

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