Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spring & Patirotic Doors

I was so excited today when Suzanne told me that these two doors had come back from the finisher. I just love the way they look. Originally, the Spring Door was not my favorite but it really grew on me as I stitched it. I loved stitching the hyacinths and I loved the bright yellow door.

From the beginning, the Patriotic Door was one of my favorites. It's just so summer although there is actually a summer door. I thought of a weathered house in a New England village when I stitched this. I loved the eagle but the glags were what really got me!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deborah Wilson's Tussie Mussie

I received the full-size copy of Deborah's Autumn Tussie Mussie. It is beautiful. I took it right away to get it laminated so we can all pass it around.

Deborah is coming on Sunday, October 18 and Monday, October 19 to do this fantastic piece.

I'll get a picture up as soon as I can. I might try to scan the copy but I'm afraid that laminating it first wasn't a good idea.

Autumn Door

Of course, I'm always a little behind in my stitching. But tonight (actually it's almost 2 am), I finished the Autumn Door. I loved doing the roof and the turkey. Although I like the way the Indian corn looks, I did struggle with the beading. (And I thought basketweave was hard to take out).

I am hoping to finish the final door before the end of the month. I plan to work on it while I'm away and bring only one other small canvas. Somehow I'm always optimistic about how much I'll get done.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Lee's Needle Art

Lee's Needle Art is the manufacturer/distributor of many leather products designed to display a needlepoint. In addition, they have an extensive line of canvases.

They have decided to close after 40 years of business. I don't know all the details since I was unable to attend the show. My understanding is that the line is not being sold.

If there is a particular Lee canvas or leather item that you love, please let us know and we will try to get it for you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Unusual Design

The four canvases on the right have generated the most questions for the Kelly Clark Trunk Show. Typically, the customer looks at the canvases for a while and then eventually says "What are they?'

These designs are Kelly's newest Christmas stockings. These stockings fall right in between needlepointing just the cuff (see the stocking on the far right) and stitching the entire stocking. Instead, you stitch the cuff, toe and heel and the finisher creates the rest.

These designs are all on #13 mesh so they are easier to see and quicker to stitch -- important for those grandmothers who suddenly have many stockings to stitch!
Another advantage is that you are creating a truly inheritable heirloom since the name is written on the stocking. On many of our stockings today, we encourage our customers to do a separate nametag so that the piece can be handed down.

Of course, you can always take my husband's position. If they want his stocking, they can name the kid after him.
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Transportation Piece

Marilyn is doing this delightful transportation sampler for her new grandson. His room has a transportation theme and we were able to find this delightful canvas for her. What a lucky grandson! He's also going to be the recipient of a needlepoint stocking but she hasn't picked it yet.

I'm sure it will be beautiful.
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Friday, June 05, 2009

Kelly Clark Trunk Show

Today we checked in the Kelly Clark Trunk Show and plan to hang it up tomorrow. It should be all up by Saturday so plan on stopping by.

One of the nice things about Kelly's trunk show if the fabulous way she has the stitched canvases finished. On this blog, I've posted two pillows and one stand-up. You can obviously see Kelly' interior decorating background in the finishing of these items. They are just great.

We also have a few of her smaller pieces finished. A year ago Marilyn stitched a lovely Kelly Clark mini stocking. It was finished by one of our finishers and it was absolutely to die for. Fortunately, Marilyn decided not to give it away. I promise to find the picture and post it again.
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New Impressions Colors

Today at the shop we were admiring the new Impressions colors. They've added some beautiful blues, great reds, some much needed greens (it's always difficult to find great greens) plus some other needed shades. We have them mixed with all the other threads but you'll find them very useful!

Gretchen was thrilled with them.
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Monday, June 01, 2009

Ornaments based on Travels

When the Silver Needle package arrived last week, we were delighted to see all the travel ornaments. (It's amazing that although I did order them back in January, I'm always pleasantly surpised when the order arrives!)

Ornaments are the perfect summer project. They are small so easily portable. In addition, they give you an enormous sense of accomplishment because you get to finish them quickly. One customer explained that she works on large projects but always has one or two small ornaments going. It gives her the sense that she can finish something which enables her to continue on the large projects.

For those who are looking for Christmas gifts, you can stitch ornaments over the summer and have them back in time for Christmas. (Remember, our closing dates for Christmas finishing start in late September!)

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Washington DC Stocking

Cathryn finished her Washington DC stocking very quickly. She was kind enough to give us her stitch guide so if you want to follow what she did, we have it. Of course, the stitcher is now the artist. Cathryn decided to eliminate the words Washington DC. You can decide to include them or leave them out. It's up to you.

Let us know if you want this mini stocking with the stitch guide and threads!
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Autumn Door In Progress

First, I have to admit that I am embarrassed. I forgot to take pictures of the completed Spring Door and Patriotic Door before I sent them off to the finisher. Guess I was just so excited to have them done. In my opinion, the Patriotic Door is to die for -- but Suzanne loved the Spring Door.

This door started out with just the ears of corn on the door. But I asked the painter to add the pumpkin and the turkey so it would truly celebrate Autumn. I've done a lot but still have to do the roof, the doors and the columns. For the beaders, I will be beading the ears of corn! If my game plan works out, I should have this finished by next weekend and then it's on to the Summer Door.

All right, I know I should have done the Summer Door first but I needed the right color ribbon -- and I really wanted to do this one!
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