Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finishing Deadlines

This is a fun time of year although we certainly empathize with all the stitchers who are desperately trying to finish the pieces in time for the Christmas finishing deadline. But we get to see all the work just before it goes off to the finisher. We also get to suggest how the item could be finished.

Diane came in with her finished stocking today. She added the script writing that says Christmas New York. It just looks fabulous. She is going to have a fox fur cuff!

Don't you wish you were getting this for Christmas?
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flower Stall

I"ve been working on the website all day trying to update the list of designers , threads and classes. I go back and forth between the web page and the newsletter about fall and later classes.

I just thought you would enjoy seeing the Flower Stall class that Helen will be teaching. It's a lovely canvas that we have had as a sample. After many requests, we are going to have a class on it this fall. We have 10 canvases and I'm not sure that we can get them again. So if you have been waiting for this class, you can make sure we have your name of the list.

The email newsletter will have all the pertinent details. Make sure you are on our email list if you want to take this class.
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Knots, Fur and TurkeyWork

This week, I was helping a customer choose a stitch for a Santa's hat. She had a stitch guide but wasn't wild about the stitch. Together, we used Meredith Barnhill Willett and Beth Robertson's Knots, Fur and TurkeyWork book. This is a great reference book that should be in every stitcher's library. It has wonderful illustrations including color photos.

From this book, we were able to experiment with a couple of stitches and chose the Through the Loop Turkey Work.

It's always a pleasure to go back to favorite books and remember why they are favorites!
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Needlework System Four


I do believe that the choice of a Needlepoint Stand is a very personal issue. I strongly recommend that you try out a stand before you buy it. At Ridgewood Needlepoint, we have the K's Creations Metal Stand, K's Creations Lap Stands, Lowery Stand and Needlework System 4's Regular Stand, Table Stand and New Telescoping Stand.

I do take a stand to seminars and classes but I don't always need a floor stand for that. I often take the Table Stand. But I wanted to share with you the new stand from Needlework System 4. It replaces the old Travel Mate. Instead of folding over, the long arm telescopes up to a fixed position. For me this is a great enhancement since I often have to re-tighten the knobs on the travel-mate. We have one in the store for you to sample.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

New Classes


If you want to sign up before the email newsletter goes out, these two classes will be starting soon. The beginner class will meet on one Saturday afternoon per month in October, November and December. We can also schedule a Sunday or Monday class if there is interest.

Gretchen's Birds on a Cherry Blossom Branch will be starting in November. We need your commitment by October 10 so that we can get the canvases in time.

I have one more picture to post of the Flower Stand. There are only 10 of those canvases left so the space is limited to this one class. I'll post that picture later today.
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Fall/Winter Classes


I always loved the start of a new school semester -- new books, new clothes etc. So as an adult stitcher, I always look forward to the start of a new needlepoint class. Right now, I am taking Tony Minieri's Back to Basics Class. I've learned so much in three classes! I look forward to each one.

I am very excited about the list of national teacher's we have coming to Ridgewood Needlepoint. We have Deborah Wilson coming in October (although that may be postponed until 2010). In April we have Carole Lake coming to teach her "How To Write a Stitch Guide" class and a day of canvas embellishment and in May, David McCaskill returns.

We have Tony Minieri's four day class "Back to Basics" spread over four summer Mondays. We will keep that class size small so that there will be lots of individualized attention.

Above is a picture of the participants in the Rockefeller Center Class that started in September. We will be sending an email out in the next week with dates for our fall classes. I will also post pictures of the classes that can start very quickly by early November.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nancy's Purse


Nancy has a new purse which was finished with these fabulous handles. Many rectangular canvases work well as the front of a bag. There is also a line of leather bags with openings that fit many canvases.
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Manda's NY Yankees Topper


Manda also completed a topper ahead of the finishing deadline. Hers is a baseball jersey and can be done for many other teams.
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Jonna's Boy Scout Ornament


Some customers have managed to get their ornaments in way ahead of the October 1 finishing deadline. Jonna worked diligently on her boy scout ornament. You are actually getting to see it before Jonna since it arrived before she left for Singapore.

This ornament is one of the Toppers. It's on #13 mesh and works up pretty quickly. There are also many other versions - brides, grooms, ballerinas etc.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Polar Bear Santa



I just wanted to share two more pictures with you. As I said in the previous blog, the stitching is fabulous. The polar bear cub is beautifully done. If you look just behind him, you will see the beautiful patterned stitching used for Santa's vest.

The penguin is also sweet and behind him is a package that is also stitched beautifully. This piece is so inspiring.
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Teresa's ANG Treasure



Teresa joined us for two classes this Sunday and talked about her trip to the National ANG seminar. It was her first seminar and she was blown away by several classes. She was lucky enough to get into the Meredith Barnhill Willett,Tony Minieri, Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren Four day Embellishment Class. She said it was just fantastic. She learned so much. In addition, she took the one day class of Tony's on Back to Basics. (He's teaching the four day version over four Mondays at Ridgewood Needlepoint in the summer of 2010.) And she was also impressed with Sandy Rogers Shading Course.

She attended the Live Auction and won the fantastic Polar Bear Santa that was stitched by an ANG chapter. The piece by Amanda Lawford is just incredible. The stitching is superb and creative.

I will post two more pictures of the Santa because it is beautiful. Teresa certainly got an heirloom piece.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer's Over and I Hate Giving up My Sandals.

Summer is really over and I have to give up wearing sandals. It's such a shame since my Eliza B sandals just arrived. Instead of a ribbon, the strap is made with a canvas for a needlepoint belt. It's a great idea; think of all the different designs you can do.

Although next summer is months away, it does take time to stitch a belt and to have the sandals made. A needlepoint belt is the perfect project while traveling or waiting for kids at various after-school activites. Just think of how great your needlepointed sandals will look next summer.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Away from Home


Do you have a child or grandchild away from home for the first time? Perhaps, they've realized (like Dorothy) that there is no place like home. If so, this is the perfect canvas.
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Deb's Initials


Deb came into the shop the other day wearing her black purse with the initials that Nancy stitched for her. They were just great looking and make a great gift. We just wanted to share this finishing idea with you.
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Summer Santa


Summer is almost officially over but Helen's stitched Summer Santa will be around all year! It's one of Kathy Schenkel's whimsical designs. We are actually going to have it in the shop for a while so you can actually see it in person.
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Gail has started a trend. She had Christine do a monogram for her. It's pictured above. It's just so elegant and of course can be done in different colors and styles. Just think what a great ring bearer's pillow it would make.

We've being doing it on 13 mesh canvas so it should also be faster!
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Beginner's Class canvas


I've been looking for a beginner's canvas for a while. Although I've liked different aspects of different pieces, I just didn't find one that I loved. Finally, I've come up with a beginner's class for Ridgewood Needlepoint. The canvas above is the design that we will use. The purposed of the class is to teach beginning stitcher's some basic stitches plus how to start and stop and finally, how to read a stitch diagram. More information will be posted on our website in the near future and in our newsletter. I just thought you would enjoy seeing the finished piece!
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