Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thread Zap Tool

I've been looking for this tool for a while; the tool is used by fisherman who tie their own flies. But it's great to cauterize threads that run like Flair and Frosty Rays. We have one at the store that you can try but you really should have your own..
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New books

Actually, the first book is really not brand new. But it's a great book on Bargello by June McKnight. In addition, June has just published her new book on Colorful Stitches & Over-dye Threads. I enjoy June books and thought you might enjoy seeing these newer additions.

I love this time of year since the items we ordered at the show are just beginniner to appear. Of course, I spread some throughtout the year so we always have new things coming in. But right, it seems new things are coming in daily.
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Canvas Bag Ornaments

I had almost forgotten about these delightful ornaments. Each bag comes with a coordinating ribbon. There are also some other delightful designs - Christmas packages, a lobster, a crab, a sailboat and a Christmas tree. I also thought it would be lovely to have a monogram done in the blank one.

They bags also come trimmed in black and pink. We have a pretty good selection right now but come early since they will go quickly.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

I've Been Away

I was away for almost a week and had limited access to a computer. On my return home, I was immediately plunged back into store activities. Our January Sale continues and there are still great bargains available. We still have threads on sale for a great price including weeks dye work and sparkle rays.

While I was away the Planet Earth fibers arrived but we haven't put them up yet. We still need room for them so help us by buying the sale threads!

If you love the Eliza B sandals, we also have belts on sale that would make great sandals -- there is still time to get them done before the summer season.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TNNA- A Purse with Your Dog

Elizabeth Turner Collections has several purses that they will personalize with a picture of your dog. The purse in the picture is called Claire, named after the finisher who designed it. The bow can be moved around as you see fit. Now think of a purse with a picture of each of your dogs on either side!

These are the last pictures I have from TNNA. If you've been reading my reports, you know I had camera troubles so I don't have as many pictures as I would like to have. There were other wonderful canvases!

At TNNA, I heard a needlepointer working at Julia's Needlepoint, describing the canvases that she owns. But instead of guiltily referring to it as her stash, she lovingly called her collection of canvases her trousseau. She looking forward to the time when she will be able to stitch them. I hope you all enjoy your trouseau.
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TNNA- Bear Country

For those of you who live in bear country (which is actually a pretty large area since we have them roaming around in New Jersey), Deux Bijoux has this delightful bear with coordinating frame. I just loved it!
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TNNA-Gail Vail

Gail Vail has these delightful mini stockings and stars. Each shape is custom painted with your choice of names. (Gail doesn't recommend using yellow since it disappears ). But she will persoanlize the mini-stocking or star with the name of your children, your grandchildren, your dog etc. What a wonderful ornament!
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Ann Wheat Pace's Sugared Egg

When we were kids, my aunts would buy each of us kids a sugared Easter egg. A couple of years ago, I saw one of these fabulous eggs finished at an ANG auction. Unfortunately, I missed the bidding or I would own it!

So I was thrilled to see this finished model at Ann Wheat Pace's booth at TNNA. This picture is of the large model. Isn't it fantastic? There are also several small designs that can also be made into these sugared eggs. And of course, the advantage is that these sugar eggs are forever.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sale at Ridgewood Needlepoint

In order to make room for new threads and new canvases (yes, I've been shopping), we are holding a sale. We love silk lame so in order make room for more colors, we have put all but white sparkle braid (petite and regular) on sale for $1.50. In addition, we have elegance at that price, too. We have selected colors of Fyre Werks on sale for a $1.50 too. And a group of Weeks Dye Works in Pearl Cotton #5.

Since we need to make room for Planet earth threads, we have also put Cotton + (again except for white) and Simply Wool (all colors) on sale for $1.50. At this price, call early to get the colors you want.

Woodies on #13 mesh

If you've been following my TNNA reports, you'll know that Cooper Oaks will now be doing the Woodies on #13 mesh in addition to #18 mesh. Up until now, some stitchers either had to force themselves to stitch on #18 mesh, or just now do the canvas.

As you can see from the pictures, the #13 mesh has a larger design area but all the details!

I do think this is a great addition to the Cooper Oaks line.
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English Tiles

I just loved the colors and designs of these canvases by MAP based on English Tiles. They come on either #13 mesh or #18 mesh. They are a great size and very attractive.
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Needlepoint Earrings

We loved the earrings! These earrings were done in wool but just think of what you could do with Kreinik threads and Vineyard Silk or Splendor! Wouldn't the sheen be lovely?
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L'Esprit at TNNA

L'Esprit is certainly a must see exhibitor, particuarly if you love accessories.

The bottom picture shows Helen (one of Ridgewood's employees) admiring their watch bands. She loved their shoes and even their desk accessories. We are excited that we will be having an accessory trunk show this year. Check back at our website for a detailed list of our 2010 trunk shows. I hope to get it up this week.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

TNNA Report Continued

I loved the Thread Head Designs by Barbara Elmore (I did take a picture).

I actually was writing a blog from the show yesterday when my computer died. I met the new owners of Lee Designs. They are continuing with the Lee leather goods and are bringing back some favorites including a credit card case. They have a great leather case (multiple covers) that can be used for multiple things including an IPOD case. It will hold your Ipod, charger and a headset.

Kreinik is going to introduce a new green that we could use in the Rockefeller Center Christmas stocking. It will be a green with gold flecks in in - like 307 (which is called coral) but green! I'm very excited about that!

The Studio Midwest had added a red bag that is also based on Klimt's designs. We love their black, silver and gold Klimt bag.

Keep checking back. I hope to get my pictures up this week.

TNNA Report

I hope to add pictures from TNNA to my blog this week. I managed to upload the pictures but have to work on the posting.

I'm on my way home and am waiting for the plane at LAX. We don't board for an hour. I was so leery of the security lines after the lines at Newark airport that I took an earlier shuttle bus.

So, after the show is over, I try to figure out what I like the best. I loved L'Esprit de France's earrings. They would be quick to stitch and fun to wear. I would stitch them in silk and Kreinik. She has some phone covers too and is working on one for the IPOD. Will the Kindle be far behind?

Speaking of the Kindle, Alice Peterson has added a Kindle cover (actually four designs) to the Stitch and Zip line. What a great idea! She also had tallis bag covers, too.

Melissa Shirley, as always, has some outstanding designs. I loved her Easter Eggs! And for those of you who love 13 mesh canvas, she will be doing her small animal series on #13 mesh, too. They will be 8" x 8" designs. I've ordered some. I loved her birds based on old ornithogical prints. The pelican looks like Mark Catesby, to me.

This was the year of the Thanksgiving figures. Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indians abound. Melissa Shirley has a set of two couples -- a Pilgram couple and an Indian couple. They are stunning and will come with a stitch guide.

Kelly Clark also has a great set of Thanksgiving figures. And Needlepoint Broad (okay, a little nepotism here) has a wonderful set of six Native American heads. They are truly wonderful and would look great set in fabric, with some beaded trim.

And there were new books! Julia Snyder has a new book on Fillings ( I can't remember the name but I bought a copy at Sample It) and June McKnight has a book on using overdyed threads with recommended stitches. I learned the sad story of Linda Corriosi, the author of two Canvas Embellishment books that I really like. Her printer disappeared and she can't find her discs!

I've found the egg canvases that when finished look like the sugar eggs we had as kids. I can't wait to do mine.

And of course, Helen and I both have canvases to finish and then teach.

Betsy B. has licensed some Mackenzie Child designs (several plates and ornaments). She carries many designs based on the greek clubs.

DJ designs had a beautiful arts and craft rug and a great canvas of women's legs.

Elizabeth Turner had wonderful bags -- and they can include a picture of your dog breed!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

TNNA Report

I'm hoping to post pictures tonight but I have to figure out how to post pictures from here. But today, we've found some pretty exciting stuff. Colonial Needle (the distributor of John James needles, Mary Arden Needles and Colonial Needles) took over Lee Needleart Designs this year. They are bringing back the business card case.

They also have a great leather case (lots of colors) that can be used for your IPOD and headphones. Helen loved it.

We were also delighted that Melissa Shirley will now be doing her small animals (formally only on #18 Mesh) on #13 mesh. So if you really covet one of her large animal canvases but just can't commit to it, you can get the animal/bird in a smaller version on larger mesh canvas now. Cooper Oaks has also done their Woodies on #13 mesh.


I've been walking the convention floor and taking pictures but then had technical difficulties.

First, I forgot my camera battery but managed to purchase a replacement. So I started taking pictures on Friday. When I went to blog yesterday, my broadband wouldn't let me use it.

So, just a brief update. This year, the convention floor is divided so I really only have to walk 1/2 the floor to get to all the needlepoint vendors.

I've been talking to the various vendors planning our trunk shows and thinking about canvases. I like to talk the show floor first before I do any purchasing. This year, I'm fortunate to have Helen with me to get a different perspective. She's loved Derek Clark's designs.

More later. I'm late for my class!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm in Long Beach

I arrived on time in Long Beach although getting to the plane was an accomplishment. Somehow, my alarm did not go off. My husband woke up at 5 am and asked why I was still in bed. I ran out of the house and caught the car service just before he was about to leave. Then, I got dressed and was in the car within 5 minutes. But when I got to Newark airport, the security line was endless. It took over an hour. I finally got through the line, and was the last one on the plane before the doors shut!

I always think that California is amazing when I fly into San Diego. You can see the water and blue sky as you get off the plane. But I must say, walking to and from the hotel in Long Beach was beautiful today. The sky was blue and it was warm.

I took a great class with Sharon G today. The class was an elegant dragonfly. I'd love to teach this class. (I had planned to take pictures but realized that I left the camera battery and charger at home when I rushed out this morning.

Tomorrow I take a class with Amy Bunger on Spider webs.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm on my way to The National Needlework Association's Trade Show in Long Beach. Yes, I am looking forward to warmer weather and sunny skies!

We are preparing for our mid-January sale, more about that next week. But right now, any sale canvas is 75% off. So come early to get the best choice!

Monday, January 04, 2010

The National Needleworkk Association Trade Show

The National Needlework Association Show is this week. Although the actual show doesn't start until Saturday morning, the education classes start Thursday afternoon. Helen and I are both attending this year. We are both signed up for classes and looking forward to them.

If there is anything you would like us to look for, just let us know.

The show is just overwhelming -- there is just so much to see. Of course, it's exciting to try to find the newest canvases that are "to die for." And we are always interested in threads and accessories, too plus whatever will appeal to our customers.

And, I have to admit, I am really looking forward to getting away from the cold. The show is in Long Beach where it has to be warmer than New Jersey!

Carolyn's Ornaments

Carolyn is the store's next door neighbor and we are delighted to have her. In addition to providing great coffee, lunch items and treats at Epiphany Cafe, she also has started to needlepoing. She stitched both these ornaments this fall but finished them to late for us to get them finished.

But Carolyn is very crafty. She went to Color Me Mine (another store neighbor) and created ceramic backs for the ornaments and then attached her canvases. They are lovely and a great sample of what a truly crafty person can do.
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Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolution Stitching

I'm trying to decide what I will add to the store's Resolution Stitching list. Like most of you, I have lots of unfinished projects but often the ones that call me are the newer ones. For example, after finishing Bruce's stocking (which was my Resolution project for 2009), I bought and started to stitch a delightful project from DJ Designs by Meri Meri. It's whimsical and I though wouldn't take any thought. Needless to say, I've now created a horizon line and I'm trying to figure out what stitch to do for the snow. I'm torn between a sky stitch by Jody Adams and Carole's Lake's Eyelet stitch.

But I do have to finish one of my belts that has been languishing around for years! Perhaps I can finish one new one and then one older one -- that sounds like a fair deal.

In case, you aren't familiar with our resolution stitching program, I'll explain it. You list up to three projects that you want to finish this year. We will give you a complementary stitch & chat plus 20% off on your next canvas each time you finish one. In addition, you will get 10% off on finishing!

Flower pillow

We loved the stitches on the lovely pillow. I'm not sure who the stitcher is as I report from home but she did a beautiful job!
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Helen's Gift

Helen stitched the HP surfer canvas for her son. She did a wonderful open background stitch for the sky so that the colors showed through. Then she had the canvas and the photo framed together for her son's birthday. What a wonderful gift!
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Judy's Pillows

We loved seeing Judy's pillow come back from the finisher. They are so elegant. Judy stitched the two Kelly Clark baskets and then chose the trim and fabric. We loved the outer edge trim but really flipped over the trim around the needlepoint itself. This is such a wonderful example of how fabulous a canvas can be with straight stitching.
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