Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nancy's Flower



Nancy found this lovely flower in the sale bin. But through a careful selection of threads and stitches, and with help from the framer, she turned it into this beautiful piece. It's so pretty. I know that Nancy will enjoy this over the years.
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Elizabethan Bunny


I just couldn't resist posting this wonderful Elizabethan Bunny. Look at the great detail on her dress.
This canvas is for the anglophiles among you!
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Brenda Stofft Trunk Show



The Brenda Stofft Designs Trunk Show arrived while I was away. Today, Gail, Gretchen and Suzanne got all the canvases up. They are really wonderful. I particularly loved her Pilgrim Bunnies. It's just fun to have something to use for Thanksgiving!

The Trunk show is wonderful. It includes wonderfully whimsical animals for different holidays. I also loved the Santas riding bears and rabbits etc. We also received some wonderful models! The announcement should go out by Monday but I wanted to give you advance notice.

What I really like about Brenda Stofft is that she has her own style!

The really good news is that more canvases are coming!
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Tussie Mussie Model



When I returned to the store today, I had the pleasure of opening the two Tussie Mussie models sent by Deborah Wilson. Some of you took the Summer Tussie Mussie last year. Well, the Autumn piece is just as fantastic. The Autumn Tussie Mussie makes a wonderful companion piece for the Summer Tussie Mussie. But of course, it can stand on its own.

I'm looking forward to learning the new techniques in addition to having this wonderful piece. There are still openings so let us know if you are interested. It's a fantastic piece.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Posting from Utah

I managed to do a few blogs in draft before I left so I am able to post them from Utah. Isn't technology wonderful?

We've been through beautiful national parks the past few days. We went to Capitol Reef, Bryce and Cedar Breaks. The colors and rock formations have just been unbelievable. It's also amazing to go from an Alpine meadow to enormous cliffs rock formations with a short distance.

Today, we also saw a brilliant rainbow that was incredibly well-formed.

I'll post a few more of the saved blogs on Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Witch




Many of you know that I love Halloween. We had the pleasure of helping Molly pick threads and stitches for her Halloween witch. Again, she was working on #13 mesh but there is still so much one can do with threads and stitches. The bottom photo shows the almost completed piece.

I loved the witch's hair and the broom; Molly also did a great job creating the flames for the pot.

The top and middle pictures feature the spider's web. Inorder to create the spider's web, Molly used Water n'Ice to stitch a ridged spider Web. Instead of
creating a full spider's web, she just did 1/4 of one. Doesn't it look great?
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Molly's stocking


I told you about Molly's stocking earlier this week. But the detail is just amazing for a #13 mesh stocking. It is a Melissa Shirley stocking. They are exquisite and this one was absolutely breathtaking.
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Molly's Stocking


Molly came to select threads for her stocking -- or to be more accurate, to select threads for her grand-daughter's stocking. Everyone who has seen this beautiful stocking has just ooohed and ahhed over it. Christine, our letterer, thought it was absolutely spectacular and she sees a lot of stockings.

One of the most interesting things about the stocking is that it has such wonderful detail although it's on #13 mesh.

We started to pick out the threads on Saturday and finished pulling today. Now Molly get to take her stocking back to Florida with her. We hope to see it finished when she returns in the summer.
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Judy's Bracelet


Saturday was an interesting day at Ridgewood Needlepoint. Judy picked up her beautiful bracelt. This was only her third project and it's lovely. She'll be able to wear what she has stitched.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bergen Health and Life

I just got my Bergen Health and Life magazine in the mail. So I can know actually report that we were the runner-up in the category of Retail Therapy. I do think that's the perfect category for Needlepoint since stitching is therapy. And at times, it seems like we are either providing therapy to our customers or they are providing it to us!

We are still thrilled to be the runner-up!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perfect Travel Projects


Belts are a perfect travel project. They are easy to take with you; you can probably get away without a frame and they are relatively quick to do.

The three belts above are just wonderful. The London belt is perfect for the Anglophile. Do it for the traveler in your lift or the person you know who has lived in London -- or just dreamed of it.

The other two belts are beach belts. One features colorful beach cabanas while the other has beach chairs. Perhaps you should start now so you can take it on your winter vacation or you can just dream of one.
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Beach Chairs


My great grandmother used to say that the summer was over on the Fourth of July. For me, it was always a little later. Usually in mid-August, we would stay at my grandparents house. We were go to church on August 15 and frequently, there would be a chill in the air as we walked to and from church. I hate to see the summer go so it's tempting to stitch summer related canvases. The one above just came in the store and is a fabulous beach canvas.

If it's gone before you get here, I can order it for you!
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Jean Bag



I've always loved this particular canvas. It just seemed like fun to do. It comes with a stitch guide and is a small project.

Joan completed this delightful bag recently. I think she's giving it to a lucky grand-daughter. Who wouldn't want to carry this fabulous casual purse around with them?
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Best of Bergen 2009

We just heard that Ridgewood Needlepoint is one of the winners of the Reader's Choice Award from Bergen Health and Life. Our store was chosen in the category of Retail Therapy!

We thank those of you who nominated us. We certainly think that needlepoint is a great form of therapy.

We will be attending the Bergen Fest event in September. We have the information about the event if you are interested in attending.

We will also be raffling some invitations so come in to get your name in the drawing.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Helen's Oystercatcher

Helen's on her summer vacation and doesn't return to the store until September. But every once in a while, she stops by to show off her needlepoint and her tan. Helen completed this great oystercatcher and found this great bag to put it on. She was carrying it when she came in to visit last week.
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Karen's Holiday Ornaments

Karen has also been diligently stitching for various holidays. She completed the turky, the ghost and the polar bear before she left for vacation. She will be able to use these stand-ups early this year. I wouldn't be able to put them away.
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Cheri's International Santas

Well, actually, these three Santas are from the Kathy Schenkel group of International Santas. Cheri purchased quite a few at the trunk show in February. She's a dedicates stitcher since she has already finished these three! Don't the three Santas look great? The finisher used the feet from Kathy Schenkel's line too!

For people who have been stitching Christmas all along, it's great to submit the items for finishing now before the Christmas deluge. We've been getting items back pretty quickly and it's fun to see the finished items.
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Needlepoint Broad Is Featured On Chilly Hollow Blog

Last Sunday, The Doors and Ridgewood Needlepoint were featured on Jane of Chilly Hollow's Blog. If you didn't catch the interviews to to : ,

This week, Needlepoint Broad is being featured: htpp:// . The first photo is of the skating nuns. We've had a couple of people stitch that canvas. It's just fun.

Then, there is a wonderful slide show featuring her new baseball brick covers, a beautiful crane canvas, Lilies of the Valley and other news items. It's displayed nicely so take a look; let us know if you want us to order any. In the shop, Sally and Gail flipped over the Lilies of the Valley canvas and I love the Crane.