Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Finishing

Our finishers outdid themselves this year as did our stitchers. Our customers had their finished items i in before October 1 and we got all the items we sent out back by this past week. Items were beautifully stitched and finished.

I just thought I would share these last two items with you. They were stitched by Jane and Nancy.

Of course, it's never too late to start stitching for next year. And we want to encourage you to pick those items that you have struggled to finish. Record them in our Resolution Stitching book and get a complimentary Stitch and Chat. Finish an item, and recevie a 20% discount on any item plus 10% off the finishing.

I haven't decided what to add to my list this year. Should it be my Melissa Shirley witch. It's huge and I've done so little. Or perhaps I should commit to finishing the various Stitch notebooks
I've started. But of course, there are new things to stitch, too. I want to do the Animal Crackers ornament and finish the Girl walking the dogs.

So many canvases and so little time!
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It's Almost Winter and Really Kind Acts

Although it's not officially winter, it certainly feels like winter. We had to cancel tomorrow's beginner's class because of the projected snow. (I'm actually relieved it's really coming down since I made the decision before the snow started. I just thought that participants would really like to know ahead what they were doing.)

The weather tonight made me appreciate being in a warm house. In this economy, we have had a few more homeless people in Ridgewood. The other day our neighbors at Epiphany Cafe, Caroline and Rocco provided food to a homeless woman. She asked them where she could go to get her hair washed. They asked Tapestry, the hair salon if they would take care of her. Not only did Sandy the owner wash her hair, but she gave her a great haircut, too. I was so impressed by their generosity and kindness.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jersey Shore Mini Stocking

I couldn't get the picture of the NJ mini stocking on the previous post. But certainly, this is perfect for the Jersey shore stitcher. Again, we have three canvases with stitch guides in stock.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Stockings with Stitch Guides

If your family and friends are asking for suggestions, we just got in some Kathy Schenkel mini-stockings; because we've stitched our own, these come with stitch guides. We have two of the elephants available, three NYC mini stockings and three NJ mini stockings. These canvases make great traveling projects and can certainly be finished before Christmas 2010.

In addition, we have some lovely scissors, new threaders and other accessories. Our DJ trunk show is still going on so just let us know what you want to get for your stitching buddies. Or we can set up a wish list for you.
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Renee's Pillow

We just got back Renee's pillow today. Isn't it charming. The finisher continued the whimsical nature of the pillow with the outrageous fringe and pom poms. I wish this was going to be in my living room!
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Helen's Stocking

Helen really focused on finishing this lovely stocking for her new daughter-in-law. She changed the colors so that the cuff has the colors used in Erika's May wedding.

The ornaments are stitched with really incredible stitches. Look at the beautiful ribbon! In addition, Helen twisted her own cord.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Football Fans

I know football season is rapidly coming to a close. This lovely design by Rebecca Woods is now available at our store. You could be stitching this so that it's ready for next football season. And you could enjoy stitching it while you watch all the college bowl games and the Superbowl.
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Pam didn't think she would get this done in time to have it finished for Christmas. Not only did she finish it, but the finisher had it back three weeks before Christmas. This lovely design by Rebecca Woods is simple but elegant. Pam did a beautiful job stitching it. It shows how beautiful the tent stitch is.
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New Colors for Silk & Ivory

Silk & Ivory has four new colors: Straw, Onyx, Smoky Quartz and Pewter. The straw is a soft yellow while the Onyx adds a strong gray to the line. Smoky Quartz is a grayer blue and Pewter is almost an ice blue. Think what you will be able to do with these!
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bruce's Stocking

Although I haven't gotten the actual stocking back yet, I wanted to share the picture with you. I am very pleased with the finished stocking and can't wait to actually have it in hand.

Once again, you are seeing it before the recipient.

We are still receiving finished items back from the finishers on a daily basis. So I should be posting more pictures to show you what magic our stitchers and finishers have created. Enjoy.
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Rockefeller Center Christmas Stocking in Green

My friend, Sue shared this picture of Carol B's Christmas stocking. Carol has just sent this beautiful stocking off to relatives in New York City. Isn't it a great gift!

Carol was kind enough to grant permission for me to share this picture with you. Although I have seen quite a few of this stocking in progress, this is the first one I've seen with a green tree. I thought it was quite lovely. Carol told me she used floss (4 strands) to stitch the tree.

It is beautiful.

It's possible that you've seen it before the recipient.
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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Importance of A Downtown

I have just returned from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The town is in a lovely setting by the lake. Because I had free time, I spent some time walking up and down the charming downtown. It made me realize again how important a downtown is to a sense of community.

In Coeur d'Alene, the stores were fun to visit. And they help to make the town a vital community. So many people today ignore their local stores, and go to the mall or the internet. But local storea make a difference for a community.

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce has encouraged its members to publicize the 3/50 project. The project highlights the economic returns for supporting local stores. Independent businesses contribute significantly to the local area. Check it out.

Dj Trunk Show

I'm back from my trip to Idaho but somehow I haven't managed to get to the blog until today. We still have the Designs by DJ trunk show at the store. One of the designers is Mary Kay Crowley. I've posted pictures
of two of her designs. Yesterday at one of our classes, people were admiring the fireplace scene below. Gretchen had also picked out the mantel scene. Although these canvases are large, they are on #13 mesh so they should be relatively easy to stitch.

They are stunning designs. We have lots more so make sure you get in to see them. You can also check out the designs online and then place your order.
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