Friday, May 16, 2008

Errors in Charge Processing Corrected

Today, I received a call from Maureen to ask if we had billed her twice on Saturday. I checked our retail system and our charges. We hadn't billed her twice.

But then we discovered that we received a double deposit for Saturday. So although we didn't duplicate bill anyone, it turns out that our credit card processing company did all the credit card batches twice! All duplicate charges should have been reversed by yesterday. If you used your credit card or debit card at Ridgewood Needlepoint on Saturday, May 10, you should see the original charge plus a duplicate. In addition, the second charge should be reversed. Please check your bill to make sure you received the credit.

I do apologize that this happened. Unfortunately, it happened to the entire system so thousands of transactions were processed twice.


Are you having trouble getting your emails to us? If so, please send the rejection notice to We are trying to resolve the problem but we do not understand why it is happening.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finished Yarmulke

Karen finished this beautiful yarmulke for a friend. We were so pleased with the finishing. It seems to be so much more pliable than other finished ones. We also thought it was a beautiful design.

What to Stitch

Like most of you, I always have a group of projects. Of course, there are those that I am dying to stitch and those that I must stitch. Right now, my list of things that must be stitched is growing.

I have the Ridgewoood Needlepoint outfit to stitch. It would be fun and it's not that much work. I have to start my design that is part of the NAN Teacher Certification. And I need to finish the Old World Santa. Finally, I would really like to finish Bruce's Rockefeller Center Stocking.

Waiting in the wings, I have the Autumn Girl and a large Harlequin Great Dane. Not to mention all the canvases started but not completed that are in yellow bags throughout my house.

I am also about 5 hours from finishing my jean jacket. So I'm off to stitch and to plan.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I hope all stitchers are having a relaxing Mother's Day -- filled with stitching.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Canvases & Trunk Show in Time for Mother's Day

This has been an exciting couple of days. Our new trunk show arrived today. We don't have it up yet but we did check the items in. NM Arts has a lovely line with some wonderful folk art type canvases. There are wonderfully large scenes that look fabulous on a bench. (We know because some of our customers have stitched them in the past).

There are Christmas stockings and ornaments, too. I loved one stocking in particular. A little girl is looking up at a Christmas tree filled with angels.

In addition, we received canvas from Mary Ann Murphy from Pawley's Island. There is a wonderful canvas of three women fishing. Again, a primitive style that lends itself to needlepoint!

Tomorrow we are also getting in some additional scissors fobs. We received pretty frame weights and we also have quilted bags for your System 4 stands. So send your shoppers to us for your Mother's Day presents!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts

We all know that on Mother's Days we sometimes receive at item we might never use. If the people in your life ask what you would like, you can request a gift certificate from Ridgewood Needlepoint. We have some other ideas.

We have great canvas bags that have a place to put a canvas. We have some wonderful books to add to your needlepoint library. I particularly like the Amy's Cookbook for Stitcher because you can purchase it by the chapter. It's the perfect suggestion for a child to give.
Another idea would be a scissors fob. We are expecting them in tomorrow. We are also getting some frame weights and some wonderful accessories just in time for Mother's Day gifts.