Monday, October 27, 2008

Unannounced Trunk Show-Deborah Wilson

The Melissa Shirley Trunk Show is off the walls and being sent back tomorrow. So if you were first to order a canvas, you can come to pick it up. Orders will be placed tomorrow when two people wanted the same canvas.

It was a beautiful show.

Because Deborah Wilson is returning to teach November 9 and November 10th, she has sent many of her beautifully stitched samples. We can take orders on those so stop by to see her incredible work. In addition, we do have the sample for the Gilded Jacobean Fruits and Flowers. It is gorgeous. It includes some unusual stitches and some goldwork. The background isn't stitched since it is on gilded ecru canvas.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deborah Wilson Class

We had a great class on Sunday and Monday. Deborah Wilson taught her fabulous Tussie Mussie. She is coming back on Sunday November 9th and 10th to teach Gilded Jacobean Fruits and Flowers. It is a beautiful piece with a little goldwork and fabulous stitches. The sample arrived at the store on Monday. You have to see it in person -- once again, the photo does not do it justice.

We still have some openings so let us know if you are interested!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Melissa Shirley Trunk Show

We have spend the last two days checking in and hanging the Melissa Shirley Trunk Show. It is gorgeous. The designers represented are wonderful -- and distinctive.

One of the things I like best about this line is that there is such an incredible range of canvases. There are charming Christmas ornaments and scenes including a lovely pink and white gingerbread house. We are alway selecting our favorite stocking.

Then, there are beautiful birds. Some of the canvases are of the birds alone. Others include the birds with beautiful floral arrangements. There is a spectacular large canvas of egrets in a swampy area. IT is stunning. There are fabulous shore birds and shells and a to die for black and white chicken.

Again, the line has an enormous range of color from more muted tones to vibrantly colored canvases.

We have the show until Sunday, October 26th so there's just a week to select your canvas. IT's hard to choose just one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Armchair Chef Continued/ Serious Stitching

I keep checking the Armchair Chef ( to see if my recipe has been posted yet. Today, a cross-stitch designer posted her recipe for apple pie. I also went back through other posting and was intrigued by a recipe for beet bread. I'm tempted to try it just because it sounds different.

My daughter Alison shared her favorite recipe for Halloween cookies with me so I might share that, too.

Oh well, onto Needlepoint. I am now working on my Intermediate submission for my NAN certification. So far, it looks pretty good and I should be able to get some serious stitching in tonight during the debate. I'm hoping to either finish the windows of the building or the stucco wall -- but it's unlikely I'll get to both.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

C-up Bra Canvas

Helen has been working on C-cups while Donna was doing hers. Helen finished first and is letting us keep hers on display.

Helen's bra is one of a series of bra and panties from Sharon G. They're are all types of themes including Halloween, Las Vegas, Martinis, hearts etc. Framed the bras and panties make great decorations for your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. I've also seen them finished as a purse!

Helen used a darning pattern for the background.

Karen's Been Busy

I know sometimes it feels like we never finish anything. And then suddenly, several pieces are finished at the same time. In the last few weeks, Karen has finished three things.

First, we saw her lovely hydrangea purse. The flowers were beautifully stitched.

Then, this week we saw her charming English cottage and the Fifi's Grooming Salon. Of course, it should really be called Monty's Grooming Salon.

I alway think it fabulous that one person can do such different pieces. Karen is an eclectic stitcher.

Halloween Hat

This painted canvas is one of my favorites since I love Halloween. I love fall colors and it is such a happy holiday.

Marianne finished her delightful hat in time to showcase it for Halloween. I'm so envious.

Raymond Crawford has at least one other hat design. It's not too early to start for next year! We have one in stock.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Armchair Chef

I just checked out for Halloween Recipes. In fact, many needlework people will be participating in this annual event. The most recent posting is for a tomato pie that uses the last tomatoes from the garden. It sounds great.

Since I love the fall, I'll be looking often. I particularly love plum cake or plum torte. I always cut those recipes out so I'm thinking of posting that recipe.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tussie Mussie Sample Has Arrived!

If you haven't been in the shop the past few days, you've missed the incredibly beautiful Tussie Mussie by Deborah Wilson. The picture on our website just doesn't do it justice. The flowers are just beautful. I particularly loved the inside portions of the flowers. I can see lots of applications.

There are still a few openings, so call as soon as you can.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Everyone once in a while, someone asks a question that I should know the answer to but can't remember which of the two choices is the better one. (Right now, I'm talking about stitching but it happens other times, too.)

As some of you know, I love owning books and I own a lot. But as a storeowner, I think it's my responsibility to suggest books that you will find really valuable. Thus, I often special order books but keep in inventory a relatively small selection. My recommendations also depend on what level stitcher you are. For example, I think established stitchers should have The Needlepoint Book, Stitches for Effect, More Stitches for Effect, and Even More Stitches for Effect and the Stitches To Go books. My favorite book is Amy Bunger's 3 volume Amy'sCookbook for Stitchers. But I do recognize that it is more of an investment.

I also discovered that what you like depends on where you are in your stitching. I really like Linda Corriosis Stitch Embellishment Books (two volumes) now and Susie Murphy'ss books but didn't depend upon them as much when I was new. The books mentioned are my daily tools but I also use other books regularly. And now I have found two more.

Recently, I purchased two small books on needlepoint, both by Susan Sturgeon Roberts.
The first one, The Thread, Canvas & Needle Handbook for Needlepoint is truly a Reference book. It suggests needle size and appropriate threads and number of strands for different size canvases. Of course, if you are a very tight or very loose stitcher, it may not be right for you. But it is a good starting point. And very easy to use.

The second book should be in everyone's library. Tips & Techniques for Needlepoint. I may not follow everything, but I should. And if I don't agree, there are just differences of technique.Susan Sturgeon Roberts answers many questions. I'm going to order more for the store so let me know if you are interested.

By the way, Susan Sturgeon Roberts is also the author of a very good stitch book called The Complete Needlepoint Guide. We are sold out of that book but I can certainly get more.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish many of our customers A Happy New Year.

I Just Finished!

It's beena momentous week for me. I finally finished my jean jacket and dropped it off to have a lining put in. In addition, I finished Kelly Clark's Old World Stitching Santa and will be sending it off today to the finisher. I just made the deadline.

For those of you who are busy stitching away, we can still take ornaments through Tuesday, October 7 but that's the final date. Full-size stockings can come in as late as the end of October.

I know this means that many of you will be stitching away in the next few days.

Have fun.