Saturday, April 21, 2007

Summer Purses

After the cold and wet weather of the last week, it was great to have some sunny and warm weather. Both customers and the staff are proudly wearing their new summer purses.

Lynn's purse is a great summer fabric bag with a John Johannsen needlepoint attached to it.

Sally stitched a floral square for her canvas tote bag.

Donna has started to stitch a Cooper Oaks canvas that is a picture of a canvas tote bag with flowers. She's planning on putting it on her tote!

I'll be adding pictures as they become availabe.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


An email customer inquired about what Nan Hempel canvases we have in stock. I then pulled out all her canvases. Nan is a wonderful designer. She has an identifiable style. Her colors are beautiful. Her #13 mesh designs are great for stitches.

One of my favorite canvases is her Renaissance Bunny who is playing an accordian. He is typical of a Nan because his colors are luminous. Marcia did the companion to the Renaissance Bunny at a David McCaskill embellishment class. It is just fantastic. I just wish I had done it.

I also love her Christmas stockings. The Santa and the Angel are both so grown-up and yet so evocative of Christmas. I also love her Boy in the Moon Christmas Stocking!

She also has a great series of flowers with borders. They would make a great grouping of pillows!

The customer asked if we had pictures. Since I had pulled out all her canvases, I decided to take photos. I missed two canvases and will take those tomorrow. Then I will either add them to the website or the blog.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Needlepoint collars and cuffs.

At the TNNA show in January, L'Esprit de France had a brand new item: collars and cuffs in zebra, leopard, and plaid patterns (there are actually other patterns but I liked these the best). You stitch the cuffs and/or collar. Then just have it finished with velcro so you can attach it to your favorite jacket!

I particularly loved the collars (Everybody knows I don't like to stitch too much of the same thing). Anyway, I asked for just the collars and they have just come in. I think it will be fun.

Summer Purse

It's almost summer but there is still time to stitch a small canvas and add it to a bag.This customer did just that. She used a Silver Needle ornament and then had us add it to a summer purse. It looks great and will be a wonderful summer bag.


The HVAC guys finished a little later than planned. That meant the painter didn't get in until today. Unfortunately, we can't start truly putting things back together until tomorrow night because the paint has to dry. We will be open on Tuesday but may be slightly disorganized.

The best laid plans of mice and men and needlepoint stores.

Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas

We got our finished pillow back. I love the way it looks! It's so much fun. We have it in the store and the picture is below. If you have to do it for someone or yourself, it comes in the pink and green and yellow and black (because of the NJ license plate!). In addition, it comes on #18 mesh but we will also be able to get it in #13 mesh. It look great as you can see.

It was stitched using Trio and Vineyard silk. The background is done in a Nobuko stitch. It was fun to stitch but even more stitch to have.

Girl Scout Troop Pictures

This past week the store has been closed due to the addition of a new heating and air conditioning system. I finally got around to emptying the pictures on my camera and found the pictures of the Girl Scout Troop. These pictures show Helen Haydon teaching this group of 5th grade girls. On Monday, April 9 we will teaching a second Scout Troop.

We now have a slightly smaller project so that there is more of a possiblity they will finish once they get home.