Sunday, May 31, 2009

Belt To stitch over the summer

This past week,we got some great belts from Clara Wells. At the store, a favorite was the lighthouses belt which seems perfect for summer stitching. We also recognize that not everyone is a football or baseball fan or player. Do you know someone who is or was on a crew team? Here's the perfect belt for that person. For those of you who don't like #18 canvas, we deliberately got these belts since they are on #13 mesh. So much easier to see!
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perri's Scarecrow

Perri is an incredibly talented stitcher who is also young (she's only 19!). Perri has been coming to the store with her mother for several years. I know at one point David McCaskill was really impressed that we had such a young stitcher (She was only 16 then). She comes to the store when she's home from college.

This scarecrow is one in a series by Raymond Crawford. Perri has at least three more to stitch but today she finished the scarecrow. Gretchen worked with Perri to select threads and stitches. Look at the fantastic result. I can't wait to see if framed. We'll show it again if they let us take the photo!
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More New Belts

It's almost summer and we do lots of trips. Belts are a great travel project. They are very portable and easy to stitch in darker places. Somehow when I'm stitching a belt, I don't feel as if I'm endangering the life of the person who sits next to me on the plane. (I'm always afraid I'll poke someone with the needle). I've also heard that they are a wonderful baseball project from stitchers who go to games and watch them on TV.

Above are some of the news belts we just got in from Silver Needle.
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NYC Belt

Our show order just came in from Silver Needle. Amy and Gail loved the NYC belt above. It's a great belt with lots of wonderful shapes and colors. It makes a great gift for the person in your life who commutes in daily or perhaps misses NYC.
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Jersey Boys Don't Pump Gas

One of our favorite needlepoints has been Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas. We've sold many of these canvases in yellow or pink, #13 or #14 mesh. Of course, NJ boys don't pump gas either but that particular canvas hasn't been as popular. Today, Ellen and Judy were talking about driving to Connecticut with their husbands . (Both are named Ralph.) Evidently, getting gas in Connecticut was difficult for both of them. So I'm suggesting that they stitch the above for their husbands!
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Getting New Items with Amy and Gail.

One of our favorite things to do at Ridgewood Needlepoint Shop is to open packages. We are constantly getting newly finished projects, new canvases and new threads. We also get to see the new trunk shows first. I particularly love being at the store with either Amy or Gail when new items arrive. You may know that Amy loves bunnies and Gail loves anything small! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being with them both when the new canvases arrived from Silver Needle. They both squealed over the new belts and new ornaments. They particularly loved the New York City belt. I'll post pictures of the other items on another blog but thought you should see them together admiring the new belt. Ihope they are both there when Kelly Clark comes in this week.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Karen's Dressed For Success

Helen taught David McCaskill's Dressed for Success this past spring. She really worked hard and it is already finished and ready to be given as a gift.

This was a great class. In addition, it's often hard to find something for a man but this particular design is perfect.

The class liked it so much that Helen is preparing to teach another class of David's with ties as a focus. Of course, we will be delighted to offer this one again in the fall, too. Let us know if you are interested. One of the nice things about this canvas is that because it's line drawn, it's easy to substitute your own colors. When Helen stitched hers, she used Syracuse's colors (bright orange)!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Teresa's NYC Stocking

Theresa really prefers having a stitch guide. So Gretchen created this wonderful stitch guide for Kathy Schenkel's NYC mini stocking. Teresa must have been traveling a lot since she did it in a very short amount of time.

It looks great.
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Nancy's Coat Ladies Framed

Nancy took our Coat Ladies Class last spring; the canvas is a Maggie canvas actually called City Snow. Nancy used lots of different threads and changed the colors so they would coordinate in her house. I think she did a wonderful job. The framer went to town, too.
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Joan's NYC Canvas

Joan just finished Amanda Lawford's NYC canvas. Isn't it fantastic? She's actually figured out what each building is except for one or two. Her lucky grand-daughter is getting this wonderful canvas and its framing for her birthday. It's such a wonderful piece since I seem to see something new each time I look at it.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bergen Life's Reader's Choice

Bergen Life has a reader's choice contest for various retail stores. Unfortunately, they don't list needlepoint stores. (Okay, I do know that there are very few of us). But I would love customers to let them know what they think of us. In addition, when you are on their web site you can give them your opinion on the best restaurant, food types, entertainment etc. let them know about
I would guess that we would have to be under Boutiques but perhaps in voting, one could say specialty boutique.

So if you are interested in letting Bergen Life know about us, please go to

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Stitches

No matter how long I've been stitching, I'm always delighted to learn new stitches. Yesterday, the Ridgewood Needlepoint Staff took Carole Lake's Straight Stitches class taught by Gretchen. She did a great job and we all came away with samples of eight stitches. There were at least two or three that I have meant to try but just never got around to the particular stitch.

I used the Beaty stitch on the Patriotic Door for the columns. I will be taking a picture soon but I just wanted to encourage our customers to take advantage of the our classes. As we become more experienced stitchers, our view of stitching changes. We like different things and can still learn so much even after years of stitches.

Ellen's Provence Santa

Ellen loves stitching Kelly Clark's Santas. This one is the Provence Santa. It also comes in red and white and she is going to start that one soon.

Isn't this one lovely? Ellen did a beautiful job stitching it. Our finisher went to town with the coordinating ribbons!
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Cathryn's Purse

Cathryn's wonderful Klimt purse came back last weekend. Isn't it gorgeous? It's stitch primarily in Kreinin and Vineyard Silk. Even though it's black, it wasn't that hard to stitch since much of the black in in Scotch Stitch.

I want one too. We have two on order now but of course, could get one for you, too.
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Adirondack Chair

Maureen loved this chair and had us special order it for her. She worked hard on it and I think it may be a special gift. Wouldn't you love to be receiving this delightful stand-up as a gift?

Maureen did a great job stitching it and our finisher did it justice. Once again, it's good to get Christmas items in early.
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Kathy Schenkel's Elephant Decorating the Tree

If you've been reading the blog regularly, you know I fell in love with this adorable mini-stocking. I showed you pictures as it was being stitched and just before I sent it back. Well, here is the finished version! One advantage of submitting Christmas items for finsihing early in the year is that they come back very quickly.

I do love the elephant. It was fun to stitch and will look great on my tree at home. Of course, right now, it's residing on the store tree so come and take a peak.
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nancy's New Jersey Stocking

Nancy's New Jersey Stocking just cam back from the finisher. Isn't it delightful? She did a great job in stitching this design which shows the many features of New Jersey. It includes the state bird, American Goldfinch? How many of you know that New Jersey is really a great place for birdwatching?
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Friday, May 08, 2009

HP Geometrics

This trunk show has been fantastic. Today I had the pleasure of looking through the geometrics as one of our customers chose her favorite. It was really hard to choose. Unfortunately, I don't have apicture of that one. Instead, I thought you would enjoy seeing these two stunning geometrics (although I could argue that the top one is a floral).

Do come to see the Trunk show. It is absolutely stunning. It's hard to pick just one.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Small Animlal Canvases

I thought I would post a couple of the small animal canvases I wrote about above. I just wish they had the King Charles SPaniel in a Poodle or Norwich Terrier. I just hink it's wonderful.

Elephant fans are often looking for the trunk to be up and this one is. Just think of how much fun you could have doing his rug.

The lion is just magnificant. I love the tribal rug as a background.

All of these would fit into an HP Lacquered box. They would make a great gift if you could bear to give it up.

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HP trunk Show

There's still time to select your HP canvas and be the first to get that particular canvas. For those of you who aren't familiar with HP, it is one of the most sophisticated collection available. There is incredible range of beautiful canvases. Almost everyone who has seen the show has been struck with the lovely designs on so many different topics. Their geometric canvases are wonderful. One floral has already been spoken for twice.

A particularly nice feature is the number of designs on #13 mesh. I also like the wide range of small canvases. There is a fantastic lion with a background of a tribal rug. In addition, there is a fabulous King Charles Spaniel against a viney background. If you own a King Charles Spaniel, you need this canvas.

Come to see the Show. We only have it until May 19th -- it might take you that long to see it. We have hundreds of canvases.
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Introducing Needle Vials

These great little needle holders arrived just in time for Mother's Day. They are great for holding your needles. If you have a couple of sizes, get two or three to keep the different sizes. I think they make a great gift for kids to give for Mother's Day. Of course, you can just splurge for yourself. Who can resist the pretty colors?
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Spring Door

One of my favorite things about needlepoint is watching the canvas come to life. The first picture is the Spring Door which is almost finished. Once I did the yellow door and the flowers, the whole canvas came to life. Although I must admit, I think it was the flowers that did it.

I also love being able to compare the stitched parts to the unstitched parts. Look at how stitching the window with Accentuate really makes it look like glass. (The right windows are stitched but the left windows are not.)

This canvas celebrates Spring with its Forsythia colored door and brightly colored flowers.
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday so Gretchen created this pretty bags for Gift Certificates. Remind your significant others that we have things that you want for Mother's Day. How about suggesting a chapter from Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers? Each chapter is $12 and makes a great gift for a child to get you.

We also are expecting small needle holders with ceramic tops. Those are also great small gifts. I'll add a picture as soon as they arrive.

Of course, we are open Thursday night until 9pm for those who can't manage to get in during the day.
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