Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worth the Wait

Both Marie and Maureen waited a longtime for their stand-ups to be finished. But the end product was certainly worth the wait.

Sometimes, it's hard to explain why finishing takes so long. The finisher has items coming from many different stores. Some items are much easier to finish. The finish may also do like items together to be more efficient. And some items require the master's touch herself.

Obviously these table tops were worth the wait!

School Snowman

Kappy had three graduations this year. So she did one snowman for each of the school's. These are the first ones we've gotten back finished. They can also be done as School Santas.

It's never too early to be planning for next Christmas!

Where had December gone?

Fortunately, we are only waiting for a few more finished items. We are still waiting for some toppers to come back (they've been shipped) and for one more pillow. I wish I was in as good shape at home! It's almost as if everyday is Christmas at the store when we open the finished ornaments.

The tree has its lights but no ornaments. We have the boxes of decorations ready to go up but haven't done that yet. And we still haven't taken a Christmas picture. I'm not sure that it really helps to have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It gave me a false sense of security!

At the store, I keep looking at the DJ Trunk Show. There are several that I just love. Having the trunk show there has inspired me to work on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Stocking. I've got two more buildings almost finished and I've stitched the Radio City lettering. I've been sticking with my theory that less is more.

I have promised to post some pictures of finished items so I will try to get that done today.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Leopard Coat-January Paper Doll

The leopard coat is back from the finisher. It's really fun looking and it was fun to stitch. I'm posting a picture so you can enjoy it, too.

If you haven't joined the paper doll club yet, you can still sign-up. We will be working on the May outfit next.

Wish List

If there are certain canvases or books that you want for Christmas, you can add it to our store wish list. In addition to books, canvases etc we have some brand new scissors and chatelaines that make perfect stocking stuffers.

Amy's Cookbook is a great choice for your kids to get you. Each chapter is $12. They've just issued two more chapters so there are now 24 chapters available.

We'll be happy to help your significant other shop for you -- and you can let us know what you want.

We also do gift certificates so they don't have to know what you spent!

It's Almost Christmas

I've been back from Italy for over a week but I am still catching up. It was a great trip but I felt as if I needed a vacation after my vacation. We saw many museums and churches. We loved both Rome and Florence. The people were lovely.

I was so tired after sightseeing all day that I didn't stitch at night! The fact that the TV was in Italian may have had something to do with it. I particularly loved some of the angels. I also realized that I like the medieval religious art -- perhaps because it is really folk art.

At the store, we are doing lots of things. We sent back the HP trunk show and are waiting for the next one. We are in the process of sending out the leopard coat outfit to the Paper Doll Club members. The ones without threads are going out first since we are just waiting for one thread that I expect early next week!I must say that I love the way the coat came out. I'll post a picture soon.

Christmas finishing is coming back every day. Yesterday we received a fabulous stand up. Our finisher did a wonderful job turning Maria's beautiful canvas into a gorgeous standup. Another stand-up came back today. It is also spectacular.

A couple of people at the store indicated that they would like us to do Twister. I need to know if you are interested. We are also planning the classes for 2008.

I know it's a busy season for everyone but do stop in to see us. Of course, you'll want to see the next trunk show- DJ Designs of the fantastic Midtown Manhattan Stocking. (We call it the Rockefeller Center Christmas stocking.) We are expecting that trunk show early next week.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bath Time

Karen B. did a great job on this canvas and the framing just enhances it. It was great to see Karen work on this and to take such pleasure in finishing it!

I know she can't wait to pick it up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Armchair Chef

Before going to Italy, I had to leave my daughter the recipe for stuffing since Alison is preparing dinner. So since I had to review the recipe, I've submitted it to the The site is also going to be publishing lots of pumpkin pie recipes so you can try different ones and try your samples.

So look for my stuffing recipe...

HP Show

The Hp Trunk Show is continuing. Lots of the canvases have been reserved. But since we try to keep them during the trunk show, you'll still get to see the full line.

Hope to see you soon. Actually, I won't be at the store until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Bruce and I are going to Italy for a week. I'm so excited it's hard to concentrate on anything else.

Barbara Jackson

The Barbara Jackson class was great. I loved working with her new Heathway wool. It's not available yet but I can't wait for it to be. THere were be 9 shades in each color family. It seems to me that it will be the perfect replacement for medici.

Prior to the class, Barbara and I drove to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Tapestry Exhibit. It's amazing. Some of the colors are just wonderful. And the size of the tapestries is unbelievable.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finished Items

We are definitely beginning to see the Christmas items being returned. Suzanne is monitoring all the outstanding items so that you will have them for Christmas if the item was in before the finishing date.

Today, we picked up two fabulous items. Jane's chair for her grandson came back. It is so sweet.

In addition, Suzanne's rug has been finished into a custom bench. It is just beautiful.

HP Trunk Show

The HP trunk show arrived at the end of the day yesterday. We spend most of today organizing it. What a wonderful selection of canvases! This line has such variety. The florals are beautiful. Some are perfect for shadow stitching. Others would be great for long and short stitches for shading.

The geometrics are great. The colors are superb. And the whimsical canvases are really fun. It was hard to decide what canvases to put up!

Come in early so you get first choice! Of course, we try to keep the whole show in the store so that you can see the whole line. Then, if several people want a certain canvas, we just order them.

Helen did a great job of hanging them.

We have to send the trunk show back on Tuesday, November 27th. And remember we are closed the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So make plans to see these fabulous canvases.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deborah Wilson Classes

Deborah Wilson was here for five fabulous days. We stitched her Gilded Hydrangea - I love the way the petals are done of the flowers. In addition, the stitch she used/created for the pot was terrific. I can't wait to get back to work on that one

She also taught Neptune's Sentry. It's an adorable canvas with lots of stitches. I've almost finished the background so with a little more work I could be done!

The third class was the Gilded Butterfly. The actual piece is just gorgeous.

In order to help us all make progress, we are going to do some stitch & chats just dedicated to Deborah's classes. Helen, Karen and I need to sit down to schedule the dates. We'll probably start in December!

We also saw her Cabin Fever piece. Call the store for details!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deborah Wilson's Classes

We just finished the Gilded Hydrangea class. It was a great class and I learned lots of new techniques. I love the way the hydrangea blossoms are made. And the overdyed ribbon is just beautiful.
Tomorrow, we will be doing Neptune's Sentry. I've already stitched a lot of this piece but I am going to use the two days to try to finish it!.

On Tuesday, we will be stitching the Gilded Butterfly. It's another beautiful piece with beautifully laid threads and gold work. Photographs just don't do these three dimensional pieces justice!

We also got to see Deborah's piece for Cabin Fever which is scheduled for March. Even if you're not taking the class, stop by at lunch time (1pm) Sunday, Monday or Tuesday to see this piece. We also have finished samples of her kits -- they are just stunning.

We probably could squeeze in one or two more for these classes. The last two days have been wonderful!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Books

I've continued to read Janet Perry's Needlepoint Trade Secrets and have enjoyed picking up new tidbits. We now have copies in the store so pick one up when you're there. I've already re-ordered Beth Robertson's and Suzanne Howren's New Techniques in Embellishment and the new Bargello book -- Contemporary Bargello! It seems as if Bargello is coming back. June McKnight is also issuing a new book on Bargello in 2008.

Finally, our copies of A Patchwork Of Peace are on their way. This books is a favorite. The stitches are illustrated with color pictures in addition to the charts. You can really get a sense of the actual stitch.

Barbara Jackson is Coming to Ridgewood Needlepoint

I just got an email from Barbara Jackson with the picture of the class project. It's a very pretty flower completed in short and long stitches so the shading looks perfect!

Barbara will be teaching at Ridgewood Needlepoint on Sunday, November 11th from 2:30 pm -5:30pm. The cost will be $100 which includes her teaching fee, the kit and stretcher bars. I am limiting enrollment to 18 people so sign up quickly. I already have 7 or 8 people enrolled.

It should be a fun and rewarding stitching afternoon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Needlepoint Trade Secrets

I've asked Janet Perry, of Napa Needlepoint and the author of Needlepoint Trade Secrets to join me on the blog today. Janet's book offers lots of good advice on needlepoint including planning your project, taking photos of your work, storing your work etc. But I've asked her to discuss the commom myths of needlepoint.

Busting myths in needlework

There lots of common wisdom going around in needlepoint and, while most of it has some basis in fact, it's good to know when to follow and when you can break the rules.

Here are some common ones:

1. Should I make the length of my thread shorter if I'm working on a smaller mesh?

Needlepoint is hard on threads. The canvas is rough because of the sizing which makes it stiff. Every time the needle and thread go through a hole, that roughness abrades the thread somewhat

So for a given area of canvas, a smaller mesh size will have more holes and therefore wear the thread more.

But in practice this seems to have little effect on the threads. If you choose a good stitching length of about 18" it won't wear too much. even on smaller meshes.

BUT (you knew it was coming) the delicacy of the thread can have an effect on how it will wear. Delicate threads should use shorter stitching lengths. One example of this is Trebizond. I find if my length is only about 12" I have less problem with snagging and my stitching looks smoother.

2. Does color matter in order of stitching?

If you learned to stitch back when everyone used wool, you were told always to stitch light colors before dark colors. But now that you use a wider vaiety of threads you wonder if it matters.

Yes, it does, and for many reasons.

When a thread is fuzzy, like wool, the hairs of the thread inevitably get caught in the other stitches If a bit of white thread gets caught in black, it is hardly noticeable. But if a bit of black thread gets caught in white, you see it and the stitch look dirty at best.

This was, I think the reason for the rule in the first place. But in my experience, you should still follow it even if you are using smooth threads. Do this because the dark thread passing behind the already completed light stitches will be less noticeable. You have the extra layer of stitches to keep the dark thread from showing. If you stitch the dark thread first then stitch the light thread over that passed thread, often a shadow will show on the front (I know, I've done it often.)

3. Should I always use a frame?

Many people swear by using frames for needlepoint. And they really do make your stitching easier, fatser (you can use two hands instead of one), and neater (it's easier to control stitch tension with them).
But do you have to use a frame? Unless you are doing pulled canvas, Laid work, long stitches, or other techniques where a taut canvas is needed, no you don't have to use a frame.

BUT decide before you begin to stitch whether you will use a frame or not. Don't start one way and finish another, the needlepoint won't look good.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Designer Showhouse of New Jersey

There is a designer showcase in Saddle River, New Jersey this month through Novmeber 4th. If you come this week (starting Monday, October 15) through Sunday, October 21, Ridgewood Needlepoint has a table in the boutique area. We will be display some of our finished projects and have a few things for sale. The address is: The Designer Showhouse of New Jersey, 19 Werimus Brook Road, Saddle River, NJ.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Christmas Finishing

One of our finishers has just let us know that she can probably take stockings or pillows through the end of the month! So, if you were behind in your stitching of these items, there is still hope. But you need to hurry.

This week we received lots of Christmas items back. You know -- for the people who get things done in order to make the deadline!

BeauDonna Trunk Show

Did you know that Deborah Wilson, the designer for Beau Geste sold her needlepoint business to her daughter, Donna? The line has been renamed BeauDonna and it arrived this week at the store. The canvases are hung for you to look at. It still has lots of wonderful Christmas items.

A great feature is some fun Christmas designs on #13 canvas. I think they would be great for a beginner.

In addition, there are two lovely leaf designs. Both designs are in a circle so your pillows or framed piece can add a little variety.

And the line still contains those wonderful cars! There is a red Mercedes Benz and a red Porsche. What a great gift for the man or boy in your life!

There are still a few opening for the Deborah Wilson classes. I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques.

Where Does The Time Go?

I just realized that I haven't posted in over a week. I have been checking the recipes on Lots of needlework designers and store owners have submitted recipes for Tink's Halloween Countdown. Not surprisingly, pumpkin seems to be a big feature.

In fact, after reading the recipes, I had to make sure we had pumpkin pie this pie week. Somehow, I ended up buying it instead of making one. I've been focused on completing the The Quilt Line for my National Academy of Needlearts teacher certification. I'm hoping to send it out tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My recipe is on The Armchair Chef

I wanted to check if the recipes were posted on the Armchair chef ( I was delighted to see my recipe for plum torte. It's just a wonderful cake that you need to make quickly since those small italian or hungarian plums aren't around for long.

I also want to try the sugar cookies. The person who posted that recipe talked about class mothers!

I'm hoping someone posts a recipe for caramel apples. I love those too!


Those stitchers who finished their Christmas ornaments early will be getting calls soon. Today we got back one of the first ornaments for 2007. It's a Melissa Shirley cracker and it's just adorable!

We also received an absolutely stunning pillow today. It was just beautiful.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Recipes on The Armchair Chef

I'm looking forward to October. Tink's blog - The Armchair Chef ( be featuring Halloween recipes. We all know that I love this season. I even submitted two recipes myself.

I can't wait to see what other people are posting.

Doug Kreinik's Class

What a great class! Doug Kreinik gave two great classes today on metallic and silk threads. I learned a great deal and had fun doing it.

For those of you in the Rockefeller Center Class who missed the class, there are two threads that I think would work for the angels -- ombre and petite facets. We'll have to explore. There were some other great embellishment ideas!

We also have a number of Kreinik's delightful silk gauze kits. I was surpised because they really aren't that small. There are some wonderful Christmas designs plus some lovely dogs (golden retriever, german shepherd, yorkshire terrier, poodle). There are some lovely cross-stitch kits also called "Remember the Ladies." A number of them feature a cat in front of a quilt.

We also have Kreinik's metal thread book and a book on silk threads. We'll have the product for at least another week. Come in and see them.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jersey /Oregon Girls don't Pump Gas

Did you know that there only two states in the country where people aren't allowed to pump gas? New Jersey and ...... Oregon! We've so enjoyed the canvas Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas that we convinced Needlepoint Broad to do one for Oregon. These designs are done in the color of the state license plaste. New Jersey girls also comes in pink and green. What a hoot for those of us who hate to pump gas!

Doug Kreinik's Class and Trunk Show

Today, I started to unpack the trunk show from Doug Kreinik. These are items that Doug brought along for his class on metallics and silks class on Sunday. So even if you aren't registered for the class, you will get the chance to see a great array of Kreinik products.

For those of you who are regretting that you didn't sign up, we still have a few places on Sunday afternoon, September 30th from 2-5 pm.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Class Scheduled with Barbara Jackson

I'm so excited! I've just arranged for Barbara Jackson to teach at Ridgewood Needlepoint on Sunday, November 11th from 2pm-5pm. Barbara is a nationally recognized teacher who is famous for her short and long stitches. So she is going to do a class for us on short & long stitches. There will be a small kit.

Short & long stitches are very appropriate for needlepoint. I'll post more information as soon as I have it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rockefeller Center Stocking

I've been so focused on the paper doll outfits (Thanksgiving is posted on the blog and I'm working on the leopard coat), my beginner's needlepoint course for the National Academy of Needlearts plus the other requirements for the teacher preparation year, that I've just not gotten to the stocking. Tomorrow, the class is meeting after two months off.

So I pulled the stocking out. I love the way the Christmas tree looks done in Kreinik threads. I also like the moon done in Rainbow Gallery's new patina. Now, I have to move on. The angels are still the challenge since I don't want them to take away from the Tree.

I'm also anxious to see how other people are doing.

Fall & Fall Recipes.

I'm making a trip out to Shelter Island tomorrow to take advantage of the glorious fall. It's still early for the real impact of the leaves changing but I love the quietness of September. At the store, customers are beginning to pick up their Halloween ornaments. Others are dropping off their Christmas ornaments.

There are lots of great recipes to take advantage of the fall season or to celebrate Halloween. Tink Boord has asked me to contribute a recipe for her blog - I've submitted one of my favorite fall recipes - a plum torte.My recipe can also be used with apples and cranberries. But I can't wait to see what other people are submitting. I'm looking forward to an influx of new ideas.

Friday, September 14, 2007


As some of you may remember, I am enrolled in the 3 year teacher certification program of the National Academy of NeedleArts. One of the requirements is a 12-hour beginner's course. The final draft is due on Saturday and I've just about wrapped it up. I hope to mail it off tomorrow.

I designed the piece and wrote the stitch guide. I thought you might be interested in a picture so I'm posting it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kreinik Trunk Show

We will be receiving a trunk show from Kreinik prior to Doug's visit. We expect to receive it on Monday, September 24th. We will be giving the 10% discount on all Kreink items during that week through Doug's visit on September 30th.

Christmas Finishing Deadlines-OCTOBER 1, 2007

I can't believe it's almost the middle of September. But that means we need your Christmas items very soon. In order to guarentee Christmas delivery, we need your stitched items by October 1, 2007

The Petei Trunk Show

Did you go to the Designer Showcase of New Jersey last year? If you did, you probably rmemember the adorable story characters that were stitched and framed in one show room.

We are going to carry these wonderful needlepoints. We were able to snag a couple of the storybook characters for this trunk show in addition to a wonderful collection of Santas. I love the Santa on the moose and the Santa in the canoe. The story characters include characters from The Nutcracker, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Alic in Wonderland.

The needlepoints are small - perfect for carrying around with you while you wait at the doctor's office or for the kids. Check her website: We will honor the 10% discount on orders while the trunk show is here. It leaves on September 25th.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doug Kreinik Class

The Doug Kreinik classes are filling up rapidly. He will be presenting his_Metallic and Silk Mystery Tour" at Ridgewood Needlepoint on Sunday, September 30 from 10am-1 pm and again from 2-5 pm. It should be a great class and will enhance your stash.
Contact the store to reserve your place. 201-612-7770.

I'm Back

I just realized that I haven't posted since I returned from the ANG seminar in Baltimore. First, I took two great courses on Design. One by Carole Lake and the other by Janet Mitchell Fisher. I learned a lot in each one. As you may know, I thought they would both help me in my background information for the NAN teaching certification program.

At seminar, Gretcher V. won a second place ribbon for her Candy Village. A picture is posted below in a previous blog.

When I got back, I got exciting news. A Patchwork for Peace is going to be republished. We've been unable to get copies for a while. If you want to pre-order, please call the shop. The book will be $60. But it's a great book with fabulous color photos and diagrams.

I've been consumed with my NAN beginner's course. It's due on September 15. Tonight, I just need to do the sample beginning and ending techniques and proofread all the pieces. I hope to mail it out by Thursday!

Anyway, I promise to be more regular.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Red Truck

Everyone once in a while, there is a canvas that I cannot resist. Right now at the store, we have a fabulous rug called "My Red Truck." It's the truck that every boy and man (and perhaps some women and girls, too) wants to have. I don't know if you have a grandchild, child or significant other who wants a rug truck-this may be the solution.

Although I think the rug is to die for, the design now comes in pillow size on #13 and #18 canvas.

Don't you agree that it's great?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

November Paper Doll Outfit

The finisher just emailed me a picture of the finished Novemeber paper doll outfit. I am so pleased with the way it looks. So here's the picture.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I leave August 24th (or early on the morning of August 25th) for the seminar. I'm taking a design class with Carole Lake and another design class with Janet Mitchell Fishel. I thought both of these courses will tie in well with my National Academy of NeedleArts certification.

I am also looking forward to the auction and to Expo night. Ridgewood Needlepoint will be participating in Expo night on Wednesday, August 29. We will have samples of the paper dolls and at least one finished outfit!.

We also have some canvases geared for Baltimore including a canvas of Camden yards.

If you will be at ANG, please come and say hello.

End of Summer

August 15th always strikes me as the beginning of the end. As a kid, I remember staying with my grandparents. Usually, that was the first day that it was a little chilly in the morning. Maybe it wasn't always so but that's how I remember it.

We are going to close at 5pm on Thursday, August 30th so we can enjoy the last few days of the summer.

I've been working on my canvas for the National Academy of Needlearts so my other projects have taken a back seat. I'm hoping to work on the Rockerfeller Center stocking this weekend and the leopard coat for the paper dolls.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Deborah Wilson' Classes at Ridgewood Needlepoint

We have started to take reservations for Deborah Wilson's classes. The butterfly has been really popular but a couple of you wanted to know if you can change its colors. It's possible we just need to know ahead of time.

I can also get the hydrangea painted on a different color canvas. We just need to know ahead since it will take a little time.

Do come in and see the canvases as soon as possible so we can make any changes you need!

New Threads

We have put up all the Weeks Dye Works threads. The colors are beautiful! We have the more natural colors in floss, pearl 5 and pearl 3. Come and see them. Everyone has liked them so far!


One of the things we love best at Ridgewood Needlepoint is to see the projects come back as finished items. Unfortunately I was out last week and didn't get to see Janet and Lynn's finished pieces in person. But I was lucky that Rob had taken a pictures so I could share them with you.

Janet's elephant is fantastic. She did a great job. Look at all the wonderful detail and the wonderful border.

Lynn did a great job on the tool belt. Framing a belt is a wonderful idea for a belt canvas. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Fabulous Pillow

Bobbi did a fantastic pillow for a friend who was graduating from college. The mascot is adorable but so much more fun in his animal print pillow. I can understand way the recipient loves it. What a great gift!

Cooler Seasons to Come

When I went to my car today it said it was 100 degrees! Although I love the summer, this heat is way to much for me. Look at our new skiing needlepoints and see if they can cool you down. I'm posting both -- I hope.

Lighthouse Box

I know lots of people are about to take off for beaches with Lighthouses. We have a delightful lighthouse box that's a perfect beach project. It's little but will help make a great reminder of the summer during the months to come. I've posted a picture of the box (it's put together but not stitched). Of course, yours will look better because you will stitch it.

We also have a great Halloween hat in case you are ready for the cooler days of autumn.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gretchen V.'s Candy Village

Gretchen V. did a beautiful job on the Beau Geste Candy Village piece. And she was the first in the class to finish it. We sent it off to the finisher a few weeks ago. The piece is being sent directly to the ANG seminar but we have a sneak peek to share with you. It's absolutely fabulous. It makes me want to get to work on mine.

Traveling This Summer

Even before I owned Ridgewood Needlepoint,I always loved to look and buy at Needlepoint Stores when I traveled. This summer, I'm going to Baltimore and Seattle. I'll be using The Needlecrafters' Travel Companion so that Bruce and I can sneak away to look at the needlepoint stores in Seattle. And I'll bring it so I can find the stores need ANG seminar in Baltimore.

If you have a wider needleworkers'interest, you could use The Knittters's, Needlepointers's, Crocheters's, Weavers's and Spinners's Travel Guide 2007-2008.

Both books provide maps, store hours, and descriptions to make your travel shopping easier. Of course, we're interested in what you saw that was different!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fall Classes-National Teachers

We received Deborah Wilson's canvases for two of her classes. The Gilded Butterfly is just beautiful. You really should come into the store to see the finished canvas. The picture just doesn't do the workmanship justice! Deborah will be teaching that class on Tuesday, October 30th. We are taking reservations now for all of Deborah's classes.

We have also received her completed sample for the Gilded Hydrangea. It is just beautiful. I can't wait to stitch it. I just love Hydrangeas! Did anyone read Martha Stewart's Living this month? The magazine says that Martha is responsible for people looking at hydrangeas with an enlightened view. I've always loved them and never thought that they were overblown beach flowers. But of course, I've never been to a beach community that I didn't like!

New Canvases & Threads

The June National Needlework Association Trade Show has been over for almost two months, we are beginning to see some of the new canvases! Yesterday, we received two fabulous canvases with a skiing focus. One looks like a travel poster with a woman skiier. The other canvas is a mountain scene with a round skiing lodge. Both are fabulous. What a great canvas for your ski house!

Raymond Crawford has sent us a delightful lighthouse box. The sample is in but three canvases are on their way in. I'd recommend placing your order since one is already spoken for.

The "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" is the most popular in pink but the yellow and black one (based on our state's license plate) is also very popular. We even had one made that says "Jersey Boys Don't Pump Gas". It's the perfect project for the beach. Not too complicated but still lots of fun.

We also have some very sweet Kelly Clark mini socks and mittens. They are also great traveling projects and there's still time to complete before Christmas!

The Weeks Dye Works threads arrived yesterday. We haven't put them up yesterday but hope to get them in soon. But at least you can purchase them now.

Dottie's Needlepoint

Almost two years ago, Dottie came in with her granddaughter. Dottie decided they were going to learn to needlepoint together. Dottie had picked this bride and groom needlepoint for her granddaughter's Hope Chest. It was done with love and talent.

Last week, Dottie came in with the framed piece. (You can probably see the reflection of the class in the piece.) Dottie learned lots of new stitches doing this piece. She is now working on another wedding piece. But I wanted to share this one with you.

School Santas and School Snowmen

I finally got a picture of a sample school Santa and School Snowman. These delightful ornaments can be done for virtually any school. Let us know the abbreviations you want to use and the school colors.

These are a great travel project. See the pictures below.

November Outfit for the Paper Dolls

My first paper doll club outfit is almost finished. I've padded the turkey and done the final layer in a Weeks Dye Works floss.The little white caps on the turkey legs are finished, too. I just have to finish the black and white checked border on her apron and her gold buttons. If I really concentrate, I could have it done by this weekend!

I was really nervous about the turkey but I'm so pleased with it. I can't wait to get if finished so I can have my paper doll dress.

I loved working with the conjoined creations soy silk for the skirt. Basically, I love red but I must say on this piece, I loved the apricot sorbet from The Threadgatherer even more. It's just perfect.

See the picture below.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

November Paper Doll Outfit

I'm almost halfway done with the November outfit. I love the color of the sweater.

The biggest challenge is going to be the roasted turkey. I'm planning on using a Weeks Dye Works floss combined with a bijoux. I havent' decided on the stitch but I think the turkey definitely needs to be padded!

School Snowmen and School Santas

We have just received adorable Santa and Snowmen ornaments. They are painted with the school's names and the schools colors. We've already sold quite a few of the Ridgewood ones. We can get more and get also the school you want.

They are very sweet.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 4th Week

Although the store will be open on Thursday, July 5th, I won't be back until Sunday, July 8th to teach the make-up class on Rockerfeller Center.

I'm spending the week stitching on Shelter Island. Okay, I'm also swimming, reading, lazing about but I have done some stitching. Mostly, I've worked on The Quilt Line. It's the beginner's class I'm working on. It's part of the required work to complete the teacher preparation year in the National Assembly of NeedleArts.
In addition to designing and drawing the canvas, I've stitched about 1/2 of the canvas. In addition, I've completed the course outline and now need to work on the lesson plans. Part of the requirement is to prepare stitch samples.

I miss my painted canvas. The design is a line-drawn canvas. So, sometimes I've had to change threads or stitches to get the desired coverage.

It's coming along. I've done two of the quilts, one mountain, most of the ground and sky. Perhaps, I'll add a picture for you to see in the new future.

In addition, I'm supposed to be working on my Rockerfeller Stocking and the November (Thanksgiving) paper doll outfit. But I still have several days of stitching ahead.

I'll let you know how I progress.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ridgewood Stable

Our exclusive Ridgewood Ornament will no longer be sold after Saturday, June 30th. We have one in stock and will accept orders only through Saturday.

The ornament is a view of the snow-covered Stable at Christmas. You can see the picture at Then select kits.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Paper Doll Club

I'm placing the order for the paper dolls this week. So if you've been hesitating but want to join the club, this is the time to let us know. It's interesting. The most popular dolls have been Roz and Liz.

I'm waiting for one potential embellishment to come in before I start stitching the first outfit of the club - November. Your doll will be wearing autumn colors as she brings the roasted turkey to the table.

Candy Village, Cording and Doug Kreinik

We had our last Candy Village class yesterday. We spend most of the morning learning how to create our own cording. It was a lot of fun and much less intimidating than I thought!

When Doug Kreinik comes on Sunday, September 30th, he will be including cording in his sessions. Cording is a great embellishment on certain canvases. It can really give an item a very finished look when you create your own cording based on the threads you used.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Gingher Scissors

Just in time for July 4, Gingher has released their new pattern in their designer series. It is a red, white and blue scissors. It's perfect for stitching and celebrating the holiday.

New Silk & Ivory Colors

We just received the new silk and ivory colors. They are beautiful. Two of these colors belong to the pink cocktail colors. One is called Singapore Sling and the other is Sangria.
The next color is clover and it is a bright light green. Ann of Brown Paper Packages says it belongs between Killarney and Kelly.

Finally, there is a new flesh tone called Porcelain. It is lovely. I can't wait to use it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Deborah Wilson's Classes at Ridgewood Needlepoint

I've confirmed with Deborah Wilson and Beau Geste her teaching schedule for Ridgewood Needlepoint. Her first class will be the Gilded Hydrangea. It will meet on Friday and Saturday, October 26th & 27th. The second class will be Neptune's Sentry. It will meet on Sunday, October 28th & Monday, October 29th. Finally, on Tuesday, October 30th, she will teach her beautiful butterfly.

We should be receiving the models soon. I can't wait.

Kelly Clark Trunk Show

If you haven't been in to see the Kelly Clark Trunk Show, you can view her designs on her web They are wonderful. I particularly love some of the vintage Santas and the mini socks! I'm having trouble deciding which ones I want to stitch. I'm already working on the Santa and Farm Friends. But I love the Nordic mini stocking and its matching mittens!

During the trunk show, all her designs are 10% off our normal price. So check out her website.

Of course, they are even more fantastic in color.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The newest paper doll is Phoebe. Her picture is posted below. In addition to the outfits shown in our newsletter, there is now a "jammies" and a Chanakuh outfit. More will be coming. What outfit do you think the paper dolls need?

Kelly Clark Trunk Show

The Kelly Clark trunk show finally arrived today. We plan on getting it up tomorrow so by Friday, everything should be out.

Her designs are delightful. As you know, we don't let canvases out until the end of the trunk show so that you can see the full range of the designer's work. We take reservations on the canvases and order duplicates. The person who reserves first gets the trunk show canvas. We do order the duplicate canvases immediately but there is still a little delay.

Kelly has some lovely small projects that are perfect for summer traveling.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Deborah Wilson of Beau Geste Designs

Deborah Wilson and Beau Geste Designs weren't at the TNNA show this time. But fortunately for me, several of our customers took classes with her at other locations. Nancy raved about the hydrangea class. In addition, Deborah showed her a beautiful butterfly that Deborah had just finished stitching.

I followed up with Deborah to see if we could teach these two classes in addition to Neptune's Sentry. Ridgewood Needlepoint will have Deborah Wilson teaching at our shop for five days in October instead of 4. In addition to Neptune's Sentry, she will teach the butterfly (an intensive one day class) and the hydrangea!

Deborah shares with many of us a love of hydrangeas. Her grandmother had a house on the Jersey Shore that had hydrangeas. (My grandparents had handrangeas in their garden in Queens.)Wait until you see this beautiful piece. I can't wait to stitch it.

Deborah will be here from October 26-29th. She will either be adding October 25th or October 30th! I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Just to let you know. We've already have several people signed up for Neptune's Sentry.

Kelly Clark Trunk Show

I was so disappointed today. We didn't receive the Kelly Clark trunk show yet. I'm hoping that it will arrive on Monday since it's supposed to start on Tuesday! I got Mike, our UPS guy to agree to call me if there are any packages for me on Monday.

Her designs are just wonderful. I know some of you loved the Santa and Farm Friends that I took at TNNA in January.

Her designs frequently come in #18 and #13 mesh so customers can get the size they want. I'll let you know when it arrives!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Amanda Lawford

Amanda Lawford didn't have a booth at Columbus. Instead, she focused on her website which is now operational. It's a great website. We hope to have the link up soon but in the meantime, you can just go to: There you can see her designs plus the wonderful pet designs of Constance Coleman.

Kelly Clark Trunk Show

We are waiting anxiously for the Kelly Clark Trunk Show to arrive. Of course, Kelly had to pack it up after she returned from Columbus. With luck, we'll get it tomorrow but to be safe, I'm predicting that we'll be getting it up on Tuesday. Kelly has some wonderful vintage Santa Designs. She also has great topiaries. Come and see these wonderful canvases.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TNNA Report

I'm back home and still have much to sort-new color sheets, notes from classes etc. Ridgewood Needlepoint will be trying a new soy thread. I have a small sample to try and then will bring in some additional skeins for you to try too. It's called Conjoined Creations. The classic collars are due in September but I want you to try it first!I hear that the designers-Tony Minieri, Cynthia Thomas, David McCAskill-all like it.

I forgot to mention a great idea from Julia's Needleworks. It's pre-finished dog collars that come in different collars and sizes. They are lightweight. I can't wait to see the painted designs. I need to stitch a collar for Marlowe (my apricot standard poodle)so it will be one of these. Of course, Lily, our Norwich terrier will need a matching collar, too.

Monday, June 04, 2007

TNNA Show - Day Three

Today is the last day of the show. It's much quieter and the remaining retailers are trying to tie up loose ends before they leave.

I talked with Doug Kreinik about his visit to Ridgewood Needlepoint on Sunday, September 30th. We are thinking about two classes: one on cording and the other on threads. In fact, Doug decorated my cell phone for me. I know some of you also scrapbook. He has great ideas for that, too.

I found some new Judaic designs that should be arriving soon. In March 2008 we will host a Judaic trunk show online and at the store from different designers so you can see as many canvases as possible.

There are lots of new finishing ideas. Zecca has a six rounds that were finished as long cyclinders. She then had then wrapped in silk. The cyclinders can be used individually or as a group. It was a great looking item.

I've been looking at threads for the Paper Dolls. The new blonde doll's name is Phoebe. They promise me a picture as soon as they get home. Keep watching.

Needlepoint Broad was displaying Ebbetts Field and the Fireworks from Anytown USA. I also loved the To-Do List for the dog owner.

There are some new designers at the show. Both Clara Wells and Mary Ann Murphy have some wonderful belts. Clara even has some great designs on #13 canvas.

Lowery has a new clmap that attaches to the table using your existing clamp. It's
pretty convenient for the traveling stitcher.

Maggie Co. has a great canvas on table manners. There's now a frame that goes with it. I've placed my order and can't wait until it arrives.

I'll be back at Ridgewood Needlepoint tomorrow.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The National Needlework Association Trade Show

I'm writing from Columbus again today. Today is the first day of the actual show. I've managed to walk the whole show.

The first day I try to visit all the vendors to get an overview of what's available. Usually I manage not to buy much on the first day. Then on day two and three, I'm always afraid that I haven't gotten enough.

For the Paper Doll Club, there there is now a blonde paper doll. (I have to find out her name). Of course, paper doll club memebers can choose her. I'll get a picture up and soon as possible. New outfits now include a Chanakuh outfit and fuzzy pajamas. What would you like to see?

Lisa Krause created the dolls. Her borzoi was used by Barbara Russell as the model of a great canvas of a borzoi who's quite regal but wearing glasses. Barbara's also added more dog belts-golden retrievers, boston terriers and corgis.

Magie & Co. is now licensing Our Faithful Friends wonderfully whimsical dog and cat canvases. The're great. The belt I did for ny husband Bruce was designed by Our Faithful Friends. Bruce and our son seem to share the belt!

Ridgewood Needlepoint will have some great needlepoint bags coming in June and September. The bags are ideal for carrying those projects. I also found a great star tote with a leather pouch. It's perfect for that large project you need to carry with you.

I have to admit that I couldn'r resist a rug this time. It's by Isabel's. It's a hurge canvas with a 1940's red truck. It's wonderful. I can't wait to get it.

I've ordered more threads for the stocking - Rainbow Gallery's new panache and Kreinik's gourmet colors. People have been admiring the Rockerfeller stocking all day.

I'll try to give you more information abot other designers tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The National Needlework Association Tradeshow

I'm writing the blog from the National Needlework Association's Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. The show doesn't actually start until tomorrow but I've already taken some fantastic classes! I can't wait to utilize some of the new embellishment techniques I learned from Suzy Murphy(yes, that's Suzy Murphy of the Needlepoint book series i.e. Suzy's Darn Stitches, Suzy's Small Stiches, Suzy's Portable stitches). A group of shop owners and teachers shared canvases that challenged us. It was fun to share with other shopowners and teachers people who develop stitch guides daily. I got some great ideas for the Rockerfeller Center Stocking. We'll be using them at Ridgewood Needlepoint.

In the class with Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson (yes, the authors of Stitches to Go and the Stitches for Effects series), we used some very innovative embellishment techniques. We used the materials for goldwork in a non-traditional way. I think one technique may be perfect for the angels on the Rockerfeller Center Stocking. I also got to stitch wiht a new thread by Rainbow Gallery called Panache. It's a lighter weight than Patina and comes in more vibrant colors. It may be perfect for the moon on Rockerfeller Center. In case you haven't guessed, one of my goals at the show is to get some other threads for the stocking! Of course, I'm also looking forward to using these techniques in the Paper Doll Club. I'm also looking fot some fun embellishments for the clothes.

Suzanne and Beth have a new book coming out in August on new techniques for embellishment. I got a glimpse of it and it should be great. I also saw Julia Snyder's new book on Backgrounds. It's also a must have. Amy Bunger has DVD #2 in her series. Of course, you know I love my needlepoint books, but I now need to include CD's and DVDs! Ridgewood Needlepoint will be carrying them all.

I was helping my sister set up the Needlepoint Broad booth. You know she does those great stadium canvases. She's added some new ones and we should have the Mets soon. In addition, Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas now comes in a #13 mesh.

I got to peek at the show early because I was a helper. It's amazing to see it morph from empty booth with boxes lining the hallways to a Trade Show!

I'll try to report back tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I can't wait for the weekend to begin. I'm planning on working on all my active canvases - Rockerfeller Center, Candy Village, May of the Candy Doll, and my jean jacket. I'm hoping I can make a dent in all of them. The problem is that once I start on one canvas, I like to continue working on that one.

The store is open tomorrow for those people who are staying in the area.

Have a great weekend.

Ebbetts Field

Needlepoint Broad just sent me a copy of Ebbetts Field. It's a great idea for the former Brooklyn resident or the true Baseball fan. There are other fabulous baseball designs on that website. We have some in the store and can get the others.

Of course, we are waiting for Shea Stadium.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paper Doll Club

These paper dolls bring me back to my Grandmother's house. She kept some toys in a closet for visiting grandchildren. My sister and I spend a lot of time there since my father was in law school. We loved playing with the paper dolls. Do you remember how the little paper tags sometimes ripped? With these paperdolls, it's not an issue.

I've been busy stitching the first outfit for the Paper Dolls Club. It's the May outfit. My paper doll with be wearing a bright yellow slicker with jeans and she's holding some silk flowers!

I can't wait to start stitching the leopard coat!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Mother's Day

We have several designs that are already kitted so your siginificant other or children could just order the kit. Immediately available are the Halloween Cat and the Ridgewood Stable Ornament. Both would make great gifts for a stitcher.

See the pictures on the web site.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mother's Day

We can keep a list of items you want for Mother's Day. In addition to gift certificates, our suggestions would include books, laying tools and organizational tools such as tool kits by Yazzi and the Handy Caddy.

We have Gail Sirna's new book -
In Praise of the Needlewoman
. Gail's book focuses on paintings that focus on women stitching. It's beautiful.

We have Linda Corriosi's embellishment books
Canvas Embellishment
Canvas Embellishment-The Sequel.

Do you have
Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers
Celebrity Chefs
These books are among my favorites. Each book has a binder. Then chapters can be added over time. The chapters are arranged by a type of stitch or technique. There are great charts and suggestions of how to use.Your kids can even buy you a chapter at a time.

Amy Bunger also has a new DVD which shows how to do certain techniques.
How'd You Do That? Tips Hints + Knots

You could also get a gift certificate for a class. We are planning our classes for the summer. We plan to do City Snow (known at the store as the Coat Ladies) and a class on the stadiums.

Candy Village

The Candy Village class meets again this Sunday after a two month interval. I am stitching the sky so that I can do one more roof before the class.

It does look great.

The Princess and Me Trunk Show

Helen finished hanging up the Princess and Me Designs yesterday. They look great. Each ornament comes with a stitch guide and a picture of a finished sample. They are so small that they make great projects to take along with you- as you travel, sit at the baseball game etc.

We have them until May 19th. Come in and see the great samples.

I'm going to try to take pictures and add them to the web site so that our far away customers can also participate in the trunk show. Remember all the Princess and Me designs are 10% off during the trunk show.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Summer Purses

After the cold and wet weather of the last week, it was great to have some sunny and warm weather. Both customers and the staff are proudly wearing their new summer purses.

Lynn's purse is a great summer fabric bag with a John Johannsen needlepoint attached to it.

Sally stitched a floral square for her canvas tote bag.

Donna has started to stitch a Cooper Oaks canvas that is a picture of a canvas tote bag with flowers. She's planning on putting it on her tote!

I'll be adding pictures as they become availabe.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


An email customer inquired about what Nan Hempel canvases we have in stock. I then pulled out all her canvases. Nan is a wonderful designer. She has an identifiable style. Her colors are beautiful. Her #13 mesh designs are great for stitches.

One of my favorite canvases is her Renaissance Bunny who is playing an accordian. He is typical of a Nan because his colors are luminous. Marcia did the companion to the Renaissance Bunny at a David McCaskill embellishment class. It is just fantastic. I just wish I had done it.

I also love her Christmas stockings. The Santa and the Angel are both so grown-up and yet so evocative of Christmas. I also love her Boy in the Moon Christmas Stocking!

She also has a great series of flowers with borders. They would make a great grouping of pillows!

The customer asked if we had pictures. Since I had pulled out all her canvases, I decided to take photos. I missed two canvases and will take those tomorrow. Then I will either add them to the website or the blog.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

Keep checking back for her pictures.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Needlepoint collars and cuffs.

At the TNNA show in January, L'Esprit de France had a brand new item: collars and cuffs in zebra, leopard, and plaid patterns (there are actually other patterns but I liked these the best). You stitch the cuffs and/or collar. Then just have it finished with velcro so you can attach it to your favorite jacket!

I particularly loved the collars (Everybody knows I don't like to stitch too much of the same thing). Anyway, I asked for just the collars and they have just come in. I think it will be fun.

Summer Purse

It's almost summer but there is still time to stitch a small canvas and add it to a bag.This customer did just that. She used a Silver Needle ornament and then had us add it to a summer purse. It looks great and will be a wonderful summer bag.


The HVAC guys finished a little later than planned. That meant the painter didn't get in until today. Unfortunately, we can't start truly putting things back together until tomorrow night because the paint has to dry. We will be open on Tuesday but may be slightly disorganized.

The best laid plans of mice and men and needlepoint stores.

Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas

We got our finished pillow back. I love the way it looks! It's so much fun. We have it in the store and the picture is below. If you have to do it for someone or yourself, it comes in the pink and green and yellow and black (because of the NJ license plate!). In addition, it comes on #18 mesh but we will also be able to get it in #13 mesh. It look great as you can see.

It was stitched using Trio and Vineyard silk. The background is done in a Nobuko stitch. It was fun to stitch but even more stitch to have.

Girl Scout Troop Pictures

This past week the store has been closed due to the addition of a new heating and air conditioning system. I finally got around to emptying the pictures on my camera and found the pictures of the Girl Scout Troop. These pictures show Helen Haydon teaching this group of 5th grade girls. On Monday, April 9 we will teaching a second Scout Troop.

We now have a slightly smaller project so that there is more of a possiblity they will finish once they get home.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


We will be teaching a girl scout troop on April 9. The girls will be working on a small heart. We enjoyed working with the last troop. It's wonderful to be teaching kids how to stitch! Hopefully, I'll be able to do the pictures this time.

Getting Ready for a New HVAC System

We will be closed for a week starting on Monday. It's a first for us but we really needed a new heating and air conditioning unit. We were lucky to make it through the winter but want to make sure the summer will be tolerable.

To prepare, we've taken things off the walls. But tomorrow will be the big put away and cover up day!

I'm hoping to use the week to get more pictures up, to work on Stitch guides and to work on my projects for Nan Certification. I also want to do some stitching!

I'm looking forward to the stitching time. I'm still working on the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree Stocking and I also have to work on Candy Village. I've also started to work on the May paper doll with a stitch guide by David McCaskill! It's been fun and I hope to get it done soon.

Monday, March 26, 2007

National Assembly of NeedleArts

Helen and I enjoyed the Natioanl Assembly of NeedleArts. We both learned lots of techniques for teaching and are excited to learn more. Helen took a class with Debbie Stiehler and I took two days of a class with Shay Pendray. I got to work on the canvas from Shay's "Stitching Towards Perfection" while learning a little about Japanese embroidery.

Kansas City was lovely.

Of course, I now have lots of work to do. But I am looking forward to expanding the stitching == and teaching it.

David McCaskill's Visit

We've just finished four great days of classes. David McCaskill did three canvas enhancement classes and one thread program. He came up with fabulous stitches for at least 24 canvases using great threads. I was particularly impressed with his approach to Susan B's roosters. His treatment of the sun was fantastic.

Thirteen people were able to attend his Thread Program Class. He addressed overdyes and how to work with different threads. It was amazing what he did with the threads. I can't wait to try them on my own canvases!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

National Assembly of Needlearts

Helen and I are leaving on Wednesday to attend the National Assembly of Needlearts. We have both been accepted in the teacher certification program. On Thursday and Friday we will be immersed in sessions on teaching. On Saturday and Sunday, we are each taking a class.

Rockerfeller Center Stocking

On Sunday, the class met again. We had the opportunity to discuss possible stitches for the buildings. In addition, we had the chance to admire the progress people have made on the stocking. Gretchen V. has done some of the buildings with a burden stitch. Diane B. has done the sky, the moon, many buildings, santa and his sleigh and the bridge and the trees. It looks great. Her trees were stunning and she used basketweave for the blue building behind the trees so that it does recede.

Next month we will be doing a work session to give us time to stitch.

Circle of Hearts

I taught the Circle of Hearts Class today. It was fun to see the piece come to life with other people stitching it. I had finished the background last week using a heart pattern from Dede's chapter in Amy Bunger's Celebrity Chefs. I used Designer's Dream and 1/16 Kreinik ribbon.

The backgrouns really made the circle stand out. I promise I will take a picture.

I was lucky to have that canvas for the class without restitching the whole thing. About three weeks ago, I realized that I couldn't find the canvas. I searched the store and home. Finally, I drove out to Shelter Island to look again. I still couldn't find the canvas so I had to ask my husband to look again at home. He couldn't find it either but did find all my works in progress! Finally I found the canvas tucked in the back of another canvas on a frame.

Then on Saturday, one of our customers accidentally took the canvas home! Fortunately I had it back later that day so I could do prepare for class.

I definitely will teach this class again but might split it into two sessions.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Circle of Hearts

The first Circle of Hearts class meets in less than two weeks. I still have to stitch the background! It is a very pretty piece and ideal for learning shadow stitching. We hope to repeat it again, perhaps as another one day class and also as a multiple session class.

Trunk Shows

We are taking down the Kathy Schenkel trunk show today. I'm sorry to see it go because it is such a great line for learning new stitches. The pieces are not overwhelming so you can actually see yourself finishing it. I'm always amazed at how interesting it is to have many of a designers canvases up on the walls. Kathy's work is fabulous to learn new stitches because she has large blocks of colors.

Rockerfeller Center Christmas Stocking

This weekend I saw several stokcings. Karen P. is doing her tree in French knots but has combined 4 or 5 different kreiniks. The tree is beautiful. Ellen B. has almost finished her sky. Gretchen V. has completed her sky, her tree, and her rink. She did a burden stitch on the blue buildings which looks great. Our class meets on March 11th -- I can't wait to see the progress everyone has made.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tree Pictures

Below are some pictures of the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Stockings. Obviously, each stitcher works at her own pace. Some are much farther along than others. But we have been inspired by each other's work. Some have even gotten to the skating rink and the water fall. We are not meeting in February to give ourselves time to try to finish the sky.

The pictures below are just a sampling. Obviously the thread and the stitch make a difference. In the first three photos-MaryLynn, Gretchen and Mary, all three stitchers used Criss-Cross Hungarian. MaryLynn used a different color than the other two. But look at the difference between Gretchen's and Mary's. They both used the same stitch and the same color. The difference is that Gretchen left openings for the beads and varied the weight of the thread!

The next three photos show stockings all stitched with French Knots. Ignoring how far along we each are, look at the different effect. Nancy stitched her lights in French knots as she went along. Ellen added the lights later. I haven't decided whether or not to add lights.

Ellen used three different weights of Kreinik while I used mostly #16 braid, only using #12 braid on the outer edges.

I love seeing the differences. I can't wait to see how we all progress!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

David McCaskill Classes

The Friday, March 23rd canvas enhancement class is already full and there is only one spot left on Saturday. Sunday will be the thread program. I'm really looking forward to that since I do believe that David is ingenious with how to get the most bang for the thread! He's not bound by the rules.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to offer a third enhancement class instead of the One Flew Over the Pumpkin Patch. I do love David's pieces. I have a couple of people who would like to do his potting shed piece. But I also know that we won't be able to get his enhancement classes.

Both Sally and I have been guided by David in the past. Below I have posted a copy of Sally's Red Sox Canvas(canvas by Needlepoint Broad. David suggested many of the threads and stitches. Isn't it fantastic?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show

The Kathy Schenkel Designs Trunk Show has arrived. Suzanne and I spend this afternoon checking everything in. Tomorrow morning, I hope to have as much of it on the walls as possible.

They are really fun canvases. Lots of Santas-sports, professions, monthly. Lots of Christmas ornaments including some cute ones that are finished as little boxes. And of course, there are her signature mini stockings with a small stuffed figure! Suzanne and I both loved the various baby signs and the tooth fairy pillows! There are also small cats and dogs in stars and dogs that can be put on purses.

Come to see her line. One of these things I love best about Kathy's designs is that she has a unique style.

David McCaskill

As many of you know, Ridgewood Needlepoint has been fortunate to have David McCaskill yearly. In fact, when he reduced his travel schedule, we still continued to have him.

This week, David told me that he is going to limit his teaching to the stores and guilds near his home. So unfortunately, this will be his last teaching engagement at Ridgewood Needlepoint.

We already have him scheduled to do two canvas embellishment/enhancement classes on Friday and Saturday March 23 & 24th. Right now we are planning on having him do a thread class. That class will focus on the use of overdyed threads plus how utilize other threads for unique enhancements. (I've always been amazed by David's use of threads. As those of you who have taken his classes know, David is not bound by the rules!)

I'm still hoping to do the "One Flew Over the Pumpkin Patch" class on Monday. We will be the first group to do this class after the Goddess weekend. But if there is an overwhelming preference for a third enhancement class, we could do that. One other possiblity is individual appointments with David. Please come in and let us know what you prefer or email us at

Saturday, February 03, 2007

David McCaskill

The group that was going to host David McCaskill on Saturday, March 24th has decided that they can't do it.

I am now trying to determine how to fill Saturday. I have thought of having both canvas embellishment classes on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we can do his overdyed thread class and on Monday the One Flew Over The Pumpkin Patch.

David's overdyed threads class is an excellent class on the techniques to use when using these threads. He's excellent at demonstrating how to use them most effectively.

Please call the store (201-612-7770) or email us at to let us know what your preferences are!

Tomorrow's Annual Superbowl Sale

Our annual Superbowl sale is tomorrow. It starts at 7AM. In past years, customers were waiting to get in when we got there to get organized. Last year was the first year customers wore pajamas. It was really fu lots of canvases on sale. In addition, we have some truly great buys. Medici for 2 for a $1. Gutterman Seed beads are $1 per tube or 6 for $5!

Lots of canvases are on sale. In addition, sale canvases are 65% off the first hour and 60% off the second hour!

We have a small selection of books on sale - Father B's Stitches and Paint YOur Own Canvas.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

David McCaskill's Classes

I can't believe that David McCaskill will be here in two months! He is scheduled to teach for three days at Ridgewood Needlepoint-Friday, March 23 and Sunday & Monday, March 25 & 26th. We have already started enrollments for his Friday embellishment class which is limited to 8.

Originally, I was going to schedule his Halloween Hat for Sunday & Monday. It's a great project with lots of great stitches and threads. It will cost $370 for the two days; that includes the complete kit (canvases, threads, stretcher bars etc.).

But David wrote to me this week and said we could be the first group to do his "One Flew Over the " project (It was done at his Goddess weekend.) It's a one day class for $230 (includes complete kit and teaching fee) and then he could do a second embellishment class on Monday -- again limited to 8 people.

I'm really torn. I love Halloween so either project works for me. Both projects look fun so the question is what you want to do. Please look at the pictures and email me at the store.

Don't forget to sign up quickly -- we have limited space.


I just learned this week that I had won a prize from the pre Tnna preview Promenade! It was open to retailers who sent to the booths or classes sponsored by certain teachers or designers. I had attended classes by Tink Boord Dill and Janet Perry so I was able to enter. Janet Perry is the one who writes the wonderful review of TNNA.

So go to that web site to see who else has won!

In addition, some of the show orders have started to come in. We are working on the "New Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" sign. In addition, two fabulous canvases of shore houses from Maggie Co. arrived yesterday in addition to more outfits for the paper dolls! I plan to take pictures of those next week.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

TNNA Review

Janet Perry of Nuts About Needlepoint ( a great review of the TNNA show. The Barbara Elmore designs were beautiful but pricey.

I'm including my response to Janet."Janet's review was terrific. I was intrigued by a couple of other things. Maggie had some beautiful houses that looked like the sun was just hitting them right. They would be great for stitches.

Maggie also had laminated paper dolls with an outfit for each month. Unlike the ones my grandmother kept for us to play with, these are middle-aged dolls! The outfits were fun. My favorites were the leopard coat and the May outfit-a gardener's outfit. I've ordered my doll and plan to do each outfit as a canvas of the month with stitch guides!

I've ordered the pendants and hope to be able to send my two pendants off by the beginning of next week.

There were also great stocking cuffs at Elizabeth Turner, Needlepoint Broad and Associated Talents.

Needlepoint Broad also had a great "Jersey Girls don't pump Gas."

In FACT, I've started to stitch it already. RIght now it's available in pink and green but it will be available in yellow and black (like the current license plate and in blue and yellow like the old ones.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Needlepoint Jewelry

I have been diligently working on two designs that will be turned into needlepointed pendants. They are quick to stitch and will be lovely to wear. They come in many different designs including initials. I'm hopint to send mine off before next week and should be wearing them in February. I'll post a picture as soon as it comes back.

Stocking Cuffs

I have stitched 16 hand-painted needlepoint stockings in my 30+ years of stitching. Currently, I am working on the Rockerfeller Center Christmas stocking -- stocking number 17!

But if you already have two + children or grandchildren (with others to come), it can seem like an overwhelming prospect to start stitching stockings for everyones. A great solution is stocking cuffs. You just stitch the top part and the main part of the stocking is created from fabric. At the TNNA show, Needlepoint Broad, Elizabeth Turner, Associated Talents and Beau Geste all had great stocking cuffs.

Below is the picture of a customer's grandson with his stocking and its needlepointed cuff.

There's loads of time before next Christmas to finish several if you need to!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flying with Needlepoint

I am attaching the most recent guidelines of what you can and can't bring along for flying. Most disturbing is that supposedly clovers can no long be brought along. I will be getting some inexpensive blunt scissors for you to bring along. Hope this helps you.

Please note that it does depend on the security officer. In fact, I accidentally traveled to San Diego with a sharp metal laying tool. Ooops!

Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint

Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, there is a possibility that the needles can be perceived as a possible weapon by one of our Security Officers. Our Security Officers have the authority to determine if an item could be used as a weapon and may not allow said item to pass through security. We recommend the following when bring knitting needles on an airplane:

* Circular knitting needles are recommended to be less than 31 inches in total length
* We recommend that the needles be made of bamboo or plastic (Not Metal)
* Scissors must have blunt points
* In case a Security Officer does not allow your knitting tools through security it is recommended that you carry a self addressed envelope so that you can mail your tools back to yourself as opposed to surrendering them at the security check point.
* As a precautionary measure we recommend that you carry a crochet hook with yarn to save the work you have already done in case your knitting tools are surrendered at the checkpoint

Most of the items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the exception of circular thread cutters or any cutter with a blade contained inside. These items cannot be taken through a security checkpoint. They must go in your checked baggage.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The show itself was good. Much less crowded than other years with knitting much slower. I love to walk the show first to see what items stand out.

This year, there are collars and cuffs by L'Esprit de France (
The collara and cuffs come in leopard, zebra, french country patterns and plaids. They are attached to your own jacket with velcro. They were fun and easy to do!

Some clever designers have designed cases for your Blackberry or IPOD. Another finisher can use your finished needlepoint as a flap for your computer bag.

There were beautifully needlepointed designs that were finished as jewelry. I'm working on mine tonight so I can have it converted into the pendant. This will be a quick project that makes a nice gift to yourself or others.

MAGGie & co has dolls that have changeable needlepointed outfits. The dolls are laminated and the outfits get attached through magnets. I want the whole series. There are 12 outfits plus a coat. Currently there are four or five dolls! We are going to develop a class to do six outfits in a year. I just loved it. I've order my doll with reddish hair!

Come see the pictures I've brought back.

The National Needlework Association Show

I arrived home early this morning (2:30am) after five days in San Diego. The first two days and three hours the next two days were devoted to classes: Kelly Clark & Janet Perry, John Waddell, Tink Boord-Dill. I learned some new beading techniques, diagonal laid fillings (you definitely need to do horizontal and vertical laid stitches first! I worked on two lovely canvases - one from Kelly Clark. Kelly's designs feature old-fashioned Santas plus lovely topiaries. She is also expanding into less holiday areas. She has a fantastic mermaid. Kelly Clark's trunk show will be at Ridgewood Needlepoint in June 2007!

The next class was Buckle UP taught by John Waddell. It's an adorable cowboy on a bucking horse. The two are framed by a horseshoe (check for a picture. The owner is my twin sister). We did some fun techniques (a twisted cord for the reins). John will be coming to Ridgewood Needlepoint to teach in October 2008.

The technique classes were fun and the business classes were interesting.

I also attended a presentation by Kaffe Fassett. He's well know by knitters and quilters alike for his vibrant patterns. His color sense is excellent!

More later on the show itself.

Monday, January 08, 2007


We are in the process of developing our spring and summer formal classes. I'm thinking of a wild and crazy women class where we all work on Melissa Shirley's wacky women desings. I'm also intrigued by her stitching series. Other people want to take the City Snow which is a Maggie canvas of women bundled in coats on a grey winter's afternoon.

Let us know what you want to do. We can repeat Candy Village, Rockerfeller Center, add the above classes etc.

We are also starting to plan David McCaskill's classes for March 2007 and Deborah Wilson's classes for October 2007.

Rockerfeller Center Needlepoint Christmas stotcking

Yesterday, we had a great make-up class for the Rockerfeller Center Needlepoint Stocking. We had five stockings that were being worked on. It was incredible to see what a difference threads make. Three of the stockings were done in criss-cross hungarian. They look so different although in two of them the difference was that one stitcher varied the weights of the Kreinik braids used and the other did not. One stitcher used Kreinik 238 which gave the tree a much more green tinge. The criss-cross hungarian stockings looked much golder than the French Knotted one.

The trees done in french knots used Kreinik #307. But the dramatic differences were due to the use of three vs. two weights. Also, one stitcher used a dark green flair for the shading while the other french knotted the areas in overdyed Kreinik.

One stocking was French knotted including Coronet braid for the lights.

I hope to have pictures. It was very interesting to compare. Oh what a difference a thread and/or stitch can make.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm getting ready to go to the TNNA show in San Diego. Although always fun to go to, the weather doesn't seem quite as attractive as 70 degrees in New York!

I'm beginning to get notices of new canvases and threads. A group of designers and teachers have put together a forum for the retailers to preview. It's also open to our customers to preview. It you are interested, please check out: I'd love to know what you liked and also any other items you are looking for.

Although Christmas has just ended, stitchers need to think ahead. In December we received some lovely ornaments from Beau Geste. You needlepoint a small diamond and then attach the ceramic pin that is provided. The pins are very nice and include a polar bear, a bunny, candy canes, a heart (good for Valentine's Day, too), a snowflake, a package etc.

Come see them before they're all gone.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rockerfeller Center-Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

The Rockerfeller Center Christmas stocking class are continuing to work on their trees. A few of us went in to see the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City last night. We wanted to compare it to our stockings. The tree was beautiful. It does photograph redder than it looks in person but the stocking still is a wonderful rendition.

We were also struck with how the buildings reflected the city lights.

The rink does look white not icy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm looking forward to an exciting 2007. The TNNA show is early this year and I will be leaving in a little over a week! It's always exciting to see what is new.

I've also had time to look at some of my own personal gifts this year. My husband gave me a second set of Amy's Keeping Me in Stitches so I could keep it at our summer home. I really enjoyed leafing through the familiar chapters and enjoyed relooking at some of the newer chapters. I particularly liked the one on gardens.

I'm working on the Rockerfeller Center Christmas stocking. The tree is finally finished. It was done with french knots using Kreinik #307 in #16 and #12 braid. I'm now working on the sky using Vineyard Silk S-530 (a dark blue with a metallic mixed in). Now I have to work on Candy Village.

Working on these two Christmas items just after Christmas reminds me that it's never too early to start for next year. Some customers have already been in to select the ornaments they will do for their families for Christmas 2007.