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Sally stitched this Baby Sampler and 
used lots of stash for the colors

Friday, September 20, 2013

Organizing your Threads

 Many ask how do you keep track of your threads
well this is how I do it.

I start with a skein

I open it up and cut it into two sections

I separate the two equal sections

I place one section back on the tag
so that I may keep track of the color and dye lot'
I use the loose section knowing that I still half half a skein left. 
This helps me figure out quantites when I am working on a project. 
It also lets me know how much I have left when I am completed
to use down the road on another project.

I store both sections of the thread with the tag
in a Floss Away Bag.
I do not mark the bag becasue I have the tag in the bag
allowing me to reuse the bag at a later date.

 I place it on a ring with all the other threads
for that specific project until completed.
After completion I put it on a larger ring
which has all my stash threads broken down by color.
This makes it easy to find things for when I am ready to start another project and gives me a good indication as to
how much thread I have left.

Beautiful Designs with such detail

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Lots more Snowman Stars available

For the Ice Cream Lover

For your Halloween Tree

Framed Collage for a Man of any age

Animal Lovers


Nursery Rhymes - another collage idea

Would you kiss either one???

Partridge in a Pear Tree

A Mouse in the House

Happy Elephant

Baker's Delight

Architecture- lots more to choose from

Landscapes - lots more to choose from

Teacher's Gift