Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Circle of Hearts

The first Circle of Hearts class meets in less than two weeks. I still have to stitch the background! It is a very pretty piece and ideal for learning shadow stitching. We hope to repeat it again, perhaps as another one day class and also as a multiple session class.

Trunk Shows

We are taking down the Kathy Schenkel trunk show today. I'm sorry to see it go because it is such a great line for learning new stitches. The pieces are not overwhelming so you can actually see yourself finishing it. I'm always amazed at how interesting it is to have many of a designers canvases up on the walls. Kathy's work is fabulous to learn new stitches because she has large blocks of colors.

Rockerfeller Center Christmas Stocking

This weekend I saw several stokcings. Karen P. is doing her tree in French knots but has combined 4 or 5 different kreiniks. The tree is beautiful. Ellen B. has almost finished her sky. Gretchen V. has completed her sky, her tree, and her rink. She did a burden stitch on the blue buildings which looks great. Our class meets on March 11th -- I can't wait to see the progress everyone has made.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tree Pictures

Below are some pictures of the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Stockings. Obviously, each stitcher works at her own pace. Some are much farther along than others. But we have been inspired by each other's work. Some have even gotten to the skating rink and the water fall. We are not meeting in February to give ourselves time to try to finish the sky.

The pictures below are just a sampling. Obviously the thread and the stitch make a difference. In the first three photos-MaryLynn, Gretchen and Mary, all three stitchers used Criss-Cross Hungarian. MaryLynn used a different color than the other two. But look at the difference between Gretchen's and Mary's. They both used the same stitch and the same color. The difference is that Gretchen left openings for the beads and varied the weight of the thread!

The next three photos show stockings all stitched with French Knots. Ignoring how far along we each are, look at the different effect. Nancy stitched her lights in French knots as she went along. Ellen added the lights later. I haven't decided whether or not to add lights.

Ellen used three different weights of Kreinik while I used mostly #16 braid, only using #12 braid on the outer edges.

I love seeing the differences. I can't wait to see how we all progress!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

David McCaskill Classes

The Friday, March 23rd canvas enhancement class is already full and there is only one spot left on Saturday. Sunday will be the thread program. I'm really looking forward to that since I do believe that David is ingenious with how to get the most bang for the thread! He's not bound by the rules.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to offer a third enhancement class instead of the One Flew Over the Pumpkin Patch. I do love David's pieces. I have a couple of people who would like to do his potting shed piece. But I also know that we won't be able to get his enhancement classes.

Both Sally and I have been guided by David in the past. Below I have posted a copy of Sally's Red Sox Canvas(canvas by Needlepoint Broad. David suggested many of the threads and stitches. Isn't it fantastic?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show

The Kathy Schenkel Designs Trunk Show has arrived. Suzanne and I spend this afternoon checking everything in. Tomorrow morning, I hope to have as much of it on the walls as possible.

They are really fun canvases. Lots of Santas-sports, professions, monthly. Lots of Christmas ornaments including some cute ones that are finished as little boxes. And of course, there are her signature mini stockings with a small stuffed figure! Suzanne and I both loved the various baby signs and the tooth fairy pillows! There are also small cats and dogs in stars and dogs that can be put on purses.

Come to see her line. One of these things I love best about Kathy's designs is that she has a unique style.

David McCaskill

As many of you know, Ridgewood Needlepoint has been fortunate to have David McCaskill yearly. In fact, when he reduced his travel schedule, we still continued to have him.

This week, David told me that he is going to limit his teaching to the stores and guilds near his home. So unfortunately, this will be his last teaching engagement at Ridgewood Needlepoint.

We already have him scheduled to do two canvas embellishment/enhancement classes on Friday and Saturday March 23 & 24th. Right now we are planning on having him do a thread class. That class will focus on the use of overdyed threads plus how utilize other threads for unique enhancements. (I've always been amazed by David's use of threads. As those of you who have taken his classes know, David is not bound by the rules!)

I'm still hoping to do the "One Flew Over the Pumpkin Patch" class on Monday. We will be the first group to do this class after the Goddess weekend. But if there is an overwhelming preference for a third enhancement class, we could do that. One other possiblity is individual appointments with David. Please come in and let us know what you prefer or email us at stitches@ridgewoodneedlepoint.com.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

David McCaskill

The group that was going to host David McCaskill on Saturday, March 24th has decided that they can't do it.

I am now trying to determine how to fill Saturday. I have thought of having both canvas embellishment classes on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we can do his overdyed thread class and on Monday the One Flew Over The Pumpkin Patch.

David's overdyed threads class is an excellent class on the techniques to use when using these threads. He's excellent at demonstrating how to use them most effectively.

Please call the store (201-612-7770) or email us at stitches@optonline.net to let us know what your preferences are!

Tomorrow's Annual Superbowl Sale

Our annual Superbowl sale is tomorrow. It starts at 7AM. In past years, customers were waiting to get in when we got there to get organized. Last year was the first year customers wore pajamas. It was really fu lots of canvases on sale. In addition, we have some truly great buys. Medici for 2 for a $1. Gutterman Seed beads are $1 per tube or 6 for $5!

Lots of canvases are on sale. In addition, sale canvases are 65% off the first hour and 60% off the second hour!

We have a small selection of books on sale - Father B's Stitches and Paint YOur Own Canvas.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!