Monday, June 23, 2008

Threads & More Threads

This month at the TNNA show, I got to see the new Threadworx threads. They are lovely. In addition, there is a new silk for 13/14 mesh canvas that doesn't require stranding. I also ordered all the new colors of Silk Lame - for when you want just a little sparkle. So in order to make room for the new, we have put some of our other threads on sale. We have the following threads at 50% off: Trio, Sparkle Braid, Felicity's Garden, Ultrasprinkles, Shepherd's Silk. At this point, we still have a good selection but not all colors. We are also selling the Gutterman Beads at 50%. We are more than willing to do mail order so let us know what you need.

I know that once they are gone, I will miss some of these threads -- but there just isn't enough room for everything.

Summer Stitching

Although I'm way beyond school age, I can't help being excited about the prospect of summer. Of course, I do have to work most weeks but somehow there is the promise of extra time. I'm planning on catching up on my stitching. This past week, I've spent several evenings working on Bruce's Rockefeller Center Stocking. Tonight I finished the white of the skating rink. One of my summer goals is to finish the stocking before the end of summer.

I'm also working on two projects for my NAN certification. Consequently, I did lots of doodle stitching this weekend to determine what stitches I really want to use. Sometimes, although I think a stitch will work, it really doesn't.

If you are traveling this summer, you can take small projects with you. The Painted Pony trunk show has lots of choices.

Another option would be to work on the Old World Santa. We will be stitching the basket and the shawl as a class early this fall.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Ridgewood Needlepoint Paper Doll Outfit

I am so close to completing the Ridgewood Needlepoint Paper Doll Outfit. The doll is carrying a purse. Following Kelly Clark's lead, I've stitched the bag using dimensional stitching. The bag is now 3 dimensional and can actually hold things!
I'll try to do a picture when I have finally finished it. I just have one or two more things to finish and it's done.

We are now working on selecting the paper doll outfits for the next year.

Teresa's Finished Pieces

Teresa finished both Neptune's Sentry and Siren's Refuge Mermaid kit. On the seahorse, the bargello background was a real challenge for some of us but she managed to finish both. I've included pictures of the finished needlepoints for you to enjoy.

Toilet Tissue Covers

We are so excited about the toilet tissue holders. Karen is going to stitch the tiger for the store bathroom but Gretchen did the stitch guide. They were picking great threads and stitches. I can't wait to see it finished.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Newsletter Update

We are in the final stages of our long promised newsletter. We will post it on our web site and also send it to our email list.

Final Report on TNNA

I have already talked about some great classes and canvases. Melissa Shirley, as always, had some wonderful designs. She actually used her purse model -- a red bag with a canvas of apples. It was stunning. I know you will enjoy her trunk show in October.

I forget to mention that on Sunday night, I went out with several people to Martini's. It's a well know restaurant in Columbus. I had dinner with Evan of Evertite fame, Amy Bunger, Robin who works with Amy, Emily of Chandall, Susan who works with Melissa Shirley and Melissa Shirley. It was a really fun evening.

The Needlepoint group of TNNA is going to be setting up a website as a public service for the public. It always takes so much effort to get these types of projects off the ground but so far, they've done a great job.

I also saw Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren who did the stitch guide for the October paper doll and Cynthia Thomas who did the stitch guide for the December paper doll. At the market, they taught a great class on using Kreinik for embellishment.

Elizabeth took classes with June McKnight. Many of you may have read some of her wonderful little (size) needlepoint books. In the past year, she published a new bargello book with color pictures and a small book on bargello medallions. The latter make great Christmas decorations. Amy Burger at Ridgewood Needlepoint was very excited about these ornaments. We should have a busy teaching schedule for the fall.

I also started to schedule trunk shows into 2010!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Painted Pony Trunk Show

We are so excited. The Painted Pony trunk show arrived today. Gail and Suzanne were checking in all the canvases and didn't finish by the end of the day. Gail loved the various ornaments and was having trouble deciding which ones she wanted.

Painted Pony is a great collection of mostly small canvases. These include the travel angels plus hundreds of Christmas and Halloween themed canvases.

We will be spending most of tomorrow putting it up. But come by to see them -- they make perfect travel projects. And you can have them done before the finishing deadline for this Christmas.

TNNA Show - The Best Thing

I did enjoy The National Needlearts Association Trade Show. On the last day, I revisited some of the booths to place orders, and to look again. At JP, Janelle showed me Julie's new idea -- a Toilet Tissue Holder. It was great. Unlike the ones done in plastic canvas 30 years ago, these are elegant. You can stitch it in cheetah, zebra, tiger or if you prefer - Fleur de Lis or Napoleonic Bees! In addition to the area around the toilet tissue, there is a top. The tiger one has a tiger face. What great fun! At the store we were thinking that it could also be used to put your jewelry in or on a man's bureau for his change.

To me it was the best thing at the market! I'm going to try to get a picture of the finished one. Of course, we hope to have one in the store bathroom soon!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Final Day of the National Needlearts Association Trade Show

I'm almost packed and ready to go back to the show for the last day.

Yesterday, I took a class on personalized plaids. What a great technique! It makes it so easy to personalize gifts. It wasn't that hard. We'll be setting up a class for the fall.

Today I had the opportunity to take a class on Turkey work. I learned several new ways to do. In addition, Amy Bunger showed us how to work the punchneedle vertically. It makes it so much easier.

My sister took two classes on bargello for me so with her notes, we'll be able to do it at the store.

I have ordered some great new ornaments from Ruth Schmuff. Amanda Lawford has a great NYC design that will be coming to Ridgewood Needlepoint soon. I've fallen in love with Charlie Harper's designs all over again -- but this time in needlepoint.

I ordered a silk thread for #13 count and the #24 Kreinik braid.

I can't wait to get back to the shop to show you all what I learned and to tell you what I saw.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The National Needlework Show

I spent the morning in a class with Amy Bunger on Padding. It was fantastic! As many of you know, I like adding dimension to the designs so I came away with even more ways to pad!

The rest of the day, I walked the show. There were so great designs. Barbara Elmore had added a new chandelier to her Mermaid Chandelier. It's for Halloween and is fantastic. I would say it's a must have for the Halloween obsessed.

Trubey has some great vertical city scenes-NYC, San Francisco, London and Washington, DC. I know some of you will want London while others will prefer NYC.

Danji is bringing out some designs that are line drawing done by Janice. Jill has updated the stitch guides to take advantage of today's threads.

Sharon G is displaying her designs based on Denise W's house in Italy. The canvases are lovely.

I loved Kelly Clark's dimensional baskets. Needlepoint Broad has some wonderful shorebirds including egrets, an osprey and an oystercatcher.

I've been intrigued by some new threads -- a silk thread for #13 count in 91 colors.

There is a new company that has licensed the letters of Greek societies. They have belts, bracelets and other designs. Since the societies and fraternities use the proceeds to fun their charities, purchasing these designs also benefits them.

I have found some new children's kits. In addition, Kreinik has directions for a glitzy friendhship bracelet..

I'll try to update tomorrow.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sample It -TNNA

Tonight, there was an event called Sample It. It's an opportunity for the retailers to purchase some items that we can take home. I managed to get some readers in 4.0 and 4.5 magnification. I'm hoping to get some 5 magnifications, too.
In addition, I got some more micro mini stockings from Associated Talents (They are Suzanne's favorites.) I also bought 4 Christmas ornaments from Danji- two are mini-stockings and two are round ornaments. Finally, I got six wonderful canvases from Kelly Clark and belt buckles. So I managed to secure some great items to bring back.

Classes at The National Needlework Association

The show hasn't actually started yet. But I've spend the last two days in class. I spent a day with Kelly Clark, the designer of the fabulous Old World Santa. In fact, she has a whole series of canvases with interesting baskets. The class I took involved a different basket but used the same technique. It really gives the canvas a three dimensional look. The whole trick is getting the weaving down pat. After such struggling, I think I'm ready!

I also took a fabulous class with Amy Bunger of the Amy's Cookbook Series and the DVD's How'd You Do That? The class involved an adorable blue vase from Melissa Shirley. We embellished the canvas with various stitches/techniques that could be used for so many different applications! Amy is a fabulous teacher. I'm so fortunate that I am taking her for the next three days.

We also saw segments from her next DVD which incorporates many of these techniques.

I'm looking forward to finishing and teaching his piece. It was just fun!

Tomorrow the trade show opens.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Coat Ladies/City Snow

The Coat Ladies/City Snow met for the second time. The plaids are coming along and some stitchers were introduced to a laying tool. Once again, I love seeing the same canvas put together with different color selections.

This class will meet again on Sunday, September 21.

Think about taking this class in the fall. Nancy thinks its one of the most fun classes she's taken.

Classes -Rockefeller Center

Today, a small group of the Rockefeller Center group met. It was a good session. The most fantastic part was Gretchen's Chrysler Building. She totally ignored the way the building was painted and replicated the way the Chrysler Building looks. What a great job?

She also dealt very successfully with the orange star shaped area above the angels.

If you are interested in being in next group to tackle this wonderful stocking, please let us know. I have several people who are interested.


The National Needlework Association's Trade Show starts officially on Saturday. I'm scheduled for classes starting on Thursday. I'm taking lots of classes -- dimensional stitching with Kelly Clark, Bargello with June McKnight, Classes with Amy Bunger.

I'm particularly psyched about the show since I missed January's. It's exciting to see what's new - canvases, accessories, threads etc.

I'll try to blog from the show floor again to let you know what I've seen.

So Little time and so much to stitch

I am in the midst of several project -- pretty normal for me. Unfortunately, a couple of them have due dates which means I really need to be stitching. Somehow, my other commitments don't seem to notice that I am already committed!

I am about half way through the Ridgewood Exclusive outfit for the Paper Doll Club. I think I even created a stitch accidentally. I'm hoping to finish this in the next two weeks.

I am also working on my assignments for my NAN Certification. I'm almost done with the paper work for the items that are due before June 15 and hope to get stitching soon.

finally, I really need to finish my Rockefeller Christmas Stocking. I have finished the moon and really need to start work on the toe!