Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Items Are coming in

We've started to receive the first items from the show. The fabulous watchbands from L'Esprit de France have arrived. In addition, we have some lovely provence inspired canvases from them. Come to see them soon since one or two have already sold!

We also have Lee's ID tags, two black jewelry cases (either one would be a great gift for a man). You could just add initials and you'd have a great gift. We also got the yellow and cranberry gift boxes from Lee that go perfectly with two Lani designs. Either one would make a great gift and are quick projects.

For the cat lover, we have a Barbara Russell Maine Coon Cat who is sitting up on a quilt. Even though I've ordered these, it's always a treat to get the new things.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring Classes

I just wanted to let you know that I am also working on the email newsletter concerning classes. We are just trying to tie down all the classes, costs and dates so we can provide the classes that are wanted. If you are interested in our classes, please let us know which ones you particularly want to take.

Because classes take so much planning and coordination (we need 6 weeks to let the distributor know that we need the canvas etc.), we are also trying to be proactive about our summer and fall classes. This winter just seemed too brutal to attempt classes. We thought we would end up cancelling them. But we are ready to start in March.

If you are not already on our email list, you should sign up so you will get our class notice.

A Snowy Day

New Jersey has been closed down by the most recent storm or so it seems. It snowed early this morning; it is now sleeting and the roads are treacherous.

Our policy is to close down when the Ridgewood Schools close down. So we are closed today. I am working on my Valentine's Door. I just love the way the pink Silk Lame looks on the canvas. It really reminds me of a pink cake. I haven't taken a picture yet but will soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back from TNNA

I came back from TNNA early on Tuesday morning so it's taken me a while to get back in the swing of things. But the canvases have already started to arrive!

Given all the excitement over the inauguration this week, I couldn't resist the picture of the Washingon Monument, the reflecting pool and fireworks by Needlepoint Broad. It's a fantastic canvas. I hope to add a picture soon.

The Kelly Clark designs from Sample It are lovely; Suzanne already bought the mitten to stitch for her tree.

Customers have loved the Canvas bag ornaments that look like LL Bean bags. I loved Dede's Santa face with its wonderful beard and All about Stitching's Easter bunny. Come and see before they are sold.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The TNNA Show

Today, I continued to take classes and to walk the show. I think I walked 5 miles yesterday and today inside the convention center. TNNA has done a breast cancer walk the past few years. This year they let us just sign up at the beginning of the show and we were given pedometers.

Of course, in addition to the fun of shopping, there is the fun of seeing the various designers. I had dinner with Dale of DJ Designs and Emily of Chandall Needlepoint in Houston.

It's fun to see how some of the designers pull their booths together. Hyla Hurley's The Point of It All has fabulous red walls which set off her fun canvases. Shelly Tribbey's canvases are beautifully finished with lots of whimisical women.

I was saddened to learn that Gene Plummer of HP Designs had died in August. I may not see these people often but I do look forward to seeing them at the shows.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The National Needlework Show-Day Three - Class and Show

Today, the actual show opened at 10 am. But first, I took a class with June McKnight. She is the author of all those small books (sort of index card size) with spiral bindings. The books are great but the class was fabulous! It was on borders.

The book is organized by the size of the border you need to stitch. June's sample is a belt sized canvas with a sample of each of the borders in the book. It's a wonderful reference and done on #13 mesh. I'm looking forward to teaching this class so let me know if you are interested.

I then went to the show itself. On the first day, I try to walk the entire show. I didn't quite make it but I only missed a couple of vendors. They are first on my list for tomorrow. The Point of It All has a wonderful London needlepoint belt. Rebecca Wood has a football canvas similar to her Baseball canvas. I also loved Treglown's Football play. It would be a great pillow for the football player in your life.

Treglown also had a purse used belts as the purse's strap -- a very clever idea. I also found another vendor for project bags.

I also got some wonderful stitched samples from The Princess and Me. I loved the graduation snowman -- easy to personalize for the graduate in your life.

I'm still sorting through everything I saw.

Tomorrow I'm taking another class from June McKnight on shading. We all know that it's not my favorite but still important to do.

The National Needlework Show-Day Two of Classes

I arrived in San Diego yesterday. Today, I took a great class with Amy Bunger on Melissa Shirley's Pretty Peasant Dress. Amy had us do lots of stitches including a colonial knot rose! Wait until you see that technique! We also did lots of Jessicas. The class was fun and also reminds me of how much slower I stitch when I'm in class.

At the National Needlework Association (TNNA), we have to order items. But there is a Sample It! event the night before the show opens. It means that I get to come home with a few canvases. Lani had two lovely canvases for the Lee jewelry case. A couple of the vendors had new Christmas ornaments. Kelly Clark had some new socks and mittens plus a new Santa. I was able to get those in #18 and #13 mesh. There is a new designer who had canvas bag ornaments. I have six of those. Another vendor had Christmas ornaments in the shape of old fashioned lights and a happy birthday sign. I was also able to get 6 new kids kits.

Tomorrow, I take a class from June McKnight on Borders. Then, it's on to the show and all the new designs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's so satisfying to finish a piece. Just before Christmas, a couple of customers came in with their finished and framed pieces.

Judy worked with David McCaskill (remember he's coming back April 18-20th) to develop stitches for this lovely Victorian lady. She also decided to make some thread changes as she worked. This picture just doesn't do the piece justice but it's a start.

Monday, January 05, 2009

To Market, TO Market

I leave a week from Thursday for The National Needlework Association trade show in San Diego. First, I must admit that I particularly love the market when it's in San Diego. There is something wonderful about leaving cold and grey New Jersey and arriving in beautiful and normally sunny San Diego. The reality is that once I'm there, I don't get out much except walking back and forth from the hotel to the convention center. But it's just the idea that I'm there!

I always take classes. I'm very excited since I am taking Amy's Bunger's class on Melissa Shirley's Pretty Peasant Dress. It's bright and fun and Amy is a great teacher.

Of course, I'm there for the show, too. SO if there is anything in particular you are looking for, please let me know. I always go with a shopping list.

And in order to accomodate the news threads and designs, we have lots of canvases and threads on sale at the store. They are going fast so hurry!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm still a little behind

I promised that I would have the email out and the information on the The Doors up in early January. I have started to work on the email which will then go up on the site but I still have to take one more picture. I went to take the picture and one of my children borrowed my Nikon battery! So the picture will have to wait.

Of course, when I get the battery, I might also take a picture of the Christmas door "in progress."
It's really coming along quite nicely if I say so myself. Although I had hoped to finish it this week, I think I will be able to get it done by next week and then start the Chanukah door. So for those of you who are wondering, the first door in the series will be the holiday door. (You can choose Christmas or Chanukah or both).

I am enjoying the Christmas door a lot. It's been fun to figure out how to get more depth through stitches and threads.