Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finished by our lovely new finisher and the customer let her decide how to finish this Halloween pillow

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Upcoming Dates to Think About

Book Discussions 
All Welcome for a Complimentary Discussion
Wednesday, September 18th   1 - 3PM
Orphan Train   by Christina Baker Kline
Wednesday, October 23rd     1 - 3PM
The Sense of An Ending   by Julian Barnes
Upcoming Classes
The Beginner Beading Class taught by Gretchen will be taught in two parts and held on the following dates:  
(Price to be determined)
 Saturday, October 26th        2 – 5PM
Saturday, November 2nd     2 – 5PM

The Dazzling Delights Beading , Sequins and More Class will be held in three parts and held on the following dates:  
(Price to be determined)
Saturday, November 9th     2 – 5 PM
Saturday, November 23rd 2 – 5PM
Saturday, December 7th     2 – 5PM
 The Hinged Box Class taught by Stephanie will be held in two parts on the following dates:  
Saturday, October 12th       2 – 5PM
Saturday, October 19th       2 – 5PM
 Deadline for your box selection is September 7th to guarantee your first choice.
We will be offering Julia's Needleworks Hinged Box class taught by Stephanie on Saturday, October 12 & 19 from 2 to 5 pm.  The cost for the class will be $90 for both session plus the cost of the canvas, threads, beads, etc.   Each of you will have the opportunity to choose your own box.  Please go to
This class will be designed to help you make your own stitch guide.  While we have many stitch books available for you to use in class we recommend that you have a copy of "Stitches to Go" as you main reference.  At the first class we will decide what background stitches you would like to use and depending on the type of box you may choose some other stitches for other parts of the box.  Threads and embellishments will also be picked out.  If you want to do ribbon flowers, the Ribbon book is optional and the purchase price will be $25.  This book is very helpful when making the ribbon flowers as well as other stitches.
 For the second class we will continue to plan out the rest of the boxes.  For those wishing to learn ribbon flowers we will break into 2 groups toward the middle of session 2.
This class will be limited to 8 people.  A deposit of $45 is due by September 7th along with your box choice.
 In order not to take up class time we ask that your canvas is mounted on stretcher bars prior to class.  Please check with the shop as to what size stretcher bars will be needed, check your stretcher bar stash or order the correct size from the shop.
The Little Black Dress Class taught by Stephanie will be taught in three parts and held on the following dates:  
(Price to be determined)  Ghosting this class is available
 Saturday, November 16th   2 – 5PM
Saturday, December 14th   2 – 5PM
Saturday, January 11th      2 – 5PM
Each dress will be stitched differently - this will be a great teaching canvas if you want to learn beads, sequins, ribbons and stitch with some fun threads like Flair and Frosty Rays.

The possibilities for the Little Black Dress are endless.
We will continue to offer the Beginner and Advance Beginner Classes all year round so just contact Kappy
if you are tired of the continental stitch and want to expand.

Themed Stitching Party Dates
 Sunday, October 6th           10AM – 4PM
Sunday, December 15th     10AM – 4PM
Upcoming Stars Class Dates
Sunday, September 8th      9AM – 1PM
Sunday, October 13th          9AM – 1PM
Sunday, November 10th     9AM – 1PM
Sunday, December 8th       9AM – 1PM

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Monday, July 15, 2013

These wonderful inspirational hearts would be great fun to stitch.  
Use them as home decor to string together and hang as garland over a bedroom curtain.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Do you love parades?
Did you miss the Fourth of July parade this year? 
No problem we have the answer. 
Needlepoint Now magazine is going to feature Ashley Dillon's
4th of July March in the upcoming issues.
Let us send you the canvas so you are ready
to start this great project.

We also have some fun red and blue magnets that
would look good on this canvas.