Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eliza B. Flip Flops


We just received a shipment of four pairs of Eliza B. flip flops. Unfortunately, they aren't for our staff (except for my starfish flip flop (it was sent ahead of our mass shipment). The three pairs were stitched by Joan Y. Joan is an amazing stitcher who completes an incredible number of canvases. The flip flops are for her daughters and granddaughers. I think they are such a great gift == and so personalized. She did a bathing suit for one, cats for antoehr and flower for the third. Vogue has been really terrific about getting these back quickly so we can wear them all summer.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noah's Ark


Every once in a while, we get in a canvas that everyone in the store falls in love with. Well, this Noah's ark may be our new favorite juvenile canvas. We just loved the animals going up the ramp to the Ark. It's just such a delightful scene and different from so many of the Noah's Ark's that we have seen.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Painted Canvas


When I write a stitch guide, I always wait for the actual canvas to come in. It seems extra cautious until they come in. Although I've stitched the canvas that the ones from the copy artist are based on, I've found that there is always a difference.

Recently, we received two of the same canvas at the same time. I was struck how different the colors were. The sky and the robes of the canvas on the left are much brighter on the one canvas. I don't get to see the difference all the time. I love painted canvas but they are done by hand -- hence the variations!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betty's Labradoodle


Technically, the labradoodle belongs to Betty's Son as will the actual needlepoint. But Betty came in several months ago looking for a labradoodle. At the time, we had the wonderful Tapestry Tent trunk show in. Betty found a canvas of a Brindle Scottish Terrier that she thought looked like her son's dog except for the ears. The challenge was to make the canvas look like the photo of the dog. We basted an area for the hanging ears on the canvas and tried different threads. Vineyard Silk's Tone on Tone almost matched the dog's color perfectly. Betty stitched the dog using random short and long. Isn't it a stunning job!

This week, Betty came in for the background. We decided to do the tartan plaid in Vineyard's Merino wool. The colors were perfect and it seemed so appropriate. In addition, it is truly lovely to stitch with.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

IT's About the Fringe


Somehow, I don't seem to have the photo of the front of the canvas. But I wanted to show you the lovely fringe on this newly finsihed pillow. OUr finisher uses this wonderful fringe and fabulous dupioni silk. (Of course, she has many more, too. Seeing just this little bit of the finished project makes me want to finish some designs quickly.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Woman Having Tea


We like to have great canvases of women. This wonderful canvas just came in. It's of a woman having tea. There are lots of areas for stitches and bright colors. It's also on #13 mesh so although it's a large design, it will go quickly. Just think what you can do with it. The best canvases for stitches are those with blocks of color so you can really see the stitches.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eliza B. Sandals

Evidently, although I did originally post a picture of the four belts that we sent off to Voila! to be finished, the picture isn't appearing. Realistically, it's easier to post the picture again then to correct the blog.

So, these are the belts that Ridgewood Needlepoint's staff sent off to be finshed into Eliza B. flip flops. We know to order one size up than our regular size (or order the Eliza B. sandal you usually get). There was great discussion about which belts to make into the flip flops. We are anxious awaiting the return of the flip flops. For those of you who know our staff, can you figure out which belt was done by Suzanne, Gail, Gretchen and Sally?

I have been wearing my poodle flip flops almost every day. I do alternate with my other flip flops but I particularly like the poodle ones! They match Marlowe, my apricot standard poodle.
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Other Uses of Ornaments


Not everyone turns our ornaments into ornaments. Marilyn, who gives wonderful mini-stockings as engagement and wedding presents, had us turn this delightful sweater into a Christmas card holder. It sits on her table and is filled with Christmas cards as they come in. It's such a great idea we had to share it with you.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

We've been busy at the store. Tony Minieri came on Monday to teach the first day of his four day class: Back to Basics: Bad Habits Broken Here. We ended up with 18 people in the class because I was unable to say "no" when people called at the end to register. It was a fabulous class. Tony has an incredible knowledge base and he is very forthcoming with his information. Although I've already taken the class, I still benefited from sitting through it a second time.

We managed to have almost all the supplies in the store that Tony recommends for a stitcher's kit. Our Dovo scissors came just in time. We are planning on kitting a "stitcher's kit" based on his recommended tools.

I embarrassed to admit that I forgot to take pictures. You'll just have to wait for pictures from the second class.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Designer Scissors from Gingher


We just got in the new designer scissors from Gingher. This lovely red plaid is the newest pattern in the limited series scissors. We just loved the red plaid. Just think what great Christmas presents they would make in addition to gifts for other occasions.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Virginia's Ornaments


Virginia also had a large group of ornaments completed last week. Since she was giving them as gifts, she wanted them to be finished at the same time. Now she doesn't have to worry if she will make the October 1 Christmas finishing deadline.

We loved the breast cancer ornaments and the roses. Then, we seemed to pick the ornament based on our personal preferences.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

We Love Our Eliza B's


This week, my new Eliza B sandals came back. Normally the design has a pink poodle but mine are an apricot color, the color of Marlowe, my standard poodle. When they came in, we decided that it was the perfect color for me since it coordinated with everything I wear. I had to go out to get a pedicure so the picture could be taken!

Last week, we also sent off all these four completed designs for Gretchen, Suzanne, Gail and Sally. Each one has stitched a belt and is having them made into Eliza B sandals. Can you guess who belongs to each canvas?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vanessa's Ornaments


Vanessa fell in love with Petei's Nutcracker Suite ornaments. She completed the whole series and sent them off for finishing. Here is the finished set. They are truly a treasure. Vanessa enjoyed doing them so much that she has ordered the Peter Pan ones.

I have also seen these ornaments framed with matboard in between each item. That would be another great way to finsih them.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Stitcher's Mini Stocking


Our customer's have just loved this trunk show. It's very colorful and many of the designs make great travel projects. In addition, it's possible to finish them so that they can be given as Christmas gifts.

We've all been eyeing the Stitcher's Mini-Stocking. It just seems perfect for a person who loves stitching.
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Ring Bearer Pillow


Jane selected this lovely ribbon design to stitch as the ring bearer's pillow for her son and his bride. She was determined to have it finished in time for their June 11 wedding. I know she struggled with it while on vacation. But she persevered and was able to give the fully stitched pillow as a shower gift. Our finisher was able to do her magic quickly. She even created straps for the ring bearer's hands so that the pillow will stay in place.

We wish the couple a great day!
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A Collection of Designs Ornaments


When I think of A Collection of Designs, I do think of Christmas. They have wonderful ornaments with Santas and Snowman, Gingerbread houses and reindeer. But I don't always think of truly elegant ornaments. But they have some beautiful canvases inspired by the old-fashioned metallic Christmas tree ornaments. These canvases are stunning and will make wonderful additions to your collection of ornaments. One of our favorite stitches announced that she was doing one for herself!

As I look around the store, I am also struck by how many of the canvases can be stitched with one's stash. The canvases typically have so many colors that they just require little bits of each color.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Be Positive

Chris has a friend who's daugher is very sick. She had the word "Be Positive" with the picture of a bee painted on a canvas to be turned into a key fob. This is the finished result. We are all praying for positive results.
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Teresa's Sagebrush Hoppers


Teresa has done a fabulous job on this delightful canvas by Maggie. She chose wonderful buttons to adorn the bunnies's sweaters. Each bunny definitely has his/her own style. I was thrilled to hear that Teresa had finished her project and was delighted that she brought it in to share with us.
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Covered Bridge Canvas


I just wanted to share this new canvas with you. It's of an Amish couple about to go under a covered bridge. The artist did a great job on the trees? It's just a great canvas which will lend itself to fun stitching.
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A Turkey for Thanksgiving


I've been working on this adorable canvas by Raymond Crawford with a stitch guide by Anne Thornton. It's a great piece with a variety of threads and some fun stitches. It's ideal for a beginner since there are many areas stitched with tent stitches.

My plan is to offer the class in the early fall. I'll be sending an email out soon with an early deadline for partipation so we can get the canvases on time. Then, as long as you get the stitched canvas back to us by October 31, you will be able to display the finished piece on your Thanksgiving table.
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