Monday, January 28, 2008

David McCaskill Returns Etc.

I'm so excited. I heard from David that one of his last contracts had cancelled - and he offered Ridgewood Needlepoint the spot! I've already made his plane reservations.

He will be at Ridgewood Needlepoint from Saturday, April 26-April 28th. We are still discussing classes but it will be at least two days of canvas embellishment. One day could be a project class like the Potting Shed or the third day could be another canvas embellishment class.

We will be posting our late winter-early Spring classes this week. We are just finalzing the details.

Cathryn Curia will be teaching David's stitcher's purse over four Sundays spread over four months. The first class is Sunday, March 9.

Those details will also be on our web site this week.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The TNNA Show-What I missed

I missed the The National Needlework Association Show this year. I was very disappointed but felt I needed to be home while Emma was preparing for her first mid-term exams. But I have been fervently reading the notices from the different designers.

I'm looking forward to seeing Amanda Lawford's new Christmas Tree pillow. I received Melissa Shirley's photos and they are fantastic. The new items are on the web site now.

Needlepoint Broad has some fun cityscapes under the postcard section. There's one of the George Washington Bridge with the traffic coming from the West Side Highway. In addition, there's a generic traffic jam.

At our request, there is a Jersey Girl belt! I have one coming in but call if you want me to special order it for you.

Sharon G has done some smaller doors set in scenery. They are both 10x12. She also has a new butterfly and a Big Cat tail canvas plus one called 8 Flying Jewels. She brought back two lines - her window line and her eye series. They should be on her web site soon.

Kelly Clark has added some Christmas stockings. Needle Deeva also has added stockings to her line.

Class Schedule is in the Works

At the store, we are planning the late Winter-Spring classes. We are looking at City Snow (the women in the winter coats), A Stadium class, Stars and probably David McCaskill's Stitcher's Purse.

The Stadium Class will be perfect for all those Yankee, Mets or Giants Fans although it will be open to anyone stitching one of the stadium series. (Yes, one of the teachers, Sally actually stitched Fenway Park. We're anticipating a start date close to Opening Day. Of course, we still need to decide whose opening day!

It's Cold. Looking at Classes for 2008

Today seemed like the perfect day to stay home at stitch. I've been working on the August Paper Doll Outfit - it's a beach cover-up. I just wish it were true. I've had some fun using a thread and stitch to give the fabric more depth. As planned, the paint color comes through but looks totally different.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Complete Needlepoint Guide

I've had this book for several months but didn't get around to really reviewing it until this week. I bought it because a friend at The National Needlework Association recommended it.

The book is by Susan Sturgeon-Roberts. It's organized alphabetically not by stitch type. The book assumes that you will be using Paternayan wool and tells you how many strands to use. Each stitch description tells how durable the stitch is. I love to use decorative stitches so it's good to know that some are relatively durable! It even includes instructions on how to stitch on a piece of mirror or a bead.

We still have some in stock. Take a look when you come into the store. I think it's a good edition to my personal library.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers

I received the final two chapers in Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers for Christmas. As some of you know, I really love Amy's Cookbooks. I use it when I'm not sure what I want to do and just browse through the different chapters.

The last two chapters are great. One is on Laid Fillings and the other is on borders. Both are useful chapters. If you haven't gotten Amy's Cookbook yet, take a look the next day you're in the store. The stitch diagrams are wonderful and the descriptions are very good too.