Saturday, January 29, 2011

Large Stand-ups

There are quite a few larger canvases that are designed to be stand-ups.  Many come with a stuffed figure that should be placed on top of the stand-up.   Most come with a stitch guide and a picture of the finished piece.

We loved this one of a snowman surrounded by cardinals.  We think it would be fun to use different white threads for the snowman and fuzzy threads for the cardinals.

The Safari Santa would be perfect to commemorate a trip to Africa!  The stuffed elephant goes on top of the finished stand-up.

There are quite a few stand-ups with different themes.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Betsy's finished Canvas

Betsy's son and daughter-in-law just moved into a house in Hoboken. Betsy came in looking for a canvas to do for their new home. We knew that they had a dog and we had a wonderful canvas with Scotties and a townhouse. But we suggested looking to see if the same artist had a dachsund.

Betsy loved the canvas. The original had pink walls but she changed the color to match their new home.

We were honored today that Betsy stopped by to show us her finished work. She is planning on giving it to them on Sunday.
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Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show

Our walls are filled with the Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show plus many baskets and two drawers. This is a very large trunk show with lots of needlepoint canvases. The canvases are wonderful. They are extremely well-painted.

I happen to love the small figures with backgrounds: Easter, Noah's Ark, Thanksgiving, The Nativity. They are just very sweet. And in most instances, you can choose to do just the background or the background and the figures.

I love the Santas becasue of the opportunity to work with beards and mustaches. In the next couple of days, I will post pictures of the finished canvases.

We have our small Christmas Tree in the store hung with her mini-stocking canvases with the delightful stuffed animals. I have enjoyed stitching these. My favorite is probably the elephant decorating the tree (and we have a stitch guide for that!)
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Kathy Schenkel Santas

These delightful Santas are part of the Kathy Schenkel line. The first Santa is wearing reindeer slippers. The next two Santas are each with a different breed of dog -- a Standard Poodle and a Norwich Terrier. Kathy's line of needlepoint includes a large selection of dog breed ornaments. So there are lots of opportunities to celebrate your favorite dog or cat breed in needlepoint.

Kathy's canvases are perfect for using some decorative stitches.  The beards on the Santas in the back are done with a punch needle.  The other beard is done in French knots. 
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Working to Get A Needlepoint Trunk Show UP

Before we can put up a trunk show, we need to make a list of the canvas prices. Then we have to check in all the canvases. Finally, when all the checking and converting is done, we hang up the canvases. If the trunk show is large, we also put needlepoint canvases in the drawers. And of course, we need to take pictures.

This picture shows Suzanne and Gretchen checking in the canvases today.
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Kathy Schenkel Trunk Show

Yesterday, Suzanne priced the Kathy Schenkel trunk show.  Snow permitting, we plan to put it up today.  We will have her delighted designs until February 21. 

Most of Kathy's pieces are small, whimsical canvases.  They are perfect to take along when traveling.  I like to have this trunk show in just before February break so you can choose something to take along.  I promise to have pictures up in the next day.

Another wonderful aspect of this trunk show is all the finished samples.  Many of the canvases come with stitch guides, too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NM Needle Arts

In the midst of one of the snowiest winters I can remember, I need to think of spring and summer. NM Needle Arts is one of my favorite designers. Her designs have a folk quality to them which I really like.

NM needle arts has wonderful large canvases perfect for a footstool. We have two of them in the store. I love the harbor scene but I'm equally attracted to the farm scene. Each would look great on a footstool, as a large pillow or as a wall hanging. Her colors are so vibrant.
The last picture is one of a series of indoor designs. These canvases come on #18 or #13 mesh. I chose this one because I am so sick of snow. I need to believe that there will be a spring. In spite of the photos, don't be fooled. The indoor series are much smaller canvases.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy to Be Back Home

I returned from Tucson this past Saturday.  It was quite cold here -- quite a departure from the delightful Tucson weather.  This morning, we had snow and more is predicted for tomorrow afternoon into Thursday.

I was delighted to see that the items I ordered at the show have started to come in.  We have several new shades of  Very Velvet and Petite Very Velvet, including some lovely variegated ones.  I did not pick all the variegated ones but did get the blues and green ones.  I've also added to the colors we carry for Silk Lame braid.  We were able to increase the colors for #18 mesh canvases plus add the same colors for the larger thread.

  In addition, the new High Cotton arrived while I was away. This new thread does not need to be plied for #13 or #14 mesh canvas; for #18 mesh, you can use fewer plies.  There are some really sumptuous colors.

Of course, this means that we had to make room for new threads.  Our sale spinner is chocked full of threads including some Fyre Werks, Wonder Twist, Elegance, Sparkle Rays and Petite Sparkle Rays.  We still have a few colors left of Anchor Pearl Cotton #3.

And the new canvases have started to come in, too.  We got new McKenzie Childs ornaments that are just beautiful.  We also received the wonderful Thailand child from Hp

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shelly Tribbey

This fabulous canvas is just wonderful. It's quite large, and could be painted on either #13 or #18 mesh. I imagine the flowers being done in silk ribbon and the dress being done in silk. I would do a light stitch for the background.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zecca's canvas

This lovely needlepoint canvas was designed by Zecca. Robin King taught the class to a sold out group at TNNA. I was so disappointed that I couldn't get in.

But I've ordered the canvas and the stitch guide. I just thing it would be fun to stitch it. It seems so spring like -- something we need in the snowy East.

More TNNA Photos

I am still in Tucson so I have not seen the newly finished items at the store. But I still have great photos from the show. Although I saw those two Barbara Elmore designs last year, I just love them. They are so whimsical! I think they would like in a girl's room. Of course since I have a strong preference for red/orange colors, my favorite is the first one. Each one comes with a stitch guide.


Monday, January 17, 2011

More from TNNA

Originally, I was supposed to be back in NJ by now. But due to unforeseen circumstances, I remain in Arizona until Saturday. I do have some other pictures to share with you.
The last day of the TNNA show is much quieter. MAny of the stores have left but the designers/vendors must stay until three o'clock when there is a mad rush to get everything down.
Because it is quieter, the designers have time to leave their booths and catch up. I found Dale of DJ Designs catching up with Raymond of Raymond Crawford designs. In addition, I got a shot of Raymond standing in front of hi beautiful NOEL rug.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great New Masks from Whimsy & Grace

Whimsy & Grace has added a series of masks to it's line. some were finished to wear to a masquerade ball. But Iloved the ones that were finished as sleep masks. They looked so elegant.

Of course, Toni added some great new brick covers and purses; she also has her wonderful bees.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Colors of Praise

You may remember that we hosted the Colors of Praise trunk show in November. Marie, the designer has added many new canvases -- once again, most on #13 mesh. The picture below is of Marie at her booth.

I particularly like the Asian lady and the Harlequin figure.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooper Oaks at TNNA

Some stitchers make sure they stitch something for every holiday. (Gretchen at our store has stitched Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween and Thanksgiving I addition to many Kathy Schenkel Santas.) Cooper Oaks has a wonderful turkey if you are looking for a Thanksgiving item and a great new chicken. I'm thinking of doing a blog just on great Thanksgiving pieces.

But my favorite canvases were the six inch and twelve inch rulers. I would definitely use some metallic threads on these canvases. And there are acrylic holders for the finished pieces.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More on TNNA

Jude Designs is a new needlepoint line whose designs reflect Louisiana. I just loved the canvas pictured below with Tabasco and oysters. Of course, it's primay colors are among my favorites - rust and yellow. But I can picture the finished canvas in one of my kitchens.

Here's the designer in her TNNA booth.

Needlepoint Now also featured her Tabasco bottle canvas in this past summer's issue. I also liked the canvas rendering of the McILHENNY logo. I think anyone would add some spice to a kitchen or casual eating area.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The show is over but I probably won't get to post this blog until tomorrow. Several new needlepoint books were introduced at the show. Suzy Murphy has a Suzy's Portable Stitches II. It's the same size as her first portable volume.

Sharon G also has a new needlepoint book coming out -Sharon G's stitches (I think). Her book includes stitches with written suggestions on where to use them. Her diagrams are nicely sized. It will also be the same size as Suzy's.

June McKnight has a new book called "Spooky Stitches." Ttue to its title, it has great suggestions for Halloween canvases. The book includes color pictures and nice sized diagrams. June and her book were dressed for the occasion.

The Little Shop of Canvases was displaying their first book which focuses on stitches for landscapes. Again, it will be a very portable size.

Julia Snyder has two books. One book is on blackwork stitches for needlepoint. The other is a travel and project book for you to use to diagram stitches.

Barbara elm ore has a cute project book so you can keep a record of your stitching projects. The cover is a picture of one of her Threadhead canvases!

I apologize for the sideway image, but my ipad skills are still in development.
My plane is about to board so more tomorrow.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

TNNA - HP Designs

Frank at HP designs has taken pity on those who are having trouble seeing
#18 mesh. He's taken many of those designs and converted tomthem to #13 mesh. A canvas that is 5" x 5" on 18 mesh will be 8" x 8" on #13 mesh. And we will be able to use Hyla's high Cotton for these designs!

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Location:Long Beach Designs

TNNA, Day Two Continued-Dj Designs, Melissa Prince etc.

Melissa price is a new designer with some great designs on #13 and #14 mesh canvas. I loved the ones based on tiles.

Needlepoint is a very small community. I was placing my order at Ruth Schmuff's booth. Missy and I were talking. Missy is a good friend of Ruth's who attends all the show for Ruth. It turns out that Missy and Susan B converse regularly on line.

Finally, Dale is the owner of DJ Designs. He is the designer of the Rockefeller Center stocking and carries the Holiday Dog Walker. He is standing in front of his magnificent rug.

13 and 14 mesh canvas.
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Location:Long Beach, CA

Sunday, January 09, 2011

TNNA, DAY Two-BB Designs and Associated Talents

I met several new designers at this show. Below is a picture of Sally of BB Designs at her booth. I loved her kiwi and peas canvases.

Both canvases below  are from BB Designs.

Of course, most of our time is spent with designers we know. We exchange information about our families and businesses and place our orders.

Sometimes, the designer has gone in a new direction. other times, new items are worked off old ones. At Associated talents, we love their carrots for Easter. This year, they added carrots for the reindeer!  Below is the finished carrot for Rudolph.

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Location:Long Beach

TNNA show: Day two

Fortunately, today all my technology was charged so I was able to take pictures. I've included pictures of canvases, finished items plus some designers and their booths.

First, I want to share Leigh Designs' Temple of a Thousand Cranes. Leigh had Jane of Chilly Hollow's partially stitched canvas on display. (Jane will have a stitch guide available.) I heard from excellent authority that Jane stitched the canvas with the new thread, Hyla's High Cotton.

It's interesting to seen what items the designers love. Leigh loves the new microfiber bag from Colonial Needle/lee needle arts.

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Location:Long Beach! CA

THe National Needlework Association Show- Day 1

First, let me say that although technology is a wonderful thing. In order for my phone and camera to work, I need to charge them. Last night, I had both devices charging but somehow, neither charge took. So today's pictures are very limited.

I do have one picture of the early stage of set-up and then a picture of a new company with two of it's artists. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, most retailers aren't allowed on the show floor. But because my sister owns Needlepoint Broad, I get to see the booths being set up.

The show actually opened today at 10 AM after a ribbon cutting ceremony.
Then all the retailers line up to get inside the show room. Of course, we are all looking for new products (canvases, threads, accessories). But we are also looking forward to seeing old and new designers and vendors. I'm always curious to see which vendors returned. What do other stores like.

I like to walk the entire show on day one before I do any ordering. I look for canvases that will appeal to specific customers. What item am I still thinking about at the end of the day? Tonight, I am thinking about canvases featuring Tabasco sauce, two cute signs, a new cotton thread and several stockings with wonderful Santas. Leigh Designs has an absolutely stunning canvas of a Pagoda - temple of a thousand cranes stocked by Jane of Chilly Hollow. It was stocked with the new cotton thread. It is fabulous.

Tonight, my one goal is to make sure all my devices are charged!

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Wonderful classes

Today, I took several classes including two on threads that wire in them. One has a matte finish and is by DMC. Think of it as being similar to floral wire or wired ribbon. The other one is by Kreinik and has wire run through #16 braid.

In the one class, we actually tried to run the wire through the braid. Boy is the pre-wired stuff easy. It means you can embellish your threads with dimensional items.

In another class, the finisher showed us different uses for belt canvases. Of course, I love the Eliza B flip flops but there were other great ideas.

I also took a class on using twitter. I haven't started to do that yet but it could be fun. But I will need to set up an account first.

The last class I took was with Susan Portra. It was an excellent class based on her tag line - bring your canvas to life. It was wonderful and I learned some great techniques. Below is a picture of that class.

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Location:TNNA at Long Beach

My kumihimo bracelet

When we did the braiding, we added beads to two of the eight threads. I took a picture of the bracelet I made. It's not as fine as the authentic Japanese braids, but it was fun and very doable.

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Location:Long Beach


Yesterday, I took a class in kumihimo, the traditional art of Japanese braiding. Originally, the samurai originally made their own braid to hold their sword. They used exquisite wooden stands and bobbins to make their braids. In the class we used these flexible disks. It was fun and soothing in a way. Of course, we did a very simple braid.

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Location:Long beach

Snow day for Ridgewoodneedlepoint needlepoint

Last night, I realized that there was a strong possibility that we might have to close for snow. My daughter's school announced that they would be closed at 10 PM last night. But I don't like to jump the gun. I thought I would have no problem sending out my email and making the web change using my new IPAD. But it turns out that one needs a full browser to easily make changes. Instead, I had to tell my husband how to do the letter and web changes from memory. But hopefully, the notices have gone out.

Needless to say I'm delighted to miss the snow! And I,m taking some fun technique classes today. I hope to get picture today of this show setting up to share with you.

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Ella Scissors by Gingher

These wonderful scissors from Gingher just came in. The scissors are the next design in their designer series. They are inspired by a zebra pattern but called Ella. What a great gift for the mother or grandmother (or even an actual Ella)!

Perhaps you didn't get the new pair of scissors you were hoping for. If not, then why not get a pair?
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