Friday, November 30, 2007

Leopard Coat-January Paper Doll

The leopard coat is back from the finisher. It's really fun looking and it was fun to stitch. I'm posting a picture so you can enjoy it, too.

If you haven't joined the paper doll club yet, you can still sign-up. We will be working on the May outfit next.

Wish List

If there are certain canvases or books that you want for Christmas, you can add it to our store wish list. In addition to books, canvases etc we have some brand new scissors and chatelaines that make perfect stocking stuffers.

Amy's Cookbook is a great choice for your kids to get you. Each chapter is $12. They've just issued two more chapters so there are now 24 chapters available.

We'll be happy to help your significant other shop for you -- and you can let us know what you want.

We also do gift certificates so they don't have to know what you spent!

It's Almost Christmas

I've been back from Italy for over a week but I am still catching up. It was a great trip but I felt as if I needed a vacation after my vacation. We saw many museums and churches. We loved both Rome and Florence. The people were lovely.

I was so tired after sightseeing all day that I didn't stitch at night! The fact that the TV was in Italian may have had something to do with it. I particularly loved some of the angels. I also realized that I like the medieval religious art -- perhaps because it is really folk art.

At the store, we are doing lots of things. We sent back the HP trunk show and are waiting for the next one. We are in the process of sending out the leopard coat outfit to the Paper Doll Club members. The ones without threads are going out first since we are just waiting for one thread that I expect early next week!I must say that I love the way the coat came out. I'll post a picture soon.

Christmas finishing is coming back every day. Yesterday we received a fabulous stand up. Our finisher did a wonderful job turning Maria's beautiful canvas into a gorgeous standup. Another stand-up came back today. It is also spectacular.

A couple of people at the store indicated that they would like us to do Twister. I need to know if you are interested. We are also planning the classes for 2008.

I know it's a busy season for everyone but do stop in to see us. Of course, you'll want to see the next trunk show- DJ Designs of the fantastic Midtown Manhattan Stocking. (We call it the Rockefeller Center Christmas stocking.) We are expecting that trunk show early next week.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bath Time

Karen B. did a great job on this canvas and the framing just enhances it. It was great to see Karen work on this and to take such pleasure in finishing it!

I know she can't wait to pick it up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Armchair Chef

Before going to Italy, I had to leave my daughter the recipe for stuffing since Alison is preparing dinner. So since I had to review the recipe, I've submitted it to the The site is also going to be publishing lots of pumpkin pie recipes so you can try different ones and try your samples.

So look for my stuffing recipe...

HP Show

The Hp Trunk Show is continuing. Lots of the canvases have been reserved. But since we try to keep them during the trunk show, you'll still get to see the full line.

Hope to see you soon. Actually, I won't be at the store until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Bruce and I are going to Italy for a week. I'm so excited it's hard to concentrate on anything else.

Barbara Jackson

The Barbara Jackson class was great. I loved working with her new Heathway wool. It's not available yet but I can't wait for it to be. THere were be 9 shades in each color family. It seems to me that it will be the perfect replacement for medici.

Prior to the class, Barbara and I drove to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Tapestry Exhibit. It's amazing. Some of the colors are just wonderful. And the size of the tapestries is unbelievable.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finished Items

We are definitely beginning to see the Christmas items being returned. Suzanne is monitoring all the outstanding items so that you will have them for Christmas if the item was in before the finishing date.

Today, we picked up two fabulous items. Jane's chair for her grandson came back. It is so sweet.

In addition, Suzanne's rug has been finished into a custom bench. It is just beautiful.

HP Trunk Show

The HP trunk show arrived at the end of the day yesterday. We spend most of today organizing it. What a wonderful selection of canvases! This line has such variety. The florals are beautiful. Some are perfect for shadow stitching. Others would be great for long and short stitches for shading.

The geometrics are great. The colors are superb. And the whimsical canvases are really fun. It was hard to decide what canvases to put up!

Come in early so you get first choice! Of course, we try to keep the whole show in the store so that you can see the whole line. Then, if several people want a certain canvas, we just order them.

Helen did a great job of hanging them.

We have to send the trunk show back on Tuesday, November 27th. And remember we are closed the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So make plans to see these fabulous canvases.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deborah Wilson Classes

Deborah Wilson was here for five fabulous days. We stitched her Gilded Hydrangea - I love the way the petals are done of the flowers. In addition, the stitch she used/created for the pot was terrific. I can't wait to get back to work on that one

She also taught Neptune's Sentry. It's an adorable canvas with lots of stitches. I've almost finished the background so with a little more work I could be done!

The third class was the Gilded Butterfly. The actual piece is just gorgeous.

In order to help us all make progress, we are going to do some stitch & chats just dedicated to Deborah's classes. Helen, Karen and I need to sit down to schedule the dates. We'll probably start in December!

We also saw her Cabin Fever piece. Call the store for details!