Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sharon G Kimono Class

We just finished the Kimono Class with Sharon G. It was a very relaxing but informative class. Sharon's model is even more beautiful than the picture! We had twelve stitchers, most of us local but one came from Williamsburg, VA. She and Sharon have been emailing for a while but hadn't actually met.

The stitch guide is fantastic; it included wonderful detailed pictures of the model. It will make finishing the canvas so much easier. We were also lucky enough to see some of her canvases. People loved the Tuscan Cove;the Hearts and Ribbons in the oblong and squarein either red or white. Her geometrics were also snapped up. It was a lovely day.

Sharon O brought in this great bookends that were finished locally. These were Beau Geste designs. What fun!

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