Saturday, March 31, 2007

Getting Ready for a New HVAC System

We will be closed for a week starting on Monday. It's a first for us but we really needed a new heating and air conditioning unit. We were lucky to make it through the winter but want to make sure the summer will be tolerable.

To prepare, we've taken things off the walls. But tomorrow will be the big put away and cover up day!

I'm hoping to use the week to get more pictures up, to work on Stitch guides and to work on my projects for Nan Certification. I also want to do some stitching!

I'm looking forward to the stitching time. I'm still working on the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree Stocking and I also have to work on Candy Village. I've also started to work on the May paper doll with a stitch guide by David McCaskill! It's been fun and I hope to get it done soon.

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