Monday, January 21, 2008

The TNNA Show-What I missed

I missed the The National Needlework Association Show this year. I was very disappointed but felt I needed to be home while Emma was preparing for her first mid-term exams. But I have been fervently reading the notices from the different designers.

I'm looking forward to seeing Amanda Lawford's new Christmas Tree pillow. I received Melissa Shirley's photos and they are fantastic. The new items are on the web site now.

Needlepoint Broad has some fun cityscapes under the postcard section. There's one of the George Washington Bridge with the traffic coming from the West Side Highway. In addition, there's a generic traffic jam.

At our request, there is a Jersey Girl belt! I have one coming in but call if you want me to special order it for you.

Sharon G has done some smaller doors set in scenery. They are both 10x12. She also has a new butterfly and a Big Cat tail canvas plus one called 8 Flying Jewels. She brought back two lines - her window line and her eye series. They should be on her web site soon.

Kelly Clark has added some Christmas stockings. Needle Deeva also has added stockings to her line.