Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Has the Summer Gone?

I can't believe it's July 29th! I thought I would get so much stitching done while I was away last week but sadly, my aunt died. I spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to the wake and the funeral and then I was too exhausted to stitch.

This week I should be able to stitch. I have my Rockefeller Center Stocking with me. (Yes, I will be ready to start a new class in the fall. I'm aiming for October since I'm at the ANG seminar for a week in September and then I have Parent's weekend at Alfred University.) I am also working on my Kansas Rooftops for my NAN certification class.

At the store, we are starting to plan for our fall classes. We have Deborah Wilson coming for two classes(Oct. 19-20th and again November 9th & 10th). Helen will be back from the shore and is ready to teach David McCaskill's Gardening Shed.

We have a group of small projects out if you need to find a perfect travel project. There is still time to get your canvases finished before the Christmas finishing deadlines.