Monday, June 01, 2009

Autumn Door In Progress

First, I have to admit that I am embarrassed. I forgot to take pictures of the completed Spring Door and Patriotic Door before I sent them off to the finisher. Guess I was just so excited to have them done. In my opinion, the Patriotic Door is to die for -- but Suzanne loved the Spring Door.

This door started out with just the ears of corn on the door. But I asked the painter to add the pumpkin and the turkey so it would truly celebrate Autumn. I've done a lot but still have to do the roof, the doors and the columns. For the beaders, I will be beading the ears of corn! If my game plan works out, I should have this finished by next weekend and then it's on to the Summer Door.

All right, I know I should have done the Summer Door first but I needed the right color ribbon -- and I really wanted to do this one!
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