Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Almost Winter and Really Kind Acts

Although it's not officially winter, it certainly feels like winter. We had to cancel tomorrow's beginner's class because of the projected snow. (I'm actually relieved it's really coming down since I made the decision before the snow started. I just thought that participants would really like to know ahead what they were doing.)

The weather tonight made me appreciate being in a warm house. In this economy, we have had a few more homeless people in Ridgewood. The other day our neighbors at Epiphany Cafe, Caroline and Rocco provided food to a homeless woman. She asked them where she could go to get her hair washed. They asked Tapestry, the hair salon if they would take care of her. Not only did Sandy the owner wash her hair, but she gave her a great haircut, too. I was so impressed by their generosity and kindness.