Monday, February 01, 2010

Planet Earth Threads

This past week, we have spent a lot of time moving threads around so we could hang the Planet Earth Threads. These threads are 100% silk. There is a single strand weight that is perfect for 13 or 14 mono canvas. There is also a six strand thread. Three strands are needed for 18 mesh and 6 for 13 or 14 mesh.

The threads are wonderful to touch. And the colors are just superb. The single strand thread will augment the Silk & Ivory line beautifully. The colors seem deeper. And we found that when the Silk & Ivory colors weren't quite right, we were able to find them in the Planet Earth Line.

Of course, entering threads into the computer can be a boring task. But fortunately, there are lots of great names so it is almost enjoyable. Here is a sample of the names: calm, malta, malibu, pacific, mud etc.