Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OK -  Let's start with the Good News.
We are lucky this is not a Leap Year,
becasue then we would have one more day of winter.

Please keep that in mind tomorrow when the store is closed.
Yes - due to the weather forecast we will be closed
all day Thursday and
hope to reopen at 12:00PM (noon) on Friday.

OK so good and bad news - but I won't end on a bad note.

We were successful in getting Elizabeth Turner
to send us two boxes of belts to include at
Trunk Show rates of 20% off.

We recieved them today but they have not been
priced or photographed yet for this email.

Therefore if you are in the belt market please check their website at and click on belts.
They have hundreds to choose from.

One more good note:  brand new sports designs.
We are offering these designs for $45 a piece for the next 10 days.
 These are just pre orders and will ship out in about 9 weeks.

They are 4.5 inches round on 18 mesh with
the football design being 2.5 x 4.5 inches on 18 mesh.

These make terrific gifts so email your sport to us
and we will place that order ASAP.