Friday, October 17, 2014

Finishing Friday

Congrats to Bonnie who won the first Halloween Raffle!
This Paper Doll must look great out on display for Halloween.

Just a Reminder!
Send a photo of your Needlepoint Halloween Display to put on the blog and we will enter you in a raffle to win this great magnet!
Lets see what spooktacular Needlepoint you have!
Stitched by Diane

Stitched by Diane
Jennifer changed the colors of the Loo canvas doesn't it look great? 
 Kappy Stitched up this beautiful sheep canvas and chose a great trim to go with it!

 Eggs Stitched by Lesley 

 Stitched by Lesley
 Stitched by Linda
Notice the Bells on his shoes!

 Stitched by Linda
 Stitched by Manda