Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ridgewood Needlepoint will have two Holiday Clubs in 2015! 
Happy Holidays!
Here are all the details you have been waiting for!
Pick your Club and for $58.75 each month you will receive a canvas with a stitch guide included.  The stitch guides will provide suggestions for threads and stitches.  The projects are small so hopefully you can use your thread stash for the small areas of color.

Sign up by Thanksgiving Thursday November 27th so that you are able to receive your first canvas in January.

Hanukkah Club members will get one canvas each month for 9 months, starting in January 2015.  You will receive one canvas the Dove for free compliments of Ridgewood Needlepoint.

If you select the Christmas Club, you will get an ornament each month for 12 months, starting in January 2015.  You will receive the seventh canvas for free compliments of Ridgewood Needlepoint.

We will not be holding classes for these Clubs but you are always welcome to join us for Stitch and Chat and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are not local, the Clubs may be mailed for an additional shipping fee.

Each month Club members will be encouraged to display their work online as a way of sharing their projects.

As for finishing, the price of each star in the Hanukkah Club is $70 if sent individually or $60 if sent in a grouping of three or more. These prices are based on the finishing displayed in the photo.  Embroidery will be an additional cost.  You will receive complimentary finishing for the Dove star as part of your Club membership.

The base of the Menorah and its shipping, is not included in the Club price.  The price for the base including shipping is $115.00.  The dimensions are 36.5 inches long, 5 inches deep, and 4.5 inches high.

The finishing for each Christmas ornament will be $50 each.  The finishing style is flat back, puffy front with cording and fabric to match. Should you want to make any changes there will be additional costs, such as embroidery.  Christmas Club members will receive complimentary finishing on the Seven Swans a Swimming ornament as a perquisite of Club membership.

These prices for finishing are good for three months after your receive your last canvas.  Therefore, the Hanukkah canvases finishing costs are guaranteed for a finishing price until January 1st, 2016 and the Christmas canvases finishing costs are guaranteed until April 1st, 2016.

Please contact the store if you have any questions at (201) 612-7770 or email

We hope that you join the Ridgewood Needlepoint Holiday Club, we look forward to stitching with you each month!

Because the Hanukkah Club is only 9 months long it is possible to have the entire menorah completed by Hanukah 2015 if you send in all your canvases no later than November 1st, 2015.  After that we will not be able to guarantee you will have them in time for the holiday.

These finishing prices will be for the finishing as displayed in the photo.  If you want something different from the photo I will have to specifically price it.

Remember sign up by Thanksgiving November 27th so that you are able to receive your first canvas in January.