Friday, July 17, 2015

Finishing Friday

We have found a new finisher with new deadlines!  Here are our deadlines for finishing with
Halloween -------------------Saturday July 24th
Thanksgiving/Hanukkah----------Friday August 14th
Christmas --------------------Friday August 21st
For canvases that do not require require embroidery here is an updated schedule:
Halloween ----------------- Friday September
Thanksgiving-----------Friday September 25th
Hanukkah --------------- Friday November 6th
Christmas --------------Friday November 13th
All canvases must be brought in by NOON, 12:00 of the day of the deadline.  Any pieces brought in after this time will not be finished in time for the Holidays.

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 To Thine Own Self Be True
Stitched by Betty
Stitched by Diane
 Hearts Canvas stitched by Eva
This is a great canvas for a beginner or someone looking to practice different stitches!

 Putrid Pumpkin
Stitched by Holly

 Stitched by Lori

 Stitched by Martha

Stitched by Martha

Tiger Stitched by Sherry