Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Start Your Heart Tree

Join us for a delightful 
 Needledeeva Heart Club

Purchase any nine Needledeeva heart canvases and get one free. Needledeeva offers 61 different heart designs, something for everyone!  See them here,  The price of each heart is $46 a savings of $7 per heart if you purchase all at once. The Needledeeva stitch guide would be an additional charge.

When Ridgewood Needlepoint finishes your hearts your 9th finished heart will be complementary.  The hearts will be finished either flat back, puffy front or puffy/puffy.  
The finishing cost for each heart will be $53.
Gussets and Embroidery will be extra and charged to the customer accordingly. 

To sweeten this further and keep you motivated we will make this offer.  Send in all 9 hearts to be finished using the same fabric and cording and our great finisher will reduce her cost, we will pass this savings to you so each heart will cost $48 to finish.  Any embroidery will be an additional charge.  To honor this great deal please send in your hearts for finishing by March 2017. 

We think that these adorable hearts would make great stash projects so you do not have to purchase any threads from our store.  However we are happy to pull all the threads if needed or just ask us to send along a fun ribbon, metallic thread or beads to make it extra special.  

Vanessa is working on a heart tree that is cheerful, joyful and meaningful. She has enjoyed adding to it this year.  We keep it up year round at the store. Who doesn't want a little love every day?  See the photo below of her tree and the Needledeeva ornaments, it is great.  

Please sign up for the Needledeeva Heart Club by February 14th, 2016 with your list of nine hearts.  We have three plans for sending out the hearts, all in one shipment expected arrival by March 2016, three shipments of three hearts (March, June, September) or monthly starting in March thru October.  You will save shipping fees by signing up for fewer shipments. 

Sign up starts today!  Who has your heart