Friday, August 12, 2016

Stitcher of the Month

Nancy Currey

Nancy Currey started stitching over 15 years ago, when Eileen Aird owned the store back in Ridgewood.  Eileen taught her how to stitch, and Nancy just took to it.  She has been stitching ever since.  Some of her favorite artists are Melissa Shirley, Meredith Collection (formerly Elizabeth turner), and Cooper Oaks Designs.  She loves over-dyed threads but one of her favorite threads is DMC Medicis (a crewel weight wool).  DMC has unfortunately discontinued this line, but Nancy, knowing what she likes, purchased a bunch and still has a stash of many colors.  Nancy tells us she usually works on multiple canvases at a time.  A simple one, and then one that is more difficult that requires more time and concentration.  Nancy has many tools and gadgets, but some of her favorites are her scissors, Hug Me Bags & chatelaines.  Her chatelaine she made herself.  Confessing she couldn’t find one, she thought, “Why not make one myself!” If anyone knows Nancy they know she is very artistic, colorful and a pleasure to stitch with.  One of her favorite stitches is the continental.  She says it is just so easy and relaxing to do.  Nancy stores all of her unfinished canvases on stretcher bars along with their threads in project bags.  Her thread stash is stored in plastic containers, and sorted by type of thread (Kreinik, Silk ,etc).  The one thing about needlepoint that is very important-is who she makes her projects for.  Whether it is for kids, friends or family it must go to people who are familiar with needlepoint.  It is important that it goes to a good home.  All of her pieces are a labor of love and she wants them to continue being loved and cherished.

     Below are some of Nancy’s pieces.  The first being her first project, and the last two are her current WIPs.  We hope you enjoy viewing these as much as we have.