Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to Stitch

Like most of you, I always have a group of projects. Of course, there are those that I am dying to stitch and those that I must stitch. Right now, my list of things that must be stitched is growing.

I have the Ridgewoood Needlepoint outfit to stitch. It would be fun and it's not that much work. I have to start my design that is part of the NAN Teacher Certification. And I need to finish the Old World Santa. Finally, I would really like to finish Bruce's Rockefeller Center Stocking.

Waiting in the wings, I have the Autumn Girl and a large Harlequin Great Dane. Not to mention all the canvases started but not completed that are in yellow bags throughout my house.

I am also about 5 hours from finishing my jean jacket. So I'm off to stitch and to plan.