Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elephant Decorating the Tree

When the Kathy Schenkel trunk show arrive, I knew I had to stitch this elephant. I posted the picture of the plain canvas in early February. I couldn't start to stitch until after my copy of the canvas arrived at the end of February. (For trunk shows, the first person who signs up gets the canvas).

Once the trunk show left, I was able to start stitching. Above is a picture of the finished canvas just before it went off to be finished into a mini stocking. It will have an elephant insert.

I stitched the elephant using petite very velvet. Of course, because it's for Christmas, there is lots of glitter on the floor, on the tree's ornaments, and even on the wallpaper.

My husband and I used to read a group of kids stories about the Large Family. The Larges were elephants; the titles and stories were particularly amusing for the adult readers and kids liked them too. When you read a story over and over again, it's good to enjoy it. Anyway, the elephant decorating the tree brought back the enjoyable memory of the "Large" elephant family.
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